How to Use Astrology to Increase your Chances with Women

By Patrick Banks

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The first time you might have come across astrology would be the horoscope column in the newspaper or a magazine. But did you ever think that these horoscopes could be responsible to get you the lady of your dreams?
How to Use Astrology to Increase your Chances with Women

Most people think that astrology is limited to zodiac signs. There is so much more to it. I can understand if you are suspicious, as there are many fake ‘knowledge out there’ , but the core of astrology and interplanetary connections are real. For example, moon can influence ocean tights, so of course it also influences humans, as we are mostly water and minerals.

Each and every celestial object’s position since the time of your birth has a certain effect on your personality. Astrology has determined that some of these celestial objects have more impact than others. These planetary bodies also have an effect on your day to day life. Astrologers study these effects and the corresponding development of traits. 

In the age of information, women look for more than just good looks and physique. There are these tiny nuances which make you to stand our from the crowd. Women these days expect an instant connection based on a witty, sparkling conversation because they know exactly what they are looking for. That’s why men tend to strike out more at bars and return home alone.

How to Use Astrology to Your Advantage

Here are some ways to use astrology as a powerful tool to increase your chances with women.

  • Learn a bit about your own zodiac sign. This helps you to identify your own set of traits. You can think for yourself as to what kind of characteristics complement your own. 
  • Draw up your own love horoscope. The most accurate love horoscope can give you all the details about your love life. It can be a guide to your love compatibility and empower you to meet your perfect woman.
  • Learn about zodiac compatibility. Your love horoscope will tell you more about the signs compatible with yours and how to impress women according to her zodiac sign, which we cover more in our previous article. Every zodiac has a list of compatible signs and a list of incompatible ones. 
  • Learn the traits of the compatible signs. This way you will be better equipped to lead a conversation once you find out her sign.
  • Analyze your strengths. Your horoscope will have details of your strong personality traits. Use them modestly in a conversation to impress her.
  • Do not pretend to be a know-it-all. After you skillfully find out her sign, control the urge to show off your knowledge. Slip in the compliments to her traits tactfully without trying to come off as an expert in the subject. 
  • Use the opportunities in the conversation. Women of each sign have a weakness for certain qualities. Show her that you possess those qualities. But do it subtly.

Women Believe in Astrology More Than Men

You might think that educated women of the 21st century might not believe in astrology. But you will be surprised to learn that women are obsessed with reading horoscopes. They love reading their horoscopes every day. 

The majority of them think that they are strong and independent women who are in charge of their own destiny. But at the same time, they feel a certain tingle of positivity when they read good things about their sign in the horoscopes column.

According to the 2005 Gallup polls, 28% of women consult their horoscopes on a regular basis. In comparison, 23% men consult theirs. The difference might not be enormous but it is substantial enough.

Social media is full of groups where women discuss their horoscopes and zodiac compatibility. But bear in mind that they are only comfortable doing so with women. In order to get her to open up about her sign, it is important that you make her feel comfortable. It is no secret that women open up to men who can earn their trust. 

The Millennial Women

A lot of people are comparing Astrology to a meme in present times. Just like a meme, Astrology has spread across the globe and gained a broader audience. This is the age of information and almost every topic is available to us on our fingertips. The Internet has spread the reach of zodiac knowledge. More and more women want to find out their sun sign, view their horoscope, and learn how the stars can fuel their romantic life. 

Millennial women have a more open mindset and have no problem in placing their beliefs on astrology. Social media has blessed astrologers with thousands of female followers. Astrology is no longer restricted to the back pages of the girly magazine. It can be discussed online without stigma or hesitation.

Many astrologers have taken up the new age approach in terms of reframing their practices. Celebrities like Katy Perry have reportedly looked towards astrology for guidance. Just like horoscopes, birth charts, tarot readings, and palmistry have received investigations and acceptance by future women. 

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Patrick is a Berlin-based dating advisor, motivational speaker, a huge fitness and vegan diet enthusiast and the main editor at Wingman Magazine, specialised in men's health. His ultimate goal is to share with men around the world his passion for self-development and to help them to become the greatest version of themselves. He believes a healthy body and successful social interactions are two main keys to happiness.

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