Is watching girls online regarded as cheating?

By Patrick Banks

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The concept of cheating is one of the most sensitive in relationships, and as though it should be treated very carefully. Before you accuse your partner of cheating or otherwise, ensure you have strong evidence backing it up and not just lay claims on assumptions. So, is watching girls online the same as cheating? Absolutely NO.

However, some boundaries need not be crossed, even when you enjoy watching girls online. If your partner enjoys having skype sexy calls, you should first have a conversation with them regarding it and be sure there are indeed strings attached to the calls. 

Nobody should be persecuted for watching porn or visiting online cam sites. Porn is enjoyable and could mean you are accepting yourself the way you’re or the process of finding your sexual confidence. So, when you watch girls online, and the motive is in any of those mentioned above, it shouldn’t be regarded as cheating. On the other hand, to balance it all, you should respect your partner’s boundaries, even if it means you explain to them why you watch girls online. Once there’s a pre-information, it’s somewhat impossible for you to be tagged a cheater. 

However, watching girls online could be what will make your relationship grow stronger if you and your partner have a consensual agreement on how it should be done, hence the boundaries that mustn’t be crossed. Once all of these are in check, there’s no way watching girls online or having skype sexy calls could be regarded as cheating. 

Why does watching girls online feel like cheating?

As mentioned earlier, some boundaries need to be respected if you want your relationship with the online camming industry not to be tagged as cheating. Here are some of the reasons why it could be tagged as cheating. 

  • Exploring without your partner:

Unless your partner has made it clear that they do not want to explore the camming industry with you, you should explore it with them. Porn could be very addictive, and once you get addicted, it might slowly substitute your relationship. However, suppose you and your partner have been exploring it over time together. In that case, it’s somewhat difficult for the addiction to set it as the time spent on cam sites will reduce, and more focus would be on practicing what has been learned on one another instead of masturbating. So, more than you enjoy watching girls online, ensure your partner is carried along. Always ensure they are okay with the act. Hence, it might become problematic in the long run. 

  • The love and intimacy begin to reduce:

One of the characteristics of cheating is the reduction in love and intimacy. If you get too comfortable watching girls online, you’d care less about the level of intimacy between you and your spouse. Most long-distance relationships have this problem the most. Once you begin to spend extra time on cam sites while you have a partner, it won’t take much effort before you get to enjoy masturbating, neglecting you have a partner. Once intimacy reduces, the harmless online camming and skype sexy calls become cheating. Even if you are not in a private chat room with a cam girl, it’s still regarded as cheating when you get more comfortable having solo sex than having sex with your partner. 

  • Time constraint:

Having to share your time between watching girls online and your partner is one of the toughest calls you’d have to make in a relationship, especially when you are addicted to camming. The concept of masturbation is very sensitive and could easily disrupt arrangements. You’ve had a chat with your partner, and you’ve set boundaries. The moment you begin to spend extra minutes on cam sites or spend more time talking to skype girls online, the whole arrangement changes and slowly tends towards cheating. Once you begin to pay less attention to the boundaries and your partner, it becomes cheating, although you might not see it from this angle. 

One of the best ways to stay clear of these assumptions knows what works for you. If you are in a relationship, and you know watching cam girls or having skype sext calls will make you spend less time with your partner, you should probably not go into it. Visiting cam sites is great as there are several things you can learn from cam girls. It should, however, be noted that your partner comes first. So, instead of visiting cam sits alone, take your partner along and introduce her to watching girls online. The arrangement could become a relationship within your relationship, which is even more exciting! 

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