Using AI to Close the Technology Talent Gap

By Patrick Banks

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Artificial intelligence is massively taking ground as some global development firms have effectively built a video recruiting platform utilizing AI to identify new talent. There are many companies that do so, usually as a matter of necessity.
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Given that, today, rel=”nofollowjob openings outpace available workers by 17%, there is always an obvious gap. This is especially true for the technology sector, because of the immense amount of innovations being recorded daily. Technology is developing and widening, beyond the rate at which human beings can master it.

From only a handful of programming languages only two decades ago, we now have hundreds of them. Innovations such as Mixed Reality and Blockchain were not the norm years ago, but they are now. Humans are trying hard to keep up as the gap widens. 

In addition, lately, there have been serious concerns about the higher education sector. The biggest challenge is, what most tertiary institutions teach is not directly relevant in the present world, which is changing rapidly. What many university students learned twenty years ago is now most likely outdated. As such, alternative platforms have risen to fill this gap through short courses after which a student would earn a certificate.

However, the responsibility remains on employers to filter through this lack of employability and identify those who make the best fit for their available jobs. This brings up back to the subject of artificial intelligence, and TopDevz’s recruitment process.

The TopDevz Example

In order to solve its recruitment challenges, the TopDevz Academy was born. It is a testing ground that all prospective employees must pass through to prove that they are qualified for the job.

  • Applicants are made to pass through a series of stages including a personality test and a soft skills interview. But scaling through those is only a preamble.
  • The most important and most difficult stage is the complex live coding stage. This is the point where the developers have to display their software development capabilities.
  • Afterward, an AI algorithm is deployed to grade each one’s work. This method guarantees that only the objectively best candidates get employed, and it has ensured that TopDevz’s culture of excellence is upheld over the years.

Using AI to scout for technology talents is a relatively new phenomenon and TopDevz is not the only pioneer in this regard. Catalyte is another artificial intelligence company who tackles the talent gap problem this way. They do so by getting random people to take tests. Afterward, people with the most potential in software development are trained for a few weeks before being employed as an apprentice. For both companies, this model has worked pretty well and enables them to meet up with the demands of clients in the most efficient way possible.

3 Benefits of AI in Scouting for Talents

  1. Ease of Recruitment. The purpose of this manner of AI usage in recruitment is very unique and applicant-focused, in the sense that algorithms are deployed to find the best talents, not necessarily to make the recruiters’ work easier. Of course, this can make the work of recruiters’ easier, especially as regards having to otherwise manually sift through bulky files and interview numerous candidates. However, that is only a by-product and not the main purpose.
  2. Improved Quality of Eventual Employees. TopDevz only hires senior developers who are very experienced. That is a result of using AI: improved quality of employees. In the mountain of applications recruiters often receive, it is not surprising that some excellent ones get overlooked and do not even make it to the interview stage. However, AI offers everyone a level playing ground and makes it easier to select those who perform well the most.
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