Shapermint Bodysuit Reviews: Is it Really Worth It?

By Patrick Banks

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Over the last few months, I’ve been working out harder than I’ve ever worked out before, and I can see sections of my body starting to tone up. Having said that, I still have a pudge on my tummy. While I usually know what designs of clothing fit me and highlight the curves I want to flaunt, there’s always the potential that fabric will cling to places I don’t want it to.

It isn’t to change my physical form or to fit into something too small. When I find an outfit that fits but doesn’t necessarily appear smooth, I reach for shape wear.

Take, for example, this dress. Here’s how it looks without the shape wear. It’s the right size; if it were any bigger, it wouldn’t highlight my waist as well. However, the bodycon style and length both draw attention to my lower belly line, which is the portion of my body that I’m most conscious about. I simply dislike how the fabric gathers around it, making it appear larger than it is. When I wear this dress without shape wear, my front side appears to be larger than my backside.

All of my shape wear is from Shaper mint, which you may recognize if you follow them on social media! It’s an online shape wear retailer that makes it simple and economical to locate styles you’ll love.

So, even when you are doing prom dress shopping online, you can also discover a range of shapewear options to enhance your look and confidence.

You can browse by style, body shape, and even the body part you wish to have the most influence over.

Nothing is off-limits when wearing a shapermint bodysuit since it makes you feel so smooth and confident.

You can also wear them as follows:

• From weddings and birthday parties to anniversaries and corporate functions on special occasions, Shape wear has you covered.

• On dates: your partner’s eyes will light up when you step out looking your best in one of these ensembles.

•At the office, put your best foot forward by concealing your shape wear beneath your business attire.

Is it safe to wear shaper mint bodysuit when pregnant?

If you have any questions, you should always see your doctor, but Shaper mint products or any shape wear should not be worn during pregnancy because the compression could harm your baby.

Shorts/Boy shorts:

Shorts in the Shaper mint style are available in a variety of styles. EmpetuaTM All Day, Every Day High-Waisted Shaper Shorts are the most popular Shaper mint shorts.

Shorts come in a variety of styles, each with its own fit and function. Some of the Shaper mint shorts are designed to make your thighs look thinner, and the majority of them are high waisted to assist tuck in your tummy.


Low, mid, and high rise panties are available in a variety of colors, as well as shaping boy shorts and thongs. You shouldn’t need to wear additional layers of shape wear if you’re wearing shaper mint underwear.


Shaper mint carries a variety of designs and colors of fitness leggings to wear while resting or working out for a slimming compression look. Although I prefer Spanx’s faux leather leggings, Shaper mint also has a pair of perfect control faux leather leggings that are very similar. They’re a fun way to spice up leggings so they’re not only for lying around in.


I have one of the black shaped mint bodysuits, which I like. The wide, thick straps don’t fall down on my shoulders, they’re adjustable, and they don’t dig in, so you don’t have to worry about the bodysuits falling down. My entire bodysuit is used all the time, with dresses and jeans, and it helps me look slimmer overall.


Shape wear tights, pantyhose, and hosiery are also available from Shaper mint. You can call it whatever you like.


Shaper mint has fantastic bathing suits and swimwear for the summer that can help you slim down and feel more confident about wearing your swimsuit to the pool or beach. They had a pair of high waisted belly control bikini bottoms, as well as a variety of one-piece suits in various colors and styles. I’m delighted they released this new collection since it will assist me and other women gain confidence. That is, in fact, a large part of their “business credo,” which aims to help women feel at ease in their own skin.

Exercise & Active Wear:

If you want shaper gear that you can wear while exercising and working out, Shaper mint has bike shorts and padded sports bras for sale on their website.


Shaper mint has camisoles and tanks with thicker or wider straps to keep them from slipping down. A camisole can be worn under sweaters, t-shirts, and other clothing to make you appear slimmer at all times. They are a comfy everyday alternative because they aren’t overly form-fitting.

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