The 18 Best Flowers to Bring for a First Date

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Bringing flowers on your first date is the way to get a positive impression from the person you are asking to go out with you. Immediately, the date will understand that you like her if you show up with the flowers.
The 18 Best Flowers to Bring for a First Date

If it’s your potential Mrs Right or you just simply really admire this woman and want her closer in your life why not to make her feel feminine and appreciated? If you offer a nice bouquet with a casual smile, she is going to love that!

What Are The Best Flowers to Bring for a First Date?

You must give the right flowers because different flowers have different meanings. The following are the best 18 flowers to bring for a first date.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are brightly colored flowers that can bring a gleeful greeting to your date. They are recognized by the large flowering head, like the sunflower. However, they are available in more color variations. There are over 30 species of gerbera daisies but the daisies for sale at the florist is usually the most common variety.

Wondering what are the best flowers to bring on the first date? Choose something cheerful! The large color variety gives them the symbol of cheerfulness and will definitely make your date smile when she receives a bunch of gerberas. Some of the colors of gerbera daisies you can choose from are pink, white, yellow, and red.


A small bouquet sunflower is a great way to thank your date after a night out. It sends a message that you are looking forward to a second date. Sending sunflowers is to wish your date warmth and happiness regardless of whether you two still continue dating. It also symbolizes loyalty, meaning you will always be loyal and be there for your date in case she needs your help. Sunflowers radiate positive energy that can lift up the spirit of your date.


Peonies are fluffy blooms that symbolize romantic love particularly in between two strangers. They can also be a symbol of bashfulness. This is based on a story about Apollo flirting with Paeonia. When they were discovered by Aphrodite, Paeonia becomes bashful and turn bright red. Aphrodite becomes angry and transforms her into a red peony. This makes peonies the perfect bouquet for giving to a first date that is completely stranger or you only recently come to know.


Are you a deeply romantic man wondering what are the best flowers to bring on the first date? Choose something classy! Roses are the most common flowers that people give to their first dates on Valentine’s Day. Red rose which sends the meaning of romantic love may not be suitable for the first date.

The orange rose is the best for the first date and they have a longer lifespan than other flowers therefore are also a great option if you consider flower delivery. Orange rose can last for 10 – 16 days. Lavender rose also work great for the first date but they have a shorter vase life and last for up to 10 days only.


Tulips only bloom in spring, the season when the first sun comes out after the winter season. Therefore, if you give tulips on your first date, it means you are serious to start a new relationship with her. Red tulips convey my feelings and are true to make the best tulip bouquet for giving to someone you admire. Best of all, they are affordable and cheaper than flowers like roses. Tulips are popular in Europe countries like Italy where you can find large fields with many different varieties.

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Alstroemeria has attractive petals that can grab the attention of people. They symbolize mutual support and devotion between two persons. Giving the flowers mean that you are willing to stand by her side and faced with all the trials of everyday life. It also means to find new friends and possibly find love through it. Alstroemeria can easily be found in your local supermarkets.


Iris which conveys deep sentiments is grown in many parts of the world. There are more than 200 varieties but the irises for sale in the florist store are usually blue, white, or yellow.

Are you a passionate man wondering what are the best flowers to bring on the first date? Choose something sexy! Yellow iris which symbolizes passion is most suitable for giving to date. Blue iris which symbolize faith and hope can also be offered as a gift to a first date. You can mix iris with other flowers like tulips and daisies to create a striking combination.


Carnations have ruffled blooms like the ruffled part of a women dress. For this reason, carnations make great flowers to give to your mother on Mother’s Day. But, you can also give them to your first date to tell her you are fascinated with her and the new relationship. Light red carnations are best for the first date as they symbolize admiration. If you already know the date well, you can give dark red carnation which symbolizes deep love and affection.

Casablanca Lily

Casablanca lily is a 6 petal flower that looks like a trumpet. If you choose the bigger bloom, you will only need to purchase 3 – 4 flowers to make a bouquet for your date. Casablanca lily means celebration, so it makes sense to give them as a way to celebrate the first date. Usually, people who give Casablanca lily on the first date are sophisticated and they have known the date well for a long time.


Gardenia is a white flower with a heavy fragrance. The flower of gardenia symbolizes purity and joy. You can give gardenia to convey a deep old fashioned old on a first date. Usually, men who buy gardenia is best friend with the woman he is buying for. Gardenia is an expensive flower and is usually sold as a single stem.


Orchids are exotic flowers that convey the meanings of love, beauty, and friendship. Giving orchids will make your date feel graceful. It shows that you see beauty and strength in her. They are a good option for a date who has a wilder personality than you. Rarer orchids mean deeper passion for the recipient.


Daffodils are one of the first flowers that open the buds in the spring season. It is the official birth flower for March and the 10th wedding anniversary. Daffodil conveys the message that you are an angel. Daffodil is a common flower to give to someone you like in the Victorian era as it is prohibited to put the feelings into word. It is also believed that giving daffodils will bring 12 months of happiness to the recipient.



Aster is a star-shaped flower that resembles daisy. Pink asters symbolize love while red asters symbolize devotion. The flower is available in many colors including pink, red, and mauve. The symbol love becomes associated with the aster flower after it was put on the altars of the Greek gods according to legend. Therefore, if you send aster, it will convey the message “Take Care of Yourself for Me”. It is a romantic way of expressing affection to your date.


Ranunculus, also known as buttercups, is a swirly flower that looks like oval-shaped roses. Ranunculus only have one meaning, unlike other flowers which have multiple meanings. It means charm and attractiveness which have the same meaning. They are frequently offered to ladies in the Victorian era to profess charm and attractiveness. You can give this flower to your date to tell her that you are dazzled by her charms.

Stock Flower

The stock flower is one of the new flowers that you can find in the florist shop. You can give the flowers to tell your date that you admire her beauty as it symbolizes beauty that does not change with time. It also signifies contentment with your life. So, giving the flowers means you are content just to have her with you on the date. You can also use it as a meaning of happiness, that you feel happy when you are with your date.

Red Chrysanthemums

Red chrysanthemums are fiery red flowers that symbolize love and passion. You can give red chrysanthemums to date to tell her that you have romantic feeling for her. Red chrysanthemums also mean loyalty and devotion so you can give it to a long-time best pal that you have known for a long time. It also means enduring love, as chrysanthemum can endure harsh living conditions. It also signifies true friendship and is suitable for a friend that you truly love and will be there regardless of the situation.


Lilac is a bush flower native to Europe and Asia. They are also available in America after the European colonists brought them in the 1750s. Lilac flower is a common flower to be given to first love. It reminds the lover of the first time they meet and fell in love. The lighter shade of purple lilac is often used to convey affection for a first love while the darker purple is used on anniversaries. Pink lilac can be given to someone whom you have strong affection. Magenta lilac is given to someone to convey passion and joy of being alive especially after escaping a scary experience.


Lavender is a deep purple flower well known for its smell that can make you feel sleepy. Lavender can be used for conveying romantic intention since it has nice perfume fragrant. You can give lavender to express devotion to your date. It also conveys to your significant other that she is graceful. Besides, lavender also symbolizes purity so it can convey your sincerity when you are giving lavender flowers on a date.

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