The Art of Dating Girls who are into Cosplay

By Patrick Banks

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Cosplay is a form of performing arts where people wear costumes and make-up to resemble fictional characters from anime, cartoons, video games, movies, or even historical figures. Cosplayers are renowned for not only being able to make authentic costumes but also for being able to act like the characters they dress up as, nailing even their personalities. 

Today around 65% of cosplayers are girls. These girls follow a specific lifestyle, meaning there are vital points you should know when dating cosplayers.

In this article, we will discuss and explain who female cosplayers are and hiw to master the art of dating girls who are into cosplay. Then, we shall go over the essential points to consider when dating one and why being in a relationship with cosplayers is a good thing. Lastly, we will finish by giving you a list of the best cosplay dating sites.

What is a Cosplay Girl?

A cosplay girl is a female who is interested and does cosplay. This means that she has a particular lifestyle that maintains her figure and schedule to prepare to dress up as her favorite character from any media or historical figures.

Cosplaying doesn’t care about the cosplayer’s gender, and it’s not uncommon for cosplayers to dress up as characters of the opposite gender. In this article, the term “cosplay girl” will refer to female cosplayers. However, the characters they dress up as are not limited to the same gender. 

Girls who are into Cosplay: Things to know when Dating a Cosplayer Girl

Here are some of the things that you need to consider when you are dating cosplay girls. We will provide helpful tips for those who are new to cosplaying and reminders for those who are cosplayers themselves.


Cosplayers around the globe may be judged and looked at weirdly. For this reason, you will need to be your girl’s loyal supporter, especially when she is down because of these judgments. Do not be that guy that adds to other people’s judgments of cosplayers. 

Remember that in this relationship, you will need to support her in every way possible. You may even opt to cosplay yourself, if you are interested, and become a real cosplay couple. 

If this is not up your alley, show interest in the characters she is dressing up as and provide her moral support during events. Learning about the costumes and their lore goes a long way. So, open up an anime or two and read about these characters. This will warm up her heart and bring you closer to her.


Getting a cosplayer girl a gift might be easier than for other people. Gifts related to cosplay can be a great way to make your cosplayer girlfriend thrilled. We suggest getting gifts that will help your girlfriend dress up for her future characters. For this, you will need to know who she is cosplaying next. 

No matter what type of cosplay it is, the best gift to give a cosplay girl will be some type of cosplay sword. If she is into anime, manga, or history, she will definitely like a sword. Usually, female cosplayers wield some type of weapon, like Harley Quinn with her bat, for example, so giving some type of cosplay weapon is a must.

Join her in Cosplay

This activity will be fun and help you get to know each other better. Choosing roles, making costumes, and assisting and accompanying your partner during the long and arduous practice sessions will show that you are doing something that she cares about. Always support her no matter what type of cosplay it might be. Go that extra mile for her to show that you care.

Messy House

Be ready to see all sorts of things all over the house every once in a while. Although some might think cosplaying is just putting on a piece of costume, you would be surprised just how much time and effort goes into making these costumes and other props.

Remember that you can help clean the house even if you can’t help in making these costumes. Continuing to support your cosplay partner during the busy planning by checking up on her, making her food, and buying the drinks she loves will surely be appreciated by her. 

Why you Should Date a Cosplay Girl

Cosplaying has positive effects on a person’s mental and emotional health. For example, it can help them build self-confidence, learn how to take care of themselves, and be a part of a community that can help them get through hard times.

If you feel as though the world is against you because you are doing cosplay, which might be considered weird and nerdy, you should get a partner next to you to prove the world wrong!


Even if you cosplay and pose as your character without worry or judgment, being affected by other people’s judgments cannot be avoided. For this, the best motivation and inspiration you could ever have is to date someone who will support you wholeheartedly. You may even find the inspiration you need by dating a fellow cosplayer.

Cosplay girls are wholesome and effective mood boosters. Seeing your girl all dressed up as her favorite character and not paying attention to what others think of her will lift your spirits and inspire you to do things you love and enjoy, no matter what type of activity it is.

Team Activities

If you think that you might have a boring time with a cosplay girl, you would be very wrong. She will most likely be a gamer, meaning, you can play your favorite games with her. You can even dress together throughout the year and wait for that Halloween season to sport off that look!

Visiting events like the comic-con (comic convention) and cosplay conventions will be a regular thing. With time, you will have so many cosplayers and even non-cosplay friends to hang out with in all these activities.

Becoming a Better Cosplayer

Being a cosplayer or going out with a cosplayer will help you learn essential cosplaying skills or traits. You may not have initially set out to learn these skills, but as you dive into cosplay more, you’ll pick them up naturally.

In cosplaying, you may need to learn how to manage your time, make a budget, and create costumes and props. When you’re in a cosplay outfit, you could be much more willing to meet and interact with strangers, which helps you improve your communication and other interpersonal skills.

Love for Life

When two people meet through cosplay, it’s very easy for them to get along right away. These relationships may be brought by bonding with each other during one or multiple cosplay activities. 

Couples who spend a lot of time cosplaying together or playing and having fun are getting to know each other well and experiencing life as they go. 

There is nothing sweeter than being different and weird with a person that you love and care for. It will make you feel as though you are outside the plain old boring everyday life and inside your fantasy world. All that it takes is for one cosplay girl to hold your hand.

Best Cosplay Dating Sites

Online dating has made things easier for those searching for their significant others online. For those interested in meeting cosplayers, there are many cosplay dating sites where you can easily find them. You can look at different profiles and learn more about cosplay girls who might be a good match for you.

If in the past, you would be frowned upon because of cosplaying, making it hard to find a partner since they are scared to approach you. Today, we are living in a world where you can easily search and connect with the perfect Bulma cosplayer from your bedroom through a dating app!

Here are the best cosplay dating sites that you should give a try:

  • Yes!Dates – very easy to use with fast registration and a super active community
  • FlirtForDate – free sign-up where the profiles are private but can be unlocked if you wanted to, has a friendly user-interface
  • MyCuteGirlfriends – this one has a very large user base so you will be sure to find a cosplayer girl
  • MeetSlavicGirls – very good in the privacy protection sector with a lot of users using this app daily
  • SeekingArranement – good filtering options to help you better find that perfect cosplay girl that you’re looking for
  • Flirt-Me – a site where messaging is free and is said to have the highest possible success rates
  • NSA Flirts – allows you to scroll through many high-quality photos to better help you find that suitable cosplay girl
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