The Four Stages of Life: How to Benefit from All of Them

By Patrick Banks

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The Four Stages of Life- How to Benefit from All of Them

Life is a bitch. At that point, you pass on. So while gazing at my navel a few days ago, I chose that that bitch occurs in four phases. Here they are. 


We are brought into the world defenseless. We can’t walk, can’t talk, can’t bolster ourselves, can’t do our own damn assessments. As kids, the manner in which we’re wired to learn is by watching and impersonating others.

First, we figure out how to do physical abilities like walk and talk. At that point, we create social aptitudes by watching and imitating our companions around us. At that point, at long last, in late youth, we figure out how to adjust to our way of life by watching the standards and standards around us and attempting to act so that it is commonly viewed as worthy by society. 

The objective of Stage One is to show us how to work inside a society with the goal that we can be self-ruling, independent grown-ups. The thought is that the grown-ups in the network around us help us to arrive at this point through supporting our capacity to settle on choices and make a move ourselves. 

In any case, a few grown-ups and network individuals around us suck.

They rebuff us for our freedom. They don’t bolster our choices. What’s more, accordingly we don’t create self-governance. We stall out in Stage One, perpetually imitating everyone around us, unendingly endeavoring to satisfy all with the goal that we probably won’t be judged.

In an “ordinary” solid individual, Stage One will go on until late youthfulness and early adulthood.

For certain individuals, it might last further into adulthood. A chosen few wake up one day at age 45 acknowledging they’ve never really lived for themselves and miracle where the hellfire the years went. This is Stage One. The mimicry. The steady quest for endorsement and approval. The nonappearance of free ideas and individual qualities. 

We should know about the gauges and desires of the people around us. Be that as it may, we should likewise become sufficiently able to act notwithstanding those measures and desires when we feel it is vital. We should build up the capacity to act independently from anyone else and for ourselves. 


In Stage One, we figure out how to fit in with the individuals and the culture around us. Stage Two is tied in with taking in what makes us unique in relation to the individuals and culture around us. Stage Two expects us to start settling on choices for ourselves, to test ourselves, and to get ourselves and what makes us one of a kind.

Stage Two includes a great deal of experimentation and experimentation. We explore different avenues regarding living in new places, spending time with new individuals, guzzling new substances, and playing with new individuals’ holes.

In Stage Two, I ran off and visited fifty-something nations. My sibling’s Stage Two was jumping heedlessly into the political framework in Washington DC. Everybody’s Stage Two is marginally extraordinary in light of the fact that all of us are somewhat unique. Stage Two is a procedure of self-revelation. We attempt things. Some of them go well. Some of them don’t. The objective is to stay with the ones that go well and proceed onward. 

Stage Two goes on until we start to clash with our own restrictions. This doesn’t agree with numerous individuals. Be that as it may, notwithstanding what Oprah and Deepak Chopra may let you know, finding your own restrictions is a decent and solid thing. You’re simply going to be awful at certain things, regardless of how hard you attempt. Furthermore, you have to realize what they are.

I am not hereditarily slanted to ever exceed expectations at anything athletic at all. It sucked for me to discover that, however I did. I’m additionally about as equipped for sustaining myself as a baby slobbering fruit purée everywhere throughout the floor. That was imperative to discover too. We as a whole should realize what we suck at. Also, the prior in our life that we learn it, the better. 

So we’re only awful at certain things. At that point there are different things that are extraordinary for some time, yet start to have unavoidable losses following a couple of years. Venturing to the far corners of the planet is one model. Sexing a huge amount of individuals is another. Drinking on a Tuesday night is a third. There are some more. Trust me.

Your impediments are significant in light of the fact that you should, in the long run, go to the acknowledgment that your time on this planet is constrained and, accordingly, you ought to spend it on things that issue most. That implies understanding that since you can accomplish something, doesn’t mean you ought to do it. That implies understanding that since you like certain individuals doesn’t mean you ought to be with them. That implies understanding that there are opportunity expenses to everything and that you can’t have everything.

There are a few people who never enable themselves to feel impediments — either on the grounds that they will not concede their disappointments or in light of the fact that they mislead themselves into accepting that their restrictions don’t exist. These individuals stall out in Stage Two. 

These are the “sequential business people” who are 38 and living with mother and still haven’t profited following 15 years of endeavoring. These are the “yearning entertainers” who are as yet tending to tables and haven’t done a tryout in two years. These are the individuals who can’t subside into a long haul relationship since they generally have a chewing feeling that there’s somebody better around the bend. These are the individuals who brush with or without their failings as “discharging” cynicism into the universe or “cleansing” their things from their lives. 

Sooner or later we as a whole should concede the unavoidable: life is short, not the entirety we had always wanted can work out as expected, so we ought to painstakingly pick and pick what we have the absolute best at and focus on it. In any case, individuals stuck in Stage Two invest the vast majority of their energy persuading themselves regarding the inverse. That they are boundless.

That they can defeat all. That their life is that of relentless development and ascendance on the planet, while every other person can obviously observe that they are just running set up. In sound people, Stage Two starts in mid-to late-puberty and keeps going into an individual’s mid-20s to mid-30s.4 People who remain in Stage Two past that are prominently alluded to as those with “Subside Pan Syndrome” — the interminable teenagers, continually finding themselves yet discovering nothing. 


When you’ve pushed your very own limits and either found your constraints (i.e., sports, the culinary expressions) or found the consistent losses of specific exercises (i.e., celebrating, computer games, masturbation) at that point you are left with what’s both a) really critical to you, and b) what you’re not horrendous at. Presently it’s a great opportunity to make your gouge on the planet. 

Stage Three is the extraordinary union of one’s life. Out go the companions who are depleting you and keeping you down. Out go the exercises and leisure activities that are a thoughtless exercise in futility. Out go the old dreams that are obviously not working out at any point in the near future. 

At that point you twofold down on what you’re best at and what is ideal to you. You twofold down on the most significant connections throughout your life. You twofold down on a solitary strategic life, regardless of whether that is to chip away at the world’s vitality emergency or to be a bitching advanced craftsman or to turn into a specialist in cerebrums or have a lot of nasty, slobbering kids. Whatever it is, Stage Three is the point at which you complete it. 

Stage Three is tied in with expanding your own potential in this life. It’s tied in with building your inheritance. What will you desert when you’re no more? What will individuals recollect you by? Regardless of whether that is an achievement study or an astounding new item or a loving family, Stage Three is tied in with leaving the world a tad not the same as the manner in which you discovered it.

Stage Three closures when a mix of two things occur: 1) you feel as if there’s very little else you can achieve, and 2) you get old and tired and find that you would prefer to taste martinis and do crossword baffles throughout the day. In “typical” people, Stage Three by and large keeps going from around 30-ish-years-old until one arrives at retirement age. 

Individuals who get held up in Stage Three regularly do so on the grounds that they don’t have the foggiest idea of how to relinquish their aspiration and steady want for additional. This failure to relinquish the power and impact they need balances the normal quieting impacts of time and they will regularly stay driven and hungry very much into their 70s and 80s.5 


Individuals land into Stage Four having spent someplace around 50 years putting themselves in what they accepted was significant and significant. They accomplished extraordinary things, buckled down, earned all that they have, perhaps began a family or philanthropy or a political or social insurgency or two, and now they’re finished. They’ve arrived at the age where their vitality and conditions never again enable them to seek after their motivation any further.

The objective of Stage Four at that point becomes not to make a heritage as much as just ensuring that inheritance keeps going past one’s death.This could be something as basic as supporting and prompting their (presently developed) youngsters and living vicariously through them. It could mean giving their undertakings and work to a protégé or disciple. It could likewise mean getting all the more politically dynamic to keep up their qualities in a general public that they never again perceive. 

Stage Four is significant mentally in light of the fact that it makes the consistently developing truth of one’s own mortality increasingly endurable. As people, we have a profound need to feel just as our lives mean something. This significance we always look for is actually our solitary mental safeguard against the inconceivability of this life and the certainty of our own death. To lose that importance, or to watch it sneak away, or to gradually feel just as the world has deserted you, is to gaze blankness in the face and give it a chance to devour you enthusiastically.


Creating through each ensuing phase of life awards us more noteworthy authority over our satisfaction and well-being.7  In Stage One, an individual is entirely subject to other individuals’ activities and endorsement to be upbeat. This is an appalling procedure on the grounds that other individuals are capricious and untrustworthy. In Stage Two, one gets dependent on oneself, however they’re as yet dependent on outer accomplishment to be cheerful — profiting

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