How to Become The Best Version of Yourself: 10 Things That Will Speed up Your Personal Growth

By Lauren Adley

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It seems like these days almost everyone is talking about personal growth and how to achieve it. The funny part is that personal growth is a fancy way to name your desire to become better, to be the best version of yourself.
How To Become The Best Version Of Yourself: 10 Things That Will Speed Up Your Personal Growth

Anyhow, what most people omit to say about personal growth is that you really have to want to be better – that’s the main key – your will power. If you really want something to happen you won’t wait for it, you will take action and make it happen eventually.

When you really want to become the best version of yourself you already know what you have to do somehow – thanks to our subconscious mind.

But no matter how clear is the feeling that we have to do certain things to become better our doubts may hold us back and make us wonder if that’s the only way or if it’s the best way.

Remember that you are doubting your intuition which is one of our greatest powers as humans. Even though, doubting will push you to find the most effective ways and habits that will help you become the better version of yourself.

If you want to find out what are the most effective habits that will help you put yourself on the path to your personal growth faster, stick with us as in today’s post we’re presenting 10 things that will speed up your personal growth.

1. Setting Goals

Personal growth is all about understanding who you are at the present moment and who you want to me in a month, a year, and so on. Therefore, you’ll have to introspect your current situation, what you don’t like about it, and how you want to change it.

You need to know where you’re at, and where you’re heading towards. That’s why in order to speed up your personal growth you need to find out what kind of person you really want to become.

You can work on your personal growth without knowing where you want to get, but the process will never be efficient and fast when you let yourself “go with the flow”. Knowing what you want is the first step to achieving it.

Keep in mind that the more you change, your perspective and beliefs will change too, so your goals might need adjustment. It’s all right to no longer want to achieve the goals you wanted to achieve when you were a different person, that doesn’t make you a quitter.

To ensure that you set goals worth fighting for both n the short and long run, here’s some advice about how to set your goals effectively:

  • Find a quiet place where you feel comfortable and start wondering about who you were, are, and want to become, about what you like and don’t like about yourself, and about the friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, and husband/wife you’d like to be.
  • Note everything down and make a list with the things you want to eliminate, change, and update.
  • The last step is to decide how much time you need to accomplish these changes in your life – just take it easy, you won’t lose the train.

2. Planning

Knowing what person you want to become is great! The question is how you’re going to do it. And for that, you’ll need a plan.

Therefore, take a notebook and a pen, sit down, and think about all the things, habits, and beliefs you want to change in your life. Take every change from your life step by step – nothing good and lasting changes over the night.

Make weekly plans – start by changing one important aspect of your life every week, and when you feel prepared change tow then three things every week. The same goes for monthly plans.

For instance, if my goals for this week were to exercise regularly and to have a healthier diet, my plan would look like this:

  • Wake up at 5
  • Go jog for 30 minutes (every morning)
  • Eat a healthy breakfast at 6 – 6:30 (banana and avocado milkshake + toast)
  • Eat a healthy snack (fruits, raw vegetables, nuts) after 3 hours ( around 9)
  • Go to the gym at 10
  • Have launch (cooked soup and cooked vegetables + meat) at 12
  • Eat a healthy snack in 3 hours
  • Have dinner (salad) at 18
  • Exercise a bit before you go to bed (pushups, squats, and crunches)

As well, track your progress every week or month to see what you can do to improve your plan if things didn’t work as you expected. Just don’t let your expectation drag you down – use your expectations as a source of motivation and nothing else.

3. Study – Gain Knowledge

Now that you have a plan to reach to your destination you already step up your game seriously. Honestly, you could stop at this point and you’ll be more than all right.

If you want to step up the game, you have to prepare as the real struggle starts here. You need to open up your mind to new concepts that may defy your strongest beliefs.

To fasten up your personal growth you need to gain more knowledge, but reading books won’t be enough. I’m talking about the real study – taking one book with really good concepts about life and the inner self and trying to truly understand what they are really talking about.

For me, it wasn’t a book that changed my life, my perspectives, and motivated me to stop being an ignorant, lazy person and start taking action to put my life in order. It was an 8-hour seminar I watched on YouTube (Natural Law – Mark Passio) which really bored me at first.

But I didn’t watch it, I studied it. I started small – around 15 to 3o minutes max per day and I looked up on google everything that I couldn’t completely understand and tried to connect the new information with the information that I already had cleared in my mind.

To begin is the hardest part.

Just remember that to be judgmental is the root of every low person and the main obstacle towards personal growth – keep your mind and beliefs open, change is good.

4. Learn from Your Failures

Most people believe that failure is something bad, something that they should avoid in their life – everyone wants to succeed from their first shoot.

I honestly don’t know from where is this coming from since all the greatest scientist, before they discover a new cure or before they invented something, failed at least a hundred times.

To fail means to learn from your own experiences. Actually, failures are the greatest teacher anyone can get and it’s for free.

Therefore, whenever you fail, analyze your actions and see what you could’ve done better, and next time do it better.

Let me give you an example. You are a basketball player and you practice every day to become better and better, to aim better at the basket. But until you manage to have a perfect shot, you’ll fail over and over again and, from every failure, you’ll learn how to position your arms and legs better so the ball will go exactly in the direction you planned.

You need failure in order to become the best.

How to Become The Best Version of Yourself: 10 Things That Will Speed up Your Personal Growth

5. Find Your Inner Motivation

An important aspect that can give you a real boost to your personal growth is finding your inner motivation – that one thing that can motivate you even in your darkest times.

Finding something worthy to change for can give you all the motivation you need to become a better person. For instance, becoming the best version of yourself will be a must if you’re expecting a child, but if your motifs are selfish you shouldn’t feel bad about it.

Finding your inner motivation is tricky as there’s no guide to follow and take you from point A to point B. You have to spend some time alone, with yourself and your inner thoughts. Even have a chat with yourself in the mirror no matter how strange it seems.

To find your inner motivation you have to get to know yourself and what you want from this life. There are books that might be helpful but spending time with yourself and getting to know, understand, and accept yourself is all you need to find what truly motivates you to wake up in the morning and to become a better person.

6. Be Organized and Disciplined

Here are two crucial habits that if you succeed to implement in your life it already means that you’re several steps forward with your personal growth. Living in order and in perfect discipline already means that you are a new, better person.

To be organized doesn’t mean to keep your wardrobe and desk organized. It means to have every aspect of your life in order. If you succeed to do this, all the bad things like stress and drama will disappear from your life.

On the other hand, to be disciplined doesn’t mean to limit yourself. It means to know the limits you must not cross so you won’t cause any harm over yourself or others. To live a disciplined life is the most helpful lifestyle to achieve any goal you ever set.

Just look at self-discipline as self-control. Being a disciplined person means being a person that knows how to control and manage his emotions and reactions, and if this isn’t personal growth, I don’t know what it is.

But how do you put your life in order and live it disciplined? It may be more simple than you thought. You have to observe your actions and emotions and to decide if that is really the way you what to react; if that is something you’ll be proud of later.

7. Bad Experiences aren’t Bad

Have you ever heard someone complaining about their bad day or experiences? I know you did- we all did. But now that you think about it – were those experiences really bad?

I mean, think about all the things they learned from those experiences. If they never had those “bad” experiences they most probably wouldn’t learn those things and a lot of great experiences probably wouldn’t happen.

Take my experience for example: after a traumatizing experience, I went to a support group to try and move past my trauma. Days, weeks, months, and years passed by and the trauma was still there.

I had times when I quit going to that group but one day when I decided to come back and overcome my anxiety and depression for good, there was a new person which turned out to be my true love today.

Eventually, I learned that if something really terrible happens to you it will only make you stronger and it’s your choice how you let that experience affect you – remember this.

If you change this belief from your head about bad experiences – that they are actually good for you – you’re whole life will change and therefore you’ll get an incredible boost for your personal growth.

8. Mediate

Meditation is probably the solution to all of our problems if you ask me. You see, when you close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and enter in a calm and peaceful state, and start observing your thoughts and whatever is going on in your mind you start to know yourself better.

You can even understand and overcome your deepest fears. If you understand and experience the real power of meditation you’ll already be a different person, a better person. You’ll need to give it an honest try to truly understand what I’m talking about.

9. Exercising

We all know that exercising is extremely good for our health, but most of us don’t exercise even though is a kind of free medicine. Everyone knows at least two important reasons why they should really exercise, but why should you exercise if you want to speed up your personal growth.

Well, working on your personal growth may require more energy than you require and becoming a coffee addict isn’t a solution. So, you’ll need some extra energy and power to help you keep up with this changing process.

The best way to gain some extra energy is through daily exercising. As well, if you keep your body in good shape, everything will seem easier – you’ll need to try it in order to understand.

10. Accepting, Understanding, and Knowing Yourself

Last, but definitively not least, the most important three things you can do to speed up your personal growth is to accept, understand, and know yourself.

You’ll be surprised to see how little person actually knows themselves, not to talk about the ones who accept who they are – who genuinely feel good with the person they grow up to be.

If you succeed to accept yourself even when you’re at your worse as that is only a part of you so it doesn’t define your true self, you’re already a new person. The same goes for understanding yourself, your emotions, and the reason behind your actions.

Knowledge is power and knowing yourself is where all the knowledge you gain should be the first knowledge you gain.

The best way to get to know yourself is by spending more time with yourself and your thoughts. Nothing will help you better than this.


If you succeed to implement at least half of these habits and beliefs in your life you’ll make extraordinary progress. The only trick is to not give up and keep moving forward no matter how slow you think you move.

Personal growth is a lifetime process, there’s always something you can do to become even better – the only limit is the one you put yourself.

Anyhow, to fasten up the process, start with the above-mentioned habits and beliefs and you’ll be a new person within weeks. If you really want to change and to become the best version of yourself it will all come naturally eventually.

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