What are the health benefits and risks of cannabis?

By Patrick Banks

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Cannabis has become more popular than ever in the last few years. Cannabis is a controversial plant with opinions split right in the middle regarding its use. There is also a question of legality that one has to contend with as cannabis is outlawed in several parts of the world. But at the same time, some countries and governments have legalized cannabis for medical and recreational use. So, yes, it is a contentious issue with people on both sides of this debate. There are health benefits as well as some risks that are involved with the consumption of cannabis. So, let’s take a look at them first.

Health Benefits of Cannabis

1. Lowering Blood Pressure

Studies have shown tremendous results regarding Cannabis lowering the individual’s blood pressure. Cannabis reduces resting blood pressure and blood pressure after various stress tests as well.

2. Reduce inflammation

Cannabis has also shown positive results in reducing inflammation and neuropathic pain. This is also a reason why the medical use of Cannabis is legalized in many countries around the world, due to their excellent results.

3. Prevent relapse in drug and alcohol addiction cases

Yes, Cannabis can be helpful for people that are suffering from alcohol addiction or opioid dependencies. But there are risks involved as well. It is possible for one to become dependent on Cannabis and develop a problem with their Cannabis usage. It could increase the risk of one depends on other substances.

4. Depression, PTSD, and social anxiety

There is some evidence supported by published scientific literature that speaks about the effect Cannabis has and can have in cases of depression, PTSD, and social anxiety. Cannabis is not an accepted treatment for other mental conditions, specifically bipolar disorder, and psychosis.

The published pieces of literature on the topic stress the ability of cannabis to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, and there is some anecdotal evidence supporting that claim. But the science is far from being complete with this assessment.

5. GI disorders

Cannabis is extremely beneficial to avoid and treat GI disorders. Cannabis has worked excellently in cases of IBS or irritable bowel syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis, IBD or inflammatory bowel disease, and more. Cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties that work wonders in such cases.

6. Preventing Seizures

Cannabis has a positive impact on reducing symptoms and seizure frequency, especially in the case of epilepsy. Cannabis also works in cases of other seizure syndromes as well.

Risks of Cannabis

Just like the wonderful benefits of cannabis, especially in many health-related conditions, there are also risks involved with the product as well.

1. Mental health problems

Daily cannabis use can result in users experiencing depression and suicidal thoughts. And while the risk is pretty small, you should never overlook it at any cost. The daily use can also exacerbate symptoms of bipolar disorders for people that are already experiencing some kind of mental health problem. The risk of psychosis and schizophrenia can also be increased due to mental health problem. That is why it is advised that one use Cannabis in moderation and not as a daily consumable product.

2. Testicular cancer

Regular use of cannabis results in increased testicular cancer for the user. The constant use of cannabis can lead to the gradually growing seminoma subtype of testicular cancer. In addition, even though there is not much evidence linking other cancers to cannabis consumption, it is widely accepted in the medical community that it does increase risks.

3. Respiratory disease

There is sufficient evidence to suggest a link between regular cannabis smoking and the increased risk of chronic breathing causes. A straight line can be drawn from there to the worsening of lung function and increased risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. There is also plausible evidence that links lung cancer to regular cannabis use.

The above-mentioned are just some of the health benefits and risks that are involved with cannabis usage that can help one make a suitable choice about Cannabis consumption. But if you are looking to purchase Cannabis in Canada, then you could not find a better companion suited for your needs than Canna Cabana. Canna Cabana is the No. 1 Cannabis store and dispensary and offers premium cannabis products to its customers at affordable prices. Now, don’t think much, just reach out to us at Canna Cabana today!

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