How to Smoke Weed Without Getting Addicted To That

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how to smoke weed without getting addicted

Do whatever makes your mind, body and soul happy. And if it’s weed shop cannabis giving you that, we don’t have the right to stand in your way.

In fact, using it occasionally makes me feel more fulfilled and positive towards life and all the things coming along with it.

Smoking weed also makes me feel more energized with a lifted mood and helps me develop a brighter perspective – amidst my daily grind, frustrations and pressures; name it.

Now if you were just as I was before marijuana was legalized, you might also be looking for information on how to smoke weed without getting addicted to it.

That is the exact same reason I put up this guide that outlines ways of smoking weed (without getting addicted to it).

First, let’s discuss two things: how often to use and what long-term impacts marijuana has on our brains.

How Often It Can Be Used For Not Getting Addicted

There is no hard and fast rule as to the number of times you should smoke weed without getting addicted to it.

But a University of Albany (New York) psychology professor Mitchell Earleywine, who’s a medical marijuana use expert, said in a Bustle interview that a dose occasionally is generally safe, especially if you’re going to use a gizmo or a vaporizer that can heat cannabis except igniting it.

By using cannabis this way, you will be able to take advantage of the fine mist that does not contain any respiratory irritants commonly in smoke.

And you should not also worry about the usage frequency as to determine what’s going to be addictive or not because that might not be one of the major issues, according to the same source. Now, what are long-term effects of cannabis to our brains? Check out the next section.

Long-Term Impact of Weed on the Brain


Smoking weed promotes new brain cell growth especially in the hippocampus.  So if you’re suffering from a mood disorder, such as stress, anxiety and depression, you might want to turn to weed (but use it responsibly, not when driving, working or studying…).

Alzheimer’s disease prevention

Symptoms, such as depression and irritability (early stages) and delusions sleep disturbances, hallucinations and outbursts (later stages) might be treated by marijuana. The THC on it contains neuroprotective properties, which directly clear away the brain plaque “beta amyloid,”   the disease’s primary cause.

Using cannabis might also be useful for treating other degenerative brain disorders, such as Parkinson’s, ALS and MS.

Brain damage prevention

Hebrew University (Israel) researchers found that cannabinoid, which is one of marijuana’s active ingredient could protect the brain from injury.

Theorizing that the compound has brain damage protecting properties, the scientists had given more of it to the injured mice and discovered that it could protect their brains from damage.

Brain cancer prevention

You might have also heard how cannabis could help in fighting cancer because it attacks cancer cell and tumor processes without harming good cells.

As to that, chemotherapy is combined with synthetic cannabinoid also to treat appetite loss and nausea.

Alcohol-related brain damage prevention

Marijuana has neuroprotective properties that can prevent brain cell death.   Scientists have been looking into the potentials of cannabis treatment for alcohol abuse that leads to brain damage.

Did you know that alcohol use is even more brain damaging than marijuana?

That’s what the researchers from University of Colorado Boulder’s Department of Psychology and Neuroscience discovered.

According to their findings, drinking alcohol appears to be more harmful to health than cannabis is because the latter poses no significant long-term brain structure effects versus the prior.

Mental function improvement

Interestingly, drivers under cannabis influence are safer than those under the influence of alcohol are.  In addition, MRIs showed no differences even in long-term and heavy cannabis use from the control subjects regarding brain function and effects are only temporary.

Overall mental health function

Study after study has also proven that people have healthier and longer lives with cannabis.

In fact, even you would even notice that they have faster recovery times from any illnesses, performance of adversity and study and greater endurance.

With cannabis from a weed shop, you will gain a more positive life outlook and even greater success on interpersonal activities and tasks.

That not only exercise, meditation and supplements can help achieve these things but also including safe cannabis use.

You might want to consider incorporating marijuana in your daily routine to achieve health and positive mood.

How to Smoke Cannabis and Not Get Addicted to It

You have a wide range of choices for smoking weed at your disposal. Below is only a glimpse of them.

Use vaporiser or other tool

Make use of a vaporizer, which can help you use less of cannabis in getting desired effects.


Vaping is another means of smoking cannabis, which is why vape pens and other supplies can be easily found at a weed shop.

A vaporizer, which is also used in vaping, is a best seller. It works by heating the herb up to a high enough temperature for CBD and THC extraction.


While also a way of smoking cannabis, this method is also used and is associated to shisha smoking.

However, marijuana isn’t commonly smoked using a hookah due to low water content and fast plant burning.

Hand Pipes

You’ll find your friends using these devices more often than not when smoking cannabis.  Reasons for choosing it include size, simplicity and portability. Functionality and decoration are also obvious in the latest models. Some may even disguise the pipes that can imitate objects.

Water Pipes

Next to hand pipes, these water pipes, also called a bong, are available in a wide range of variations, including bubblers and bongs. They are in a wide range of designs and styles.

Rolling Paper

They are used in smoking blunts or joints, which are marijuana rolled on a paper. On the other hand are blunts preferred for their effects and flavor.

Get to know your limitations

The safest way to go about this point is to start low.  You should not ingest too much or else you might have an unpleasant experience.

Stick with your limitations – because only you know how it affects your mind and body. Adjust accordingly.

Be aware of ways that cannabis is affecting you, so you should know your limits.  Skip its use if you have to stay focused and alert and if its use make you feel tired.

Do not use it until you have completed your tasks especially if it is getting in the way of your responsibilities and obligations.

Educate yourself about its effects

If taking other drugs, you should be informed about their contraindications with cannabis.

Short-term effects


Memory problem

Strange behavior




Long-Term Effects

Poor school performance

Lower quality of life

Relationship issues

Financial issues

Antisocial behavior


Opiate abuse development

Impaired thinking

Decline IQ

Read the complete list of effects from the source.

Practice self-control and discipline.

Take a break from it if you’re noticing you need more to achieve desired effects. You may want to stop using for a week or longer.

Choose a wide range of strains to avoid tolerance buildup.

Use high potency strains instead of a weak one to smoke less.

Do not add tobacco

Do not add tobacco to your joint because it can create nicotine dependency.    Rolling and combining the two might make it difficult to cut down on marijuana.

Do not smoke in non-smoking area.

You must be aware of both the setting and your set.  Do not smoke weed in places where it smoking weed is not allowed.

Listen to the advice of others especially if you are exhibiting behaviors, which are make them feel uncomfortable.

Learn about responsible use to prevent abuse.

Cannabis use of minors should be discouraged.

You should know the health risks, your rights and the laws of using cannabis.  Also, learn about its consequences.

Do not operate a vehicle when under the influence for your safety. You must wait for 15 minutes or more before driving. You may also want to do a sobriety test to check your balance and see if you’re impaired or not.

Assess your usage habits and modify your regimen, if needed.

Do not make excuses that you’re tired or too high to perform your task. You should not also blame weed for having lack of control and not achieving your goals. Assess ways you’re using cannabis and modify it to fit your limitations and needs.

Have fun!

Final Thoughts

You can smoke weed without getting addicted to it provided you practice responsible and safe use.   Also, refer to the above guide on ways of smoking weed and tips in consuming it with care.

Hope you find this guide useful on what to learn about how many times to use cannabis, ways to prevent addiction to it and its long-term effects on the brain. So if you’re ready and equipped with needed information, you can start buying your supplies from a reputable weed shop online.

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