What Is Kratom And What Are Its Benefits and Risks?

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What Is Kratom And What Are Its Benefits and Risks?

Kratom leaves have been used at traditional medicine for hundreds of years now. It comes from the plant Mitragyna Speciosa which is a part of the coffee family. It is mainly found and harvested in South East Asia.

It is mainly a nervous system stimulant. Scientists have not exactly been able to discover how Kratom is good or bad for us, but we do know that it has some effect on the mind and the body. For now, the FDA has labeled it as a harmful substance, and it is being banned in most states even now as we speak. Most of what we know is speculation and personal observation. You can also visit BKC to get some more information on this substance, whether is it legal to have kratom in Canada? Even so, we are going to weigh the benefits of Kratom against the Risks, only the ones we know of!

7 Benefits of Kratom

1. Useful Painkiller

A lot of people use Kratom for pain-relieving purposes and these people have firm belief that kratom does wonders for their pain.

The alkaloids we find in Kratom are what are responsible for providing pain relief. The effect is similar to that of morphine and opioids. Unlike those two drugs though, Kratom is not addictive in a debilitating way.

Like marijuana and opioids, it is mostly use for relieving chronic pains associated with diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, back pain, and any kind of neuropathic pain. And just like any other useful painkiller, Kratom is also associated with relieving inflammation that occurs as a result of these diseases as well.

It is interesting to note that Kratom is not approved by the FDA to be prescribed by doctors, so most people who take it do so out of their own willingness.

2. Helps in Relieving Anxiety and Depression

One of the only well-known facts about Kratom includes that it is a psychostimulant. People say that taking kratom helps them to calm their nerves and relax them. Scientists have speculated that maybe the reason for Kratom’s calming effects is that it releases endorphins and serotonin in mind.

The immediate effect that Kratom has on your anxiety is that it can get rid of palpitations, cold sweats, nightmares, etc.

It can relieve anxiety and depression in a generalized manner, but it is noteworthy to see that it can help calm anxiety in social situations as well, making you less awkward. This is probably why it is a popular recreational substance in South East Asia even now.

Because kratom is said to relieve anxiety and depression to some extent, there is no disregarding the fact that it can relieve conditions associated with anxiety and depression as well. These conditions include Panic situations, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and anxiety related to work and study life.

3. Relieves Insomnia

Insomnia is a common symptom of many illnesses, and at the same, it can show up in perfectly healthy people too at times.

One of the most common causes of insomnia is anxiety, and we have already discussed how much kratom can be beneficial for anxiety!

Kratom, taken in moderate to high doses, has a sedative-like effect on the body, which means that it will relax you and put you right to sleep.

So if you ever have trouble sleeping before a big event or are just cannot seem to fall asleep no matter what you do, you might want to take a hit of Kratom.

4. Elevates Your Mood

One of the effects of Kratom that everyone who has taken it talks about is that it can fix your mood right up. So whether you are sad, angry, agitated, or frustrated, a little hit of Kratom can put your mind back in order. Many people say that Kratom makes them happy and imparts feelings of pleasure as well.

Again, you must keep in mind that you only need a minor or low dose of Kratom to fix your mood. A bigger dose might give you’re a feeling of euphoria, or it can outright knock you out, depending on what strain you use!

5. Boosts your Energy Output (Sexual Energy Included!)

Field workers in Asia are often seen taking Kratom leaves. On further inspection, it was found that these people take kratom leaves to increase their energy level for the days work. Did it work for them? According to the workers, Kratom has been working for them for hundreds of years so why shouldn’t it now?

One of the metabolic effects of kratom did show that it can increase energy output and make you stronger in the field as well. It does so by improving the circulation of blood in the body and providing a burst of energy.

This reason is quite possibly why people have assumed that kratom works very well for diseases that cause chronic fatigue as well.

6. Boost your sexual functions

Kratom is getting an increasingly positive reputation also for its sex enhancement abilities. It not only relaxes your brain which is clearly a favourable effect, but  also it boost sensitivity, awareness, and better sexual response.

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7. Helps Overcome Other Addictions

One of the most coveted benefits of kratom include that it is excellent for oveercoming other forms of addiction. We have already discussed how kratom has a similar effect on the mind and body as opioids but without the debilitating side effects and potential for addiction.

So it was noted that if opioid users slowly start replacing their opioid dosage with that of kratom, they could stop their addiction without facing very harsh withdrawal symptoms. This benefit is one that advocates of kratom talk about the most.

Some scientists decided to dig a little further and found out that opioids can have a similar effect on addicts of other drugs as well.

8. Helps You Focus

Ever felt like you just cannot get your mind to focus on your work or studies? If so then you might benefit from a small intake of kratom as well.

People who use Kratom and its advocates have suggested that a small dose before beginning to work or study helps them keep their mind in focus. The chemicals in our mind that mostly contribute to this unwavering focus are a surge of acetylcholine, and dopamine and serotonin.

What are the Risks of Using Kratom?

1. Not Enough Research on the Substance

Moving on to the risks, we can safely say that the biggest issue with kratom is that there is not enough research to back up any of its benefits. All we can rely on are personal observations and speculations, maybe some small-scale studies as well.

So in the scenario that kratom became free to use for everyone and then it was discovered that its ill-effects are extremely harsh, getting it off the market will be quite the task.

2. Not All Suppliers are Reliable

Kratom has some different strains, and few people are aware of all of it. So it is possible that you ask for one and are handed something entirely different. Since there isn’t too much awareness on the substance, there will be no way for you to know for sure!

Another problem with Kratom is that it has a fairly high potential for contamination. There was an outbreak of kratom-associated salmonella which supposedly hospitalized around 50 people in Nigeria, and this happened only last year.

Perhaps the main reason why the FDA is not approving Kratom as a medicinal substance is that it can easily be contaminated and then sold by suppliers to fool the public.

It can work so well, that it becomes addictive

So we are all aware of the fact that Kratom has opioid-like effects on the brain. Earlier we discussed how that is great for relieving addiction, but it is not all flowers and candy. Since you will be taking Kratom to relieve one addiction, you will probably be addicted to Kratom itself.

Now, we can argue that addiction to Kratom isn’t nearly as awful as addiction to opioids. But this means that if someone begins taking Kratom in high doses, they can easily become addicted to it as well.

People who speak against Kratom have also suggested that the opioid-like effects of Kratom occur because Kratom is a type of opioid itself. Again, not much can be said about this but can all agree that the effects of the substance have not fully come to light yet.

Side Effects

Just like all other substances which affect your mind and claim to be medicinal, Kratom also has some side effects. The most common short-term side effects of Kratom include nausea, vomiting, palpitations, drowsiness, itching, and loss of appetite. Less common symptoms include hallucinations and seizures as well.

Kratom also has a large number of withdrawal symptoms associated with it, including muscle aches, irritability, insomnia, and aggression.

Bigger Problems in the Long Run

Long-term uses of Kratom pose a large number of problems for an individual’s future. Some of these problems include loss of appetite, the potential of developing eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bad skin conditions, extreme weight loss, and painful bowel movements.


There is no doubt about the fact that kratom is a potent substance and has a large number of effects on the human mind and body. However, no one is entirely sure of what these effects are because there is little to no hard evidence to support anything. We only suggest that if people do plan on taking Kratom, which they do so only in moderate and low doses.


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