8 Ways Yoga Can Help to Tame Your Drug Addictions And Activate Your Inner Strength

By Patrick Banks

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How yoga can help you tame your drug addications and bring more inner streght

Yoga is one of the most used meditative practices in the world, and for good reason- it has numerous proven mental and physical health benefits for those who practice it and it is no wonder it has become so popular for centuries. This article will take you through the benefits of yoga to recover your body from drug abuse and never have to deal with drug testing again.

While there are many options for drug abuse recovery, some quite effective, both patients and those who treat them are continuously looking to better alternatives. Traditional drug treatment methods can be improved or complemented with non- traditional therapeutic methods such as yoga.

Yoga provides a more holistic approach to drug abuse treatment and recovery targeting the physical, mental, emotional, and social. All which contribute to drug problems.

Benefits of practising asanas (yoga poses) on regular bases are quite well known- nicely shape body, flexibility, more inner peace and healthy calmness, nice visual experiences of interacting with women in sexy yoga pants… 😉

But how can you use yoga to recover your body from drug abuse?

1. Physical Pain Relief

Physical pain is common with people who are recovering and withdrawing from drug addiction and yoga is very helpful in alleviating pain and laying physical and mental conditions for the body to deal with this pain.

Sometimes, it is the physical or mental pain which leads people to relapse or us become dependent on drugs in the first place and can result in strong cravings for drugs.

Sustained yoga practice makes you more flexible and physically strong by strengthening muscles, skeletal posture and your mind. They say healthy body healthy mind for a reason!

2. Mental Well Being

One of the biggest challenges of overcoming addictions or abuse is the mental struggle and the ability to hack your brain to overcome the problem mentally. Your own brain is the key for your recovery.

Drugs use influences the way the brain functions and yoga has been found to help with brain repair and setting it into a healthy mode. Oftentimes mental problems and anxieties put us into developing addictions, so tackle them first through a healthy practice, will give the necessary inner strength to solve the issues which put us into addictions and later fight against our unhealthy habits.

Studies have shown an increase in the levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in yoga practitioners. Our brain uses GABA as weapon to control anxiety and stress – so common with people recovering.

3. Sexual Energy Boost

And I don’t only speak about a sexy toned body you achieve through practicing asanas on a regular base.

When you continue working on yourself through yoga, meditation and practicing everyday mindfulness, not only your life becomes more joyfully peaceful, but your sexual energy raises too. It’s damn attractive! Plus, isn’t better to use your fire in bedroom instead of burring it in your addictions??

4. Stress Reduction 

Yoga was designed to make people chill. All the asanas practiced in special, fun and engaging combination are the ultimate defense and cure for stress.

Yoga works on your breathing and mental state and calms you down, it relaxes emotions and generally leaves you in a state of calm and relaxation devoid of stress. This relaxing and calming effect helps deal with and prevent the psychological distress that may be experienced during recovery.

5. Anxiety and Emotional Stability

Yoga deals with anxiety and emotional issues which are a must for those recovering from drug abuse. Drug abuse manipulates the ability to control emotions and impulses as well as making clear decisions. Yoga heals the brain and helps to heal emotional functioning and boost the ability to control anxiety.

6. Better Self-control And Self-discipline

As much as drug abuse is triggered by so many issues, self-discipline and self-control play a big part in whether someone will abuse drugs or not.  Yoga gives you the mental fortitude to face challenges and problems without necessarily resorting to drugs and for recovery, the strength and clarity to stay the course to be clean and healthy.

7. Inner Peace

Mental serenity is important for recovery from drug abuse but even more important is inner peace. Yoga is a quick route to inner peace for those who are recovering from drug use. It promotes mindfulness which leads to a sense of inner peace.

8. Better Sleep and Appetite

Sleep problems especially insomnia and a lack of appetite are common during drug use and during withdrawal. Yoga helps to put sleep patterns back on track and to boost appetite because of the physical aspect and energy increase as well as the mental clarity it brings.


Yoga as a great component for drug abuse recovery and treatment- it fights the effects of drug withdrawal and cravings to reduce and prevent a relapse.  Yoga touches on all aspects of one’s being: emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual and has a comforting and healing effect on all these spheres of human life.

Use these benefits of yoga to recover your body from drug abuse. But before that, there need to check up the body first from any diagnostic center like Test Country.

Yoga encourages one to focus inward which enhances more self-awareness. Recovering from drug abuse is one of the most difficult and testing endeavor- it is very stressful and since yoga is an effective method of coping with stress, it is a great and effective tool to help with drug abuse recovery.

About the author Patrick Banks

Patrick is a Berlin-based dating advisor, motivational speaker, a huge fitness and vegan diet enthusiast and the main editor at Wingman Magazine, specialised in men's health. His ultimate goal is to share with men around the world his passion for self-development and to help them to become the greatest version of themselves. He believes a healthy body and successful social interactions are two main keys to happiness.

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