10 Best Career Choices for Millennial Men

By Patrick Banks

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Millennials are a unique generation in so many different ways, but especially when it comes to their way of choosing (or building) their career path. For many ambitious millennials, it’s not just about putting food on the table or finding a stable source of income.
10 Best Career Choices for Millennial Men

It’s about the core values their employer stands for and the perks beyond the salary. Choosing a suitable career is a much more intricate process for a millennial, precisely because they don’t settle.

As for the gentlemen in this generation, they have specific preferences that are slowly reshaping the market, too. Here, we’ll list a few of the most sought-after positions that millennial men want, and what makes them so attractive.

Setting out on your own

Millennial men appreciate certain perks of modern life, including diversity, innovation, and competitiveness. That said, many millennial men will set out on their own precisely because they already have the right blend of managerial skills to run their own company and they have an innovative idea to match. Entrepreneurship among millennial men is soaring, and in the years to come, many more are expected to come up with their own unique business ventures.

Thanks to the ability to work from anywhere and the changing laws of international collaboration (which is more empowered than ever), millennials are eager to try their hand at entrepreneurship. If you enjoy being in charge and you have an idea that fits your target market, you can build your own career as an entrepreneur in whichever industry you choose.

Becoming a first responder

The pandemic has changed all of our lives in so many ways. One thing is for certain: we have come to appreciate and value healthcare workers more than ever, and many millennial men have noticed that this is the kind of calling that matches their values. The desire to help those who need it most and the need for constant learning and improvement are some of the most common traits in millennial men that take this road.

From EMTs all the way to firefighters and police officers, first responders are the first on the line and they have highly stressful jobs. However, the reward that comes with these positions is what makes all the effort worth while for a millennial man that wants to make a difference.

Entering the digital marketing world

Once more, the pandemic has affected how we perceive life and different brands. Ever since so many companies have had to shift to online sales, they’ve also had an increased need to master the art of online marketing to position themselves properly. Millennials, who are by nature tech-savvy and active participants in the online world find this an easy place to thrive.

Marketing managers are typically creative, take-charge people that savor the fast-paced life of marketing, which is why so many millennial men find themselves gravitating towards this position.

Taking over the realm of finances

Financial assistants, analysts, bookkeepers, and accountants, among other finance-related positions will grow more popular among millennial men in the near future. With more entrepreneurs on the horizon and existing businesses needing help to adapt their budgets properly and ensure stable cash flow, men with the right bachelor’s degree or university business courses in finances will be a true asset.

In addition to being a well-paid occupation and a solid career opportunity on its own, being a financial analyst can also be a lucrative freelancing opportunity for the modern man that wants more freedom in choosing his clients.

Pediatrics and emergency care

As highly emphatic people vested in the wellbeing of humanity, it’s only natural to expect that so many millennial men want to work with kids and help them get better. They even do their best to keep up with the latest emergency and life support care techniques by taking up various courses, including advanced cardiac life support.

Thankfully, men who want to get certified and help even while the pandemic is still ongoing, there’s the option of getting PALS certified online to start working sooner rather than later. Medical technicians in this field learn to react quickly and save children’s lives, thus making this calling a perfect match for what millennials value in life.

Freelancing at its best

Combining a range of different skills, the freedom to work from anywhere, the ability to move and work as a digital nomad – all of these and many other perks of freelancing appeal to the modern millennial man. Millennials are known for their love of independence and flexibility, and since many brands have yet to hop on that particular bandwagon, men of this generation choose to rather create their own professional path with the help of freelancing platforms in their skill range.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a designer, a business consultant, a virtual assistant, or a therapist, providing your services online and via a multitude of platforms is becoming more popular by the day.

App development on the rise

Wherever you look, there’s yet another business, be it a hotel, a transportation service, a medical facility, or a marketing expert, wanting to offer a customized, branded app for their customers and potential clients. That’s why one of the most promising programming jobs includes app development, and many men will strive to join an existing IT business to do just that.

Men with strong collaboration skills and experience in data analytics can be very successful in this profession, provided that they know the essential programming languages for the job.

Working in fitness

From world-renowned and innovative fitness philosophies all the way to working one-on-one with people who need rehabilitation, fitness instructors are definitely in need everywhere. Millennial men, being so deeply vested in the notion of health and independence have a tendency to find themselves precisely in this type of a career.

Whether you obtain a globally recognized certificate in fitness or you build your own program from scratch, you can certainly grow as a fitness professional in 2021 and beyond.

Some of the listed jobs ensure greater security in terms of finances and perks, but others come with growth opportunities that many millennial men cannot resist. It’s about finding the balance that resonates with you and that provides you with the right stability in your life, as well as a quality of existence that fills your life with meaning and substance. Luckily, the listed occupations and career directions ensure just that – the rest is up to you!

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