13 of the Best Jobs for the Socially Awkward

By Patrick Banks

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It seems like every position requires notorious skills, such as communication and teamwork, to gain credence on equal footing with other professionals. As a result, you begin to think that you are too socially awkward to get a job.

But this is a mistaken belief. The modern labor market offers many up-close opportunities for introverts. Our helpful guide will show you the best careers that can unlock your potential in a comfortable working environment. 

How to choose the best jobs for socially awkward people?

The job search is greatly simplified if you know for sure what you are looking for. This applies to both the field of expertise and working conditions since your self-realization is possible only if you feel at ease.

Our tips will help you identify the main criteria for jobs for the socially awkward. Keep them in mind when scrolling job boards or preparing for an interview with another potential employer.

  • Ability to work solitarily or remotely. Continuous interaction is a stressful and exhausting process for introverts. They consume too much energy holding a conversation, finding the right words, and choosing their behavioral pattern, negatively affecting their productivity. Therefore, your perfect job should protect you from external stimuli. Consider work from home options or make sure the company gives you access to a secluded workplace away from noisy coworkers.
  • Independence. Suitable jobs for socially awkward people do not involve frequent meetings and brainstorming. But this does not mean that you must avoid all project activities. Instead, choose a role that allows you to perform everyday duties on your own and provides a progress report in a predetermined time frame. Thus, you will contribute to the common cause without active interaction.
  • Loyal leadership. Before accepting a cooperation offer, make sure that your potential employer knows your solitary work style and will create the necessary conditions for unlocking your potential. For this purpose, tell about your social interaction problem in a cover letter or at the interview after describing your professional value. It will help you put things right and avoid future misunderstandings.

Good jobs for the socially awkward

Ty Tashiro, author of “Awkward: The Science of Why We’re Socially Awkward and Why That’s Awesome,” proves that people with social anxiety espouse a cause and focus on labour-intensive practical tasks better. Their dislike of small talks forces them to pass from words to deeds and maintain high productivity. Such characteristics are worth its weight in gold in many professions. And here, we have collected only a small part of the best jobs for introverts with anxiety.

1.  Writer

The writer position has a number of advantages. First, you can work on gigs remotely and control your schedule. Second, you cooperate with one specific customer and not with a group of stakeholders. Third, the communication process is carried out mainly through e-mail or instant messengers, which allows you to stay in your comfort bubble. To get started, you will need solid grammar, writing skills, and research abilities.

2. Social Media Manager

Social media managers ensure the presence and promotion of a brand in the online space. For this purpose, they study the target audience, develop a content plan, and launch advertising campaigns. A suitable candidate for this position has marketing awareness, analytical skills, and creative thinking. This work allows you to make decisions on your own and perform everyday duties without third party intervention.

3. Animal Caregiver

Unlike stressful communication with people, interaction with animals has a soothing effect on socially awkward people. You can try your hand as a dog walker, which is an accessible job option even for teenagers or get a degree for a veterinarian position that opens up a broad career and financial prospects.

4. Accountant

Ty Tashiro, mentioned above, proved that socially awkward people often excel in mathematics since they have developed attention to detail for complex calculations. The position of accountant, in this case, is an excellent opportunity to monetize your skills. You will have minimal interaction with people and spend your working day studying the company’s financial data and compiling spreadsheets and detailed reporting.

5.  Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create individual visual concepts for print or digital products. They are in demand among a wide range of employees, including publishing houses, advertising agencies, and IT companies. The main requirements for job seekers are an aesthetic sense, advanced computer skills, and creative thinking. This work requires maximum focus on producing unique and practical ideas. Therefore, you can count on a secluded workplace.

Want more information about this profession? Check our Guide on How to become a professional designer.

6.  Artist

Artists turn a blank canvas into a piece of art, conveying their vision to the audience. Often they are self-employed specialists who cooperate with galleries to promote their work. The advantage of this professional path is complete privacy that allows you to focus on your feelings and thoughts. However, be prepared to go the extra mile to achieve stable earnings.

7.  Transcriptionist 

A transcriptionist translates audio and video files into text format. It is an ideal first job because employers rarely pay attention to your education and track record. However, your success depends directly on your listening skills, attention to detail, and fluency in one or more languages. To get your first assignments, you just need to register on a specialized platform and complete the test assignment.

8. Software Engineer

This is one of the most sought-after and highest-paid professions in the IT industry. It requires at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field and outstanding math and statistical analysis knowledge. Although software engineers are often involved in project activities, they spend their workdays alone, focusing on developing and testing software and installing new systems.

9. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketers increase sales of goods without direct interaction with potential buyers. They select thematic platforms with a suitable audience, create short texts reminiscent of user advice or insider feedback, and insert a link to the product for a quick purchase. The more people use your unique link for purchases, the higher your earnings. This occupation offers remote collaboration and a flexible schedule.

10. Astronomer

Astronomers study celestial bodies, create innovative scientific theories, and sustain them in the research works. This job requires a Ph.D. in Astronomy, analytical thinking, and technical awareness. In exchange for this, you gain access to solitary work in the laboratory and observatory as well as a unique opportunity to contribute to scientific progress.

11. Truck Driver

If you have a commercial driver’s license and physical endurance, feel free to apply for the truck driver position. These professionals haul cargo between cities and countries, which allows them to spend many hours alone with their thoughts on the road.

12.  Data Entry Operator

Your accuracy, perseverance, and attention to detail can help you build a career as a data entry operator. These specialists transfer essential information of organizations in electronic format, verify the validity and completeness of the data, and ensure their safe storage. You can either choose part-time employment or work on gigs for customers around the world. In both cases, you work from home at your own pace.

13. Researcher

Researchers can be involved in various industries, including marketing, medicine, sociology, and even politics. Their primary mission is to provide all the necessary information for decision-making. For this purpose, they organize and conduct quantitative and qualitative studies, interpret the obtained data, and deliver detailed reporting on their findings. Employers are willing to provide researchers with a quiet working environment, as any external stimuli can negatively affect the results.

Wrap Up

Job searches can be a challenge for socially awkward people, but only if they are obsessed with their weaknesses. Yes, maybe you are not good at networking and maybe constant calls on Skype with colleagues cause you stress. But this does not detract from your professional value. The only thing that can really interfere with your career is your self-doubt. Therefore, focus on your education, qualifications, personal qualities, and other strengths that show your true value for your chosen role. Remember, if you know why they should hire you, your solitary work style will definitely not become an obstacle to your employment.

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