9 Tips So Effective You Won’t Ever Smoke Another Damn Cig

By Patrick Banks

Posted 3 years agoHEALTH

Smoking is a lifestyle vice that does no good to anyone who does it and even to those who don’t but hang out with smokers. In a nutshell, you purchase a pack of cigarettes which is not at all cheap, and then you inhale the nicotine ingested cigarette stick and wake up the sleeping cancer cells in your body. Technically, you are paying for your serious health problems and the only ones getting rich are the manufacturers of these evil little sticks.

Sounds terrible, right? Nothing is lost! Quitting smoking may be easier than you expect.

You don’t necessarily need to quit smoking at the first attempt. You can go back and back again to smoking especially if you give in to the smallest of temptations. Don’t chastise yourself. This is normal. The important thing is that you are willing to try and try again.

Quitting may not be successful in your chosen strategies. This is why you have other options to try and see what will work so you can completely turn against smoking. Try and try again. Do a trial and error on what strategy would best work for you.

1. Start meditation

Meditation is a form of relaxation by clearing the mind and focusing on the good vibes. There are many forms of meditation. You can meditate by simply sitting down and clearing your mind. This way, you can start controlling yourself and prevent yourself from smoking. Meditation is also one way to take your mind off smoking.

2. Distract yourself from smoking

The art of distraction – one of the best ways to divert your attention from your focus. It can be applicable and helpful to quit smoking too. When you feel the urge to smoke, find something that could distract your attention. For instance, go on a run or do some exercise. These are short term action plans to divert your mind from smoking when you feel the sudden urge.

Long-term action plans to completely distract yourself from smoking is to form a hobby on other things that you can do when you feel like smoking. For instance, you can start a hobby on your interests. It could be the art of music – when you feel the urge to smoke, you can divert your attention to these interests to keep your mind from flying to cigarettes again.

3. Try e-cigarettes

Even though quitting smoking by actually smoking something else may seem a little weird, maybe this method will actually work best for you. There is a variety of quality e-cigarettes to choose from, which makes this method pleasant and worth trying. Researchers from Queen Mary University of London have proven that the benefits of e-cigarettes outweigh potential harms, and are definitely lower than smoking tobacco.

4. Make new non-smoking friends

Peer pressure is one of the major factors why people smoke. When you hang out with smokers, chances are you will be tempted to smoke too. Even if you don’t, you are still exposed to second-hand smoking which is worse. On the other hand, if you hang out with non-smoking friends, you will most likely not feel the cravings because your friends will not tempt you to smoke.

Your friends can also control your smoking by advising you against it. Hanging out with non-smoking friends also mean that when you go out, they will stay in a ‘No Smoking’ area which is one way to control you’re from lighting a cigarette.

5. Chew gum

Studies show that chewing gum is one of the effective ways to divert your attention from lighting a cigarette. This is because your mouth is already active from chewing and most of the time; this is why you feel the urge to smoke – so that your mouth has something to do.

Some smokers claim that chewing gum resembles smoking in many ways, which is why they use it to distract themselves from lighting a cigarette. Chewing gum can divert your attention from smoking, but don’t forget to brush your teeth afterwards too.

6. Take a break

Sometimes, the idea of quitting your smoking vice terrifies you, especially when you hear stories of people who had a hard time and even claimed that they got sick when they quit smoking. This is to tell you that it is not true. Quitting and the adverse effects are all psychological. Try taking a break from smoking.

Control yourself and try not lighting a cigarette for one day or two, and see for yourself that it is not so bad. Then, when you have surpassed the first two days, try extending that to a few more days. You will notice that your breathing will be a lot clearer and there will even be an improvement in your voice.

7. Eat more fruits and veggies

Fruits and vegetables are not only known to keep your body healthy and strong. They are also known to help you quit smoking. Citrus fruits that have antioxidants can help flush out the nicotine from your body. Nicotine has been proven to be the reason why you feel the constant urge to smoke. If you have less or no nicotine from your body, the urges will not be as often anymore.

You can also choose to eat fruits rather than lighting a smoke. This can help divert your attention from smoking. Plus, fruits don’t really go with cigarettes so you can easily focus your attention on eating and forget the smoking altogether.

8. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol and cigarettes are best buddies and they often go together. If you notice, a good percentage of people who drink alcohol often are also smokers. For some reason, alcohol will have a better effect on them if they light a cigarette.

Thus, one way to avoid lighting a cigarette is to also avoid alcohol. Drinking is a lot easier to control because alcohol is relatively more expensive than cigarettes. If you avoid drinking, then you can also avoid smoking.

9. Choose your reward

You can do it, but first, you really need to truly believe in your success. Just like dieting tips, when you are able to discipline yourself, you should also reward yourself. This is one good motivation for you to start an endeavor. Give yourself a schedule or a strategy and if you are able to accomplish this strategy, choose your reward after.

Rewarding yourself can prompt you to test your limits and see how long you can go without smoking. When you get to discipline yourself, eventually quitting will not be so hard anymore.

Smoking has a huge impact on your oral health, which magnifies its impact on your life. Apart from cancer and other lung problems that you will quite possibly develop from smoking, there’s also the issue of how nicotine rots your teeth. Nicotine causes tooth decay which will deteriorate your teeth and lead to oral and dental problems.Teeth deterioration is also not good for orthodontics and if you have braces or in the process of improving your teeth.

Terrified yet? There’s no other way but to quit smoking.  It is a healthy choice for your overall well-being. When you quit smoking, it will noticeably improve your sense of smell, prevent sinus and throat problems, make you look younger and stress-free, and generally make you look brighter and healthier. So quit this unhealthy vice today and move forward to a healthier lifestyle and a healthy set of teeth.

About the author Patrick Banks

Patrick is a Berlin-based dating advisor, motivational speaker, a huge fitness and vegan diet enthusiast and the main editor at Wingman Magazine, specialised in men's health. His ultimate goal is to share with men around the world his passion for self-development and to help them to become the greatest version of themselves. He believes a healthy body and successful social interactions are two main keys to happiness.

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