How E-Cigarettes and Vaping Are Healthier Alternative to Smoking

By Patrick Banks

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Smoking has been around for decades, raking havoc in smokers’ health, leaving second-hand smoke and attaining the rank of the leading cause of preventable deaths. That was until about a decade ago when vaping was accepted as a societal norm in many countries. With the increasing adoption of e-cigarettes, there have been hundreds of studies conducted by scientists around the world, and most of them have come to the same conclusion; vaping is far less dangerous compared to smoking.

However, most opponents of vaping legalization have presented so many myths concerning vaping that they have demonized a pretty safe alternative to smoking. Here are some ways in which e-liquids are safer for your health than cigarette smoking.

1. Fewer harmful chemicals

There are thousands of chemicals included in a single cigarette; most of them harmful to our bodies. Some of the well-known toxic chemicals include Benzene, 4-aminobiphenyl, Cadmium, beryllium, polonium-210, and Arsenic. Most of these chemicals are missing from e-liquids.

The total number of chemicals used to make a cigarette is more than 7000, which is a high number in itself. But the fact that most of those chemicals have adverse effects on both the human body and the environment is what makes smoking so dangerous. Some of these ingredients that are in cigarettes but are absent from vaping fluids have been known to increase the risk of stomach cancer and other severe medical conditions.

Although the number of harmful chemicals in e-liquids varies from brand to brand, they are made of way fewer chemicals and thus have fewer toxic chemicals. Major health institutions such as Public Health England have even boldly declared than vaping is at least 95 percent safer than smoking.

2. Absence of tar prevents cardiovascular conditions

Although cigarettes have a high number of chemicals, that is not their most harmful aspect. The smoke produced during combustion is far more damaging to your health and the environment as well.

Smoke is harmful, regardless of how it is produced or processed. Since combustion is a big part of smoking, there are many chemicals needed to facilitate the process, and this increases the number of harmful byproducts contained in cigarette smoke. Tar, the most toxic of these products, causes lung cancer and other respiratory complications.

When you inhale the smoke, the tar is taken directly to the lungs, where it can cause fatal damages if it is left to accumulate over many years of smoking. The tar covers the lungs impending their functioning and causing permanent damage to lung tissue.

What makes e-liquids safer than cigarette smoke is that they don’t require combustion. The byproduct of vaping is an aerosol which looks like dense water vapor. The vapor has no health effects, which is why most countries that have strict smoking bans on various places still allow vaping in public places.

3. Tobacco addiction prevention/elimination

Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable deaths in most countries since most smokers are addicted to nicotine and cannot stop smoking despite the harmful side-effects it has on their health. This is why there are so many institutions working towards helping smokers quit smoking and spreading awareness on the negative effects of the habit on smokers and those around them.

E-liquids combat this problem by making it possible to control the amount of nicotine you inhale. This helps smokers quit smoking by gradually reducing the amount of tobacco they inhale until they reach a point when they can go without nicotine.

There are many review websites designed to help you choose the best e-liquid for you. A good example is E Cigarette Reviews UK. The UK companies listed on this website are the leading producers of high-quality e-liquids and are an excellent place to start for people venturing into vaping.

4. E-liquids are safer for sick people

Sick people almost always have a low tolerance for more harmful substances being introduced into their bodies. This is the main reason why doctors advise most patients to reduce the number of smokes they consume during their recovery period.

Due to tar and other harmful byproducts of cigarettes carried by second-hand smoke, smoking while sick can aggravate your symptoms making your condition worse, or even cause fatal reactions to your body, especially if you are suffering from a respiratory disease. Also, not all medicines work well with drugs, and so smoking may reduce the effectiveness of medication and make you stay sick for longer.

On the other hand, vaping is relatively safer than smoking for people suffering from diseases. The vapor inhaled while vaping is relatively harmless and shouldn’t deteriorate your health when you are unwell. Using e-liquids gives you a safe way to consume tobacco without putting your health at risk.

5. E-liquids are better for your oral health

Your mouth is the first place that comes into contact with the smoke and vapor from smoking and vaping, respectively. This means that it handles the largest volume of smoke and vapor and thus suffers more from their effects.

As soon as you start smoking, your teeth become the first victims. Tar and other invasive chemicals in smoke start piling up on your teeth, causing bad breath and leaving yellow stains that are difficult to get rid of. The chemicals also weaken your enamel, which is the protective layer that safeguards teeth against harm. This leaves your teeth susceptible to cracking and bacterial infections, which later leads to teeth rot. In the long run, smoking will leave your teeth very sensitive and uncomfortable and put you at a higher risk of contracting oral cancer.

On the other hand, e-liquids pose a lower threat to your oral health. Due to the absence of tar and many of the harmful chemicals in smoke, its effects on your teeth can take very long to manifest or leave permanent damage to your teeth. Furthermore, practicing daily oral hygiene can prevent you from suffering from the long-term effects of vaping on oral health such as periodontal disease.

6. Getting rid of second-hand smoke

Although most cigarette users are aware of its effects on their health, very few of them ever stop and think about the impact of their smoking on the people around them.

Second-hand smoke is the smoke released by a smoker when smoking, and while many people think that it is safer than what the smoker inhales, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Although there is a lower amount of nicotine, there are high amounts of tar and all the other harmful byproducts of cigarette combustion in the smoke. This puts everyone who inhales the smoke in danger of suffering health complications that they didn’t sign up for. This is the main reason why smoking is prohibited in public places.

Vaping, on the other hand, is far safer for the people around us. The vapor produced has minimal effect on the people around us, and this has led many governments to allow vaping even in public places. However, before you go on lighting your next vape pen, ensure that the people around you are comfortable with it first, or else you risk getting some very awkward looks.

7. Smoking slows wound healing

Scientists have long recognized the relationship between cigarette smoking and delayed wound healing. This effect comes from some harmful chemicals in the smoke, which includes hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide, and nicotine.

To understand how your wound healing is affected by smoking, you have to keep in mind that the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream decreases with every puff of smoke you inhale. Without sufficient oxygen, the brain has to prioritize its oxygen use around the body, and sadly, blood clotting and scar tissue formation are not high on the priority list. This slows down wound closing and increases the risk of infection and permanent scarring. The effects are can be fatal during surgery where wound healing is crucial to a successful procedure.

E-liquids are not as invasive to our blood and have minimal effects on our wound healing abilities. People who vape have no problem with wound healing, and can even vape before or after a minor surgery without risking their lives.

8. Winning the case over smokes

Although they have been around for many years, e-cigarettes continue to be a mystery for many. Even as many people around the world continue searching for answers regarding vaping, leading scientists around the world have repeatedly repeated that e-cigarettes are the better of two evils.

To say that they don’t have their downsides is a blatant lie. But in most cases, the adverse effects of vaping on both your health and the environment is pretty inconsequential considered to the many damaging effects of smoking.

For smokers, it is wiser to take the high road and ditch your next smoke for a vape-pen, not only will you spend less in the long run, but you will also stay healthier for longer. On the other hand, abstaining from all contact with tobacco is the safest option and should be your default choice if you aren’t already vaping or smoking.

The Impact of E-cigarettes, Juling and Vaping on the Societies

From their advent, E-Cigarettes and vaping modules (mods) had a generally warm reception among smokers, as well as those looking for a gentle transition away from cigarettes and nicotine altogether.

While there was some disagreement in the scientific community, some were content to count the blessing in the possibility of second-hand smoke reduction. Others were happy at the emergence of more and possibly safer options for their cigarette smoking family members. Overall most reputable institutions, such us Public Health England has shared their opinion on “e-cigarettes” and finds them to be 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes!

This timid discourse on the pros and cons of electronic nicotine delivery systems took a sharp turn with the introduction of vaping and advanced personal vaporizers (more commonly known as PVs), particularly among younger adults. Where you have to load your e-cigarette with cartridges manufactured by tobacco companies, vape pens bring variety and excitement in the form of e-liquids, whose flavors and compositions vary greatly between brands and manufacturers. With the sudden boom in interest from the youth community came studies suggesting that vaping could be far safer than conventional cigarette smoking, leading further to the rising popularity of personal vaporizers in the public and in the media.

In light of growing interest, the vape industry went on to take their products a step further, introducing modified personal vaporizers (or mods) offering user-specified flexibility and customization not only with inputs, wattage and voltage settings, but also with components themselves. Vaping captured the interest of smokers looking to quit or reduce the probability of cancer, but also smokers seeking the best, most satisfying smoking experience available. It offered a stylish, nuanced and discreet alternative to traditional smoking that drew more interest from new and old smokers than e-cigarettes could ever draw on their own.

When the technology required to analyze and research the effects of cigarettes and tobacco smoking over the long term was not yet invented, they were thoroughly glamorized on the screen, in television and over the radio. Such ads and celebrity endorsements even managed to appear in some magazines and comic books. As we gain the ability to document and study cigarettes and  their relation to lung cancer, the pervasive glamorizing is steadily losing traction.  This is particularly true in digital media and among young adults, which can likely be attributed to the new fleeting word of mouth courtesy of social media.

However, the fascination with vaping and personal vaporizers runs much deeper; having already passed the test of scientific scrutiny on a number of occasions, vaping has gone on to win over enthusiasts with interests entirely unrelated to smoking and nicotine consumption. Employing specific elements of chemistry, physics and mathematics, the process of perfecting one’s personal vaping experience is deeply involved and allows personalization for each user.

Marketing And Competition

Perhaps the catchiest new addition in the vaping world is the growing phenomenon of competitive vaping (known commonly as “cloud chasing”, or stunt vaping). This lively pastime has proven to be an incredibly impressive marketing gimmick, drawing media attention and sparking public interest via the subsequent circulation of print or web coverage. Competitions are usually bundled in during vape conventions featuring models, guest speakers and giveaways, making media coverage doubly effective as a promotional medium.

Competitive vaping has also proven to be a potent marketing strategy to drive consumers and purchases. With rookie and veteran vapers alike continually experimenting with new setups, endless component combinations are used in hopes of blowing away competition. Contestants are offered recognition, merchandise and even cash prizes depending on the conditions or sponsors of an event.

The object of the competition is to blow as large a cloud of vapor as possible as far as possible, thereby showcasing the power and expert tuning of each participant’s modified vaporizer setup. This has done quite a bit to raise an interest among fans of mechanical or technological interests (computers and automobiles, for instance). The detail-oriented complexity of creating the perfect vape has proven to be a sustainable and rewarding fascination for vape hobbyists and enthusiasts.

Overall Reception

Although vaping and vape culture is in its infancy in terms of distribution and popularity in society, it is safe to say there are a number of  differences that distance the devices from their more infamous predecessors in the minds of the public and mainstream media.

There is no knee-jerk word association between vaping and lung cancer as there is a healthy amount of studies and advocacy on both sides of the argument. While time will bring further research into just how much better vaping is than smoking in terms of personal and public health risks, many are content knowing that existing studies affirm marginal improvement. We may finally have a solution to the scourge of second-hand smoke.

There have been no allegations of industry-wide dealings in the form of sponsorships and donations to political action committees, lobbies or film companies to peddle influence or indoctrinate impressionable minors. Due to diligent regulation, vaping is an activity adults must decide to take up on their own due to the sheer number of components in a vaping setup, all of which cannot be purchased without satisfying minimum age requirements.

Another difference is the reception of vape culture by celebrities and the mainstream media. Where there was a unified push against conventional cigarette smoking and the tobacco industry’s grip on advertising and the courts, there was a generally positive reception to vaping.

Several celebrities have taken up the alternative, and others use vaping to help quit any cigarette smoking. Others have gone so far as to invest in companies in a show of appreciation for helping them curb what they view as a self-destructive habit.

While only time will tell the future perception of vaping, there is certainly enough at present to positively distinguish vaping from cigarette smoking. It is an interesting alternative, an exciting hobby and a unique lifestyle that has captured the interest of many, and likely will not be going away` anytime soon.

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  1. Over the past few years, there has been a lot of debate and misinformation surrounding vaping. No matter the noise bordering vaping, let’s not fail to remember that vaping has actually been proven to be one of the most reliable methods to give up smoking. As a matter of fact, it is 60 percent much more efficient than various other methods such as the use of nicotine gum, spots, or going cold turkey.

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