How to Quit Smoking for Good This Time: 11 Tricks So Effective You Won’t Ever Smoke Another Damn Cig

By Patrick Banks

Posted 3 years agoHEALTH



About 42,000 people die every year from second-hand smoke. The chemicals that come from second-hand smoke are dangerous to those in proximity to a smoker.

Smoking is also incredibly addictive and quitting can be a daunting task. It involves constant breaking off an addictive substance and changing your lifestyle completely. But how do you shake the habit?

Smoking is a lifestyle vice that does no good to anyone who does it and even to those who don’t but hang out with smokers. In a nutshell, you purchase a pack of cigarettes which is not at all cheap, and then you inhale the nicotine ingested cigarette stick and wake up the sleeping cancer cells in your body. Technically, you are paying for your serious health problems and the only ones getting rich are the manufacturers of these evil little sticks.

Sounds terrible, right? Nothing is lost! Quitting smoking may be easier than you expect.

How to Quit Smoking for Good This Time

You don’t necessarily need to quit smoking at the first attempt. You can go back and back again to smoking especially if you give in to the smallest of temptations. Don’t chastise yourself. This is normal. The important thing is that you are willing to try and try again.

Quitting may not be successful in your chosen strategies. This is why you have other options to try and see what will work so you can completely turn against smoking. Try and try again. Do a trial and error on what strategy would best work for you.

Cigarettes Are The Natural Enemy of Confidence

The good news is there are tips and tricks you can use to appear (and most importantly, feel) more confident.

And no, lighting up a cigarette isn’t one of them! Smoking can actually make it worse. We’re going to look at some much better ways to build confidence so you can be one of those guys who always seem to be in control even if you have the same anxieties on the inside as everyone else!

Sure, smoking has long been linked to being cool. This goes back to the days of James Dean, when toughs in leather jackets and gelled up hair swaggered around on the big screen, never without a ciggie in their hand.

And you may start to feel confident, at least at first, when you spark up a cigarette. Smoking gives you something to do with your hands, which instantly calms down nervous energy. You probably also feel a bit like James Dean, which doesn’t hurt.

However, smoking actually increases anxiety thanks to the cocktail of chemicals which messes with your brain. Research has shown that nicotine manipulates the human brain, and the positive feelings smokers associate with lighting up are actually a temporary lull, before the cycle of addition kicks off, bringing more anxiety and agitation. Nicotine is also highly addictive: it has the same addictive pull as heroin or cocaine.

Many people, especially young people start smoking in the first place because of social pressure. It may make them feel more relaxed and able to deal with the myriad of tricky social situations you face as a teenager or young adult. Peer pressure, of course, is also very real.

You can see how social anxiety and the addictive nature of nicotine form an evil alliance, making it hard to quit while also making it even harder to feel relaxed and confident. Not to mention the many other ways smoking is damaging to your health:  cigarettes contain over 4000 toxic chemicals which cause heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and just about every kind of cancer you can think of.

How Quitting Smoking Can Change Your Sex & Dating Life


When it comes to sex, and our own personal performance, none of us wants to admit that we might be a little below par, or that we might have a serious problem. In a world of dating apps and peer pressure to always have a hot date on the go, we all worry to some extent about our performance in the bedroom, and whether it matches up to everyone else, and to our partner’s expectations.  Most of us know already that shedding a couple of pounds and doing some regular exercise could help to get us match fit, but perhaps one issue that many men don’t tend to be aware of is the impact that regular smoking can have on your sexual prowess.

Stop and think about it for just a minute – our bodies are incredibly complex systems and all of our internal organs are interconnected and interdependent. If we stuff one part of our body with harmful chemicals, it’s logical to assume we’re doing harm throughout our entire body. How exactly smoking cigarettes impacts on sexual performance involves complicated scientific explanations, but in layman’s terms, all of those harmful chemicals in cigarettes, such as tobacco and tar, start to restrict the blood flow around the body over time, thereby reducing the oxygen that can be pushed through your system.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out what the most likely problem is for sexually active men, if their blood flow is restricted! If you’re a smoker and you want to avoid potential problems with your sexual performance, it’s critical that you understand exactly what smoking could be doing to you, so that you can take positive action to stay healthy and confident sexually.

Recent research from the US has revealed that men who smoke are at a much higher risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction than non-smokers. Whilst many men may not suffer from erectile dysfunction on a long-term basis, the fact remains that if you smoke, the likelihood of you being affected to some extent still increases dramatically. Smoke at least 20 cigarettes a day, and your chances of experiencing erectile dysfunction shoot up by 60%, compared with men who don’t smoke.

As if problems getting it up and keeping it up weren’t enough, there’s even evidence that suggests that smoking might reduce our desire to even try getting it up! The scientific thinking behind this is that when we smoke, we inhale carbon monoxide, which somehow sticks to the haemoglobin in our blood, again cutting down our circulation. That means that we get tired and lethargic more quickly, we’re less positive mentally, and we are less likely to feel in the mood for some hot action. Studies of Army personnel have shown conclusively that soldiers who smoke are less physically fit than non-smokers, and since you need a reasonable level of physical fitness to have great sex, it seems that smokers are again putting themselves at a disadvantage when it comes to sexual performance. Heavy breathing should only ever be because you’re feeling hot and horny, not because you’re gasping for breath and feeling wheezy!

We’ve focused so far on how smoking can interfere physically with your dating and sex life, but there’s a whole other side to the story too. If your dating adventures are a little disappointing to date, you might just find that you get a whole lot more swipe rights if you give up smoking. You might think that no-one can tell from your profile pic whether you smoke or not, but actually smoking does have a negative impact on your appearance, making your skin look sallow, your hair look poor and the area around your mouth look pinched and drawn.

Hardly likely to impress potential dates, is it? And even if you do get a date, there’s a strong chance that you won’t get a second date once she’s smelled the stale stink of smoke on your clothes and in your hair. Few people find smoking attractive these days, and in fact, quite a lot of people say exactly the opposite – that smoking is a big turn-off for them. Update your profile (truthfully, of course) with ‘non-smoker’ and watch those pings from matches come flying in.

Taking action to Quit Smoking

If reading this article has stopped you in your tracks and made you determined to quit smoking for good, then you need a plan. We’ve all heard the mantra about how failing to plan is planning to fail, but when it comes to stopping smoking, this is just so true. There’s so much you can do to improve your chances of giving up for good, if you think it all through first.

Try to get a mate, or a partner if you’re in a relationship, to quit at the same time as you. That way, you’ll be able to support and motivate one another and you’ll have someone with you every step of the way. Tell friends and family that you’re planning on quitting too, and ask them to respect your decision and not to try to tempt you into giving up on giving up. A quit smoking approach is much more likely to be successful if you use one of the different aids that are available, such as patches, gum or e-cigarettes.

E-cigs are actually one of the best ways of giving up smoking altogether, and they’re even endorsed by the NHS as an effective tool in helping people to quit smoking. Public Health England has found that e-cigarettes are around 95% safer than smoking regular cigarettes, so if you make the switch to e-cigs as part of your attempts to quit altogether, you’ll start reaping the health benefits from day one. You’ll also be on the way to improvements in your appearance and the overall health of your hair and skin, and you’ll start to feel physically fitter in no time at all. Combine stopping smoking with a programme of regular exercise, and you’ll see those excess pounds fall away, your cardio levels will improve and you’ll have something to keep your mind off those cigarette cravings.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a relationship currently, or you’re looking for your next date – if you want to improve your love life and steer clear of smoking-related health issues down below, you need to stop smoking. If you still want that nicotine kick, without all the negative issues that go with smoking, investigate the alternatives to regular cigarettes. Nothing comes close to great sex, so why put that all on the line? Pump your body full of chemicals through smoking and the chances are high that you’ll eventually notice the effects, even experiencing a permanent loss of sensation.

11 Mental Tricks to Quit Smoking for Good This Time

The effects that smoking can have on male sexual performance are quite startling, but the good news is that it’s entirely possible to take action before any lasting damage is done. Sex is surely too much a part of our lives to risk ruining it, for the sake of a quick ciggie outside a pub or in a smoking shelter at work. Take control – get a plan together and try to quit. Remember, those swipe rights and steamy nights are out there, just waiting for you.

1. Set a date to quit

Before you begin the process of quitting the habit, you need to realize that you’re embarking on a natural method of quitting smoking, so you might need to continue smoking as usual until then.

To start, set a date and time to stop. It can be in one month even. Mark it on your calendar, tell your friends, prepare yourself with little rewards and activities to keep yourself busy. You can even redecorate your flat a little bit to make sure that you are prepared for that special occasion, the bigging of your new life.

To remain motivated, look for a powerful, personal reason to quit.  It may be to lower the chance of getting heart diseases, lung cancer, or other conditions. They are well known, but sometimes digging into the topic may help. Watch a documentary or read a book about them, so your brain fully acknowledges the real risks.  There can be some positive reasons, for example, to protect your family from second-hand smoke. Or to live a healthy life. Settle for something that keeps you inspired to stop the habit.

2. Choose your reward

You can do it, but first, you really need to truly believe in your success. Just like dieting tips, when you are able to discipline yourself, you should also reward yourself. This is one good motivation for you to start an endeavor. Give yourself a schedule or a strategy and if you are able to accomplish this strategy, choose your reward after.

Rewarding yourself can prompt you to test your limits and see how long you can go without smoking. When you get to discipline yourself, eventually quitting will not be so hard anymore.

Smoking has a huge impact on your oral health, which magnifies its impact on your life. Apart from cancer and other lung problems that you will quite possibly develop from smoking, there’s also the issue of how nicotine rots your teeth. Nicotine causes tooth decay which will deteriorate your teeth and lead to oral and dental problems.Teeth deterioration is also not good for orthodontics and if you have braces or in the process of improving your teeth.

Terrified yet? There’s no other way but to quit smoking.  It is a healthy choice for your overall well-being. When you quit smoking, it will noticeably improve your sense of smell, prevent sinus and throat problems, make you look younger and stress-free, and generally make you look brighter and healthier. So quit this unhealthy vice today and move forward to a healthier lifestyle and a healthy set of teeth.

3. Start meditation 

Meditation is a form of relaxation by clearing the mind and focusing on the good vibes. There are many forms of meditation. You can meditate by simply sitting down and clearing your mind. This way, you can start controlling yourself and prevent yourself from smoking. Meditation is also one way to take your mind off smoking.

The art of distraction – one of the best ways to divert your attention from your focus. It can be applicable and helpful to quit smoking too. When you feel the urge to smoke, find something that could distract your attention. For instance, go on a run or do some exercise. These are short term action plans to divert your mind from smoking when you feel the sudden urge.

Long-term action plans to completely distract yourself from smoking is to form a hobby on other things that you can do when you feel like smoking. For instance, you can start a hobby on your interests. It could be the art of music – when you feel the urge to smoke, you can divert your attention to these interests to keep your mind from flying to cigarettes again.

4. Take a break

Sometimes, the idea of quitting your smoking vice terrifies you, especially when you hear stories of people who had a hard time and even claimed that they got sick when they quit smoking. This is to tell you that it is not true. Quitting and the adverse effects are all psychological. Try taking a break from smoking.

Control yourself and try not lighting a cigarette for one day or two, and see for yourself that it is not so bad. Then, when you have surpassed the first two days, try extending that to a few more days. You will notice that your breathing will be a lot clearer and there will even be an improvement in your voice.

5. Avoid Alternatives: patches, gum, and lozenges

Keep off any form of substitutes. Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) try to keep the addiction at bay by delivering a certain level of nicotine to curb your cigarette cravings. The various types of vapes do the same. These substances make the process difficult to stop since they prolong the illusion that you’re making a sacrifice to stop the habit.

Today, NRT are available in different forms –patches, nasal sprays, gum, inhalators- and although they come out as a possible way to double the chance of quitting smoking, continuous exposure can lead to neuro-adaptation that may increase nicotine addiction.

Experts indicate that nicotine alone is less harmful than carbon monoxide and tar which are present in cigarettes. As a result, NRT present a much safer option for smokers. However, to avoid trading an addiction with another, it’s recommended to avoid using NRT for a long period.

You can chew a normal mint gum instead. Studies show that chewing gum is one of the effective ways to divert your attention from lighting a cigarette. This is because your mouth is already active from chewing and most of the time; this is why you feel the urge to smoke – so that your mouth has something to do.

Some smokers claim that chewing gum resembles smoking in many ways, which is why they use it to distract themselves from lighting a cigarette. Chewing gum can divert your attention from smoking, but don’t forget to brush your teeth afterwards too.

6. Have the last cigarette and prepare a to-do list when craving hits

You are making a vow to quit smoking for good. Actually, your effort is to get rid of the habit. So, light your last cigarette and make a vow that no matter how high your cravings become or how low the situation may befall in future, you promise not to puff another cigarette or take any nicotine substance. For smokers, this is one of the key decisions you need to make because your future depends on it. Furthermore, it’s the right thing to do to shake off the habit.

Telling yourself, you won’t smoke again is just part of the process. You need to have a list of favorite things you want to do when craving hits. You can take a walk, play a game, get a cup of coffee or tea, drink a glass of water, play with your kids or pets, practice yoga, wash the car, etc. Prepare a list of things and keep it close so when the craving comes back, you can whip out the list and try to do something about it.

7. Avoid Alcohol and Related Triggers

Alcohol and cigarettes are best buddies and they often go together. If you notice, a good percentage of people who drink alcohol often are also smokers. For some reason, alcohol will have a better effect on them if they light a cigarette.

Thus, one way to avoid lighting a cigarette is to also avoid alcohol. Drinking is a lot easier to control because alcohol is relatively more expensive than cigarettes. If you avoid drinking, then you can also avoid smoking

To quit smoking, you need to ditch your cigarettes, alcohol, and other triggers. Alcohol can be a major trigger that causes people to relapse and returns to their old behaviours. Similarly, too much coffee and meals can trigger the victim to return to smoking.

Any time you drink, it becomes harder to stick to your no-smoking goal. So, try to avoid alcohol when you begin the process. Similarly, if you smoke after taking coffee, try to switch to tea for a couple of weeks. If you have a habit of smoking after meals, replace it with an activity like brushing your teeth, chewing gum, or talking to a friend. Find triggers and replace them with an activity to avoid breaking the chain to quit smoking.

8. Make new non-smoking friends

Peer pressure is one of the major factors why people smoke. When you hang out with smokers, chances are you will be tempted to smoke too. Even if you don’t, you are still exposed to second-hand smoking which is worse. On the other hand, if you hang out with non-smoking friends, you will most likely not feel the cravings because your friends will not tempt you to smoke.

Your friends can also control your smoking by advising you against it. Hanging out with non-smoking friends also mean that when you go out, they will stay in a ‘No Smoking’ area which is one way to control you’re from lighting a cigarette.

9. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

It is a short-term therapy to solve addiction problems for smokers. In this treatment, the smokers work with a counselor to look for triggers and ways to avoid smoking. The method changes the smokers thinking patterns that makes them crave for cigarettes. Plus, it provides educative ways to deal with stress and anxiety. When combined with smoking cessation medication, it has proven to be helpful for people who want to quit smoking.

10. Eat more fruits and veggies

Fruits and vegetables are not only known to keep your body healthy and strong. They are also known to help you quit smoking. Citrus fruits that have antioxidants can help flush out the nicotine from your body. Nicotine has been proven to be the reason why you feel the constant urge to smoke. If you have less or no nicotine from your body, the urges will not be as often anymore.

You can also choose to eat fruits rather than lighting a smoke. This can help divert your attention from smoking. Plus, fruits don’t really go with cigarettes so you can easily focus your attention on eating and forget the smoking altogether.

11. Try Vaping as Alternative

Even though quitting smoking by actually smoking something else may seem a little weird, maybe this method will actually work best for you. There is a variety of quality e-cigarettes to choose from, which makes this method pleasant and worth trying. Researchers from Queen Mary University of London have proven that the benefits of e-cigarettes outweigh potential harms, and are definitely lower than smoking tobacco.

Some people use electronic cigarettes as a way to quit smoking just like the nicotine replacement therapy. There are several best vape brands that offer e-liquids with varying nicotine content used in gradually reducing your nicotine intake. E-cigarettes use a heating coil to vaporize the e-liquid and prevent you from over 7,000 chemicals that ordinary cigarettes produce.

However, most opponents of vaping legalization have presented so many myths concerning vaping that they have demonized a pretty safe alternative to smoking. Here are some ways in which e-liquids are safer for your health than cigarette smoking.

1. Fewer harmful chemicals

There are thousands of chemicals included in a single cigarette; most of them harmful to our bodies. Some of the well-known toxic chemicals include Benzene, 4-aminobiphenyl, Cadmium, beryllium, polonium-210, and Arsenic. Most of these chemicals are missing from e-liquids.

The total number of chemicals used to make a cigarette is more than 7000, which is a high number in itself. But the fact that most of those chemicals have adverse effects on both the human body and the environment is what makes smoking so dangerous. Some of these ingredients that are in cigarettes but are absent from vaping fluids have been known to increase the risk of stomach cancer and other severe medical conditions.

Although the number of harmful chemicals in e-liquids varies from brand to brand, they are made of way fewer chemicals and thus have fewer toxic chemicals. Major health institutions such as Public Health England have even boldly declared than vaping is at least 95 percent safer than smoking.

2. Absence of tar prevents cardiovascular conditions

Although cigarettes have a high number of chemicals, that is not their most harmful aspect. The smoke produced during combustion is far more damaging to your health and the environment as well.

Smoke is harmful, regardless of how it is produced or processed. Since combustion is a big part of smoking, there are many chemicals needed to facilitate the process, and this increases the number of harmful byproducts contained in cigarette smoke. Tar, the most toxic of these products, causes lung cancer and other respiratory complications.

When you inhale the smoke, the tar is taken directly to the lungs, where it can cause fatal damages if it is left to accumulate over many years of smoking. The tar covers the lungs impending their functioning and causing permanent damage to lung tissue.

What makes e-liquids safer than cigarette smoke is that they don’t require combustion. The byproduct of vaping is an aerosol which looks like dense water vapor. The vapor has no health effects, which is why most countries that have strict smoking bans on various places still allow vaping in public places.

3. Tobacco addiction prevention/elimination

Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable deaths in most countries since most smokers are addicted to nicotine and cannot stop smoking despite the harmful side-effects it has on their health. This is why there are so many institutions working towards helping smokers quit smoking and spreading awareness on the negative effects of the habit on smokers and those around them.

E-liquids combat this problem by making it possible to control the amount of nicotine you inhale. This helps smokers quit smoking by gradually reducing the amount of tobacco they inhale until they reach a point when they can go without nicotine.

There are many review websites designed to help you choose the best e-liquid for you. A good example is E Cigarette Reviews UK. The UK companies listed on this website are the leading producers of high-quality e-liquids and are an excellent place to start for people venturing into vaping.

4. E-liquids are safer for sick people

Sick people almost always have a low tolerance for more harmful substances being introduced into their bodies. This is the main reason why doctors advise most patients to reduce the number of smokes they consume during their recovery period.

Due to tar and other harmful byproducts of cigarettes carried by second-hand smoke, smoking while sick can aggravate your symptoms making your condition worse, or even cause fatal reactions to your body, especially if you are suffering from a respiratory disease. Also, not all medicines work well with drugs, and so smoking may reduce the effectiveness of medication and make you stay sick for longer.

On the other hand, vaping is relatively safer than smoking for people suffering from diseases. The vapor inhaled while vaping is relatively harmless and shouldn’t deteriorate your health when you are unwell. Using e-liquids gives you a safe way to consume tobacco without putting your health at risk.

5. E-liquids are better for your oral health

Your mouth is the first place that comes into contact with the smoke and vapor from smoking and vaping, respectively. This means that it handles the largest volume of smoke and vapor and thus suffers more from their effects.

As soon as you start smoking, your teeth become the first victims. Tar and other invasive chemicals in smoke start piling up on your teeth, causing bad breath and leaving yellow stains that are difficult to get rid of. The chemicals also weaken your enamel, which is the protective layer that safeguards teeth against harm. This leaves your teeth susceptible to cracking and bacterial infections, which later leads to teeth rot. In the long run, smoking will leave your teeth very sensitive and uncomfortable and put you at a higher risk of contracting oral cancer.

On the other hand, e-liquids pose a lower threat to your oral health. Due to the absence of tar and many of the harmful chemicals in smoke, its effects on your teeth can take very long to manifest or leave permanent damage to your teeth. Furthermore, practicing daily oral hygiene can prevent you from suffering from the long-term effects of vaping on oral health such as periodontal disease.

6. Getting rid of second-hand smoke

Although most cigarette users are aware of its effects on their health, very few of them ever stop and think about the impact of their smoking on the people around them.

Second-hand smoke is the smoke released by a smoker when smoking, and while many people think that it is safer than what the smoker inhales, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Although there is a lower amount of nicotine, there are high amounts of tar and all the other harmful byproducts of cigarette combustion in the smoke. This puts everyone who inhales the smoke in danger of suffering health complications that they didn’t sign up for. This is the main reason why smoking is prohibited in public places.

Vaping, on the other hand, is far safer for the people around us. The vapor produced has minimal effect on the people around us, and this has led many governments to allow vaping even in public places. However, before you go on lighting your next vape pen, ensure that the people around you are comfortable with it first, or else you risk getting some very awkward looks.

7. Smoking slows wound healing

Scientists have long recognized the relationship between cigarette smoking and delayed wound healing. This effect comes from some harmful chemicals in the smoke, which includes hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide, and nicotine.

To understand how your wound healing is affected by smoking, you have to keep in mind that the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream decreases with every puff of smoke you inhale. Without sufficient oxygen, the brain has to prioritize its oxygen use around the body, and sadly, blood clotting and scar tissue formation are not high on the priority list. This slows down wound closing and increases the risk of infection and permanent scarring. The effects are can be fatal during surgery where wound healing is crucial to a successful procedure.

E-liquids are not as invasive to our blood and have minimal effects on our wound healing abilities. People who vape have no problem with wound healing, and can even vape before or after a minor surgery without risking their lives.

8. Winning the case over smokes

Although they have been around for many years, e-cigarettes continue to be a mystery for many. Even as many people around the world continue searching for answers regarding vaping, leading scientists around the world have repeatedly repeated that e-cigarettes are the better of two evils.

To say that they don’t have their downsides is a blatant lie. But in most cases, the adverse effects of vaping on both your health and the environment is pretty inconsequential considered to the many damaging effects of smoking.

For smokers, it is wiser to take the high road and ditch your next smoke for a vape-pen, not only will you spend less in the long run, but you will also stay healthier for longer. On the other hand, abstaining from all contact with tobacco is the safest option and should be your default choice if you aren’t already vaping or smoking.

The Impact of E-cigarettes, Juling and Vaping on the Societies

From their advent, E-Cigarettes and vaping modules (mods) had a generally warm reception among smokers, as well as those looking for a gentle transition away from cigarettes and nicotine altogether.

While there was some disagreement in the scientific community, some were content to count the blessing in the possibility of second-hand smoke reduction. Others were happy at the emergence of more and possibly safer options for their cigarette smoking family members. Overall most reputable institutions, such us Public Health England has shared their opinion on “e-cigarettes” and finds them to be 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes!

This timid discourse on the pros and cons of electronic nicotine delivery systems took a sharp turn with the introduction of vaping and advanced personal vaporizers (more commonly known as PVs), particularly among younger adults. Where you have to load your e-cigarette with cartridges manufactured by tobacco companies, vape pens bring variety and excitement in the form of e-liquids, whose flavors and compositions vary greatly between brands and manufacturers. With the sudden boom in interest from the youth community came studies suggesting that vaping could be far safer than conventional cigarette smoking, leading further to the rising popularity of personal vaporizers in the public and in the media.

In light of growing interest, the vape industry went on to take their products a step further, introducing modified personal vaporizers (or mods) offering user-specified flexibility and customization not only with inputs, wattage and voltage settings, but also with components themselves. Vaping captured the interest of smokers looking to quit or reduce the probability of cancer, but also smokers seeking the best, most satisfying smoking experience available. It offered a stylish, nuanced and discreet alternative to traditional smoking that drew more interest from new and old smokers than e-cigarettes could ever draw on their own.

When the technology required to analyze and research the effects of cigarettes and tobacco smoking over the long term was not yet invented, they were thoroughly glamorized on the screen, in television and over the radio. Such ads and celebrity endorsements even managed to appear in some magazines and comic books. As we gain the ability to document and study cigarettes and  their relation to lung cancer, the pervasive glamorizing is steadily losing traction.  This is particularly true in digital media and among young adults, which can likely be attributed to the new fleeting word of mouth courtesy of social media.

However, the fascination with vaping and personal vaporizers runs much deeper; having already passed the test of scientific scrutiny on a number of occasions, vaping has gone on to win over enthusiasts with interests entirely unrelated to smoking and nicotine consumption. Employing specific elements of chemistry, physics and mathematics, the process of perfecting one’s personal vaping experience is deeply involved and allows personalization for each user.

Marketing And Competition

Perhaps the catchiest new addition in the vaping world is the growing phenomenon of competitive vaping (known commonly as “cloud chasing”, or stunt vaping). This lively pastime has proven to be an incredibly impressive marketing gimmick, drawing media attention and sparking public interest via the subsequent circulation of print or web coverage. Competitions are usually bundled in during vape conventions featuring models, guest speakers and giveaways, making media coverage doubly effective as a promotional medium.

Competitive vaping has also proven to be a potent marketing strategy to drive consumers and purchases. With rookie and veteran vapers alike continually experimenting with new setups, endless component combinations are used in hopes of blowing away competition. Contestants are offered recognition, merchandise and even cash prizes depending on the conditions or sponsors of an event.

The object of the competition is to blow as large a cloud of vapor as possible as far as possible, thereby showcasing the power and expert tuning of each participant’s modified vaporizer setup. This has done quite a bit to raise an interest among fans of mechanical or technological interests (computers and automobiles, for instance). The detail-oriented complexity of creating the perfect vape has proven to be a sustainable and rewarding fascination for vape hobbyists and enthusiasts.

Overall Reception

Although vaping and vape culture is in its infancy in terms of distribution and popularity in society, it is safe to say there are a number of  differences that distance the devices from their more infamous predecessors in the minds of the public and mainstream media.

There is no knee-jerk word association between vaping and lung cancer as there is a healthy amount of studies and advocacy on both sides of the argument. While time will bring further research into just how much better vaping is than smoking in terms of personal and public health risks, many are content knowing that existing studies affirm marginal improvement. We may finally have a solution to the scourge of second-hand smoke.

There have been no allegations of industry-wide dealings in the form of sponsorships and donations to political action committees, lobbies or film companies to peddle influence or indoctrinate impressionable minors. Due to diligent regulation, vaping is an activity adults must decide to take up on their own due to the sheer number of components in a vaping setup, all of which cannot be purchased without satisfying minimum age requirements.

Another difference is the reception of vape culture by celebrities and the mainstream media. Where there was a unified push against conventional cigarette smoking and the tobacco industry’s grip on advertising and the courts, there was a generally positive reception to vaping.

Several celebrities have taken up the alternative, and others use vaping to help quit any cigarette smoking. Others have gone so far as to invest in companies in a show of appreciation for helping them curb what they view as a self-destructive habit.

While only time will tell the future perception of vaping, there is certainly enough at present to positively distinguish vaping from cigarette smoking. It is an interesting alternative, an exciting hobby and a unique lifestyle that has captured the interest of many, and likely will not be going away` anytime soon.

Since they are available in all sorts of shapes and flavors, it’s easy to understand why a large population is hooked to vapes. But the debate about their safety is still on.

The fact that they don’t contain the harmful substances in analog cigarettes make them a safer alternative for addicts. These devices are also cheaper than buying cigarettes every day. Although the best vape reviews indicate that vaping has been seen as a good alternative to help aid oral fixation that most smokers struggle with after quitting, there is lack of conclusive evidence on its side effects. So vape with caution.

How E-Cigarettes and Vaping Are Healthier Alternative to Smoking

Smoking has been around for decades, raking havoc in smokers’ health, leaving second-hand smoke and attaining the rank of the leading cause of preventable deaths. That was until about a decade ago when vaping was accepted as a societal norm in many countries. With the increasing adoption of e-cigarettes, there have been hundreds of studies conducted by scientists around the world, and most of them have come to the same conclusion; vaping is far less dangerous compared to smoking.

Step Down Your Nicotine Addiction

Of course, quitting smoking isn’t that easy, particularly if you are dealing with feeling of anxiousness made worse by an addiction to nicotine. Vaping (smoking e-cigarettes) can be a good option to phase out both your nicotine addiction and reliance on having something in your hands to feel confident, while you build your confidence up in other ways.

Switching to vaping means you immediately eliminate the toxic and cancer-causing chemicals in cigarettes. E-cigarettes contain nicotine which is delivered through a harmless vapour of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. This sounds like a much better deal than what you inhale with every puff of a cigarette: such as hydrogen cyanide, formaldehyde, lead, ammonia and arsenic. Sounds like the contents of a hardware store or a cleaning cupboard.

You can buy e-liquid concentrates with varying nicotine levels, meaning you can step down your nicotine intake over time in a gradual and controlled way. Vaping has the added bonus of giving you something to do with your hands, just like smoking. You can even buy e-liquids with 0% nicotine, if you want the experience without having chemicals mess with your brain.

Pretty much everyone, no matter how confident they seem on the outside, is really a messy puddle of nerves on the inside. But you don’t need a cigarette – which is basically a bundle of poisons and cancer – in your hand in order to feel confident. There are plenty of ways to build confidence, including some simple tips which will let you fake like the best of them!

7. Keep Trying Again and Again

Smokers try several times before they quit the habit. Of course, relapses are common that why methods like use of the best vape exist. If you return into your old habit of smoking, analyze the situation and find out the triggers that resulted to the relapse. Use the opportunity to define your commitment to quitting. Once you have decided to start over again, set a “quit date” and work on it.

Smoking causes drastic and irreversible changes to your brain system. The decision to quit can be a broad step that requires commitment and motivation. These strategies will help you get started with the process and keep your guard up. Don’t do it alone, look for informative guides and support groups designed to help addicts deal with their cravings. While no single programs is the best, some types will be appropriate. Find one that works for you and start your journey of becoming a non-smoker.

The dry herb pens you can check at allow you to consume cannabis safely. As compared to smoking, vaping dry weeds may lead to medicinal, potent, and cleaner vapor. In these devices, vapors lack harmful chemicals, such as carcinogens and tar.

Qualities of the Best Vape Kit

Choose a vape Kit powered by a high-rated battery to get a fantastic vaping experience. You may get a compact device with a stylish design for maximum comfort. A device should come with a safety lock switch for your safety. Moreover, it must have an excellent capacity for dry herbs or juices. 

Some vapes have a building deck for top airflow mechanism with amazing vapors. Buy a vape kit comes with a mechanical mode and bottom-feeding RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer). The best kits may feature Aluminum and Stainless Steel design with a powerful, lightweight, and compact Mod. Dual magnetic panels battery allows users to replace the battery easily. They can get the advantage of refilling services to refill a soft silicone 6.5ml bottle.

Moreover, the faceplate of vape feed RDA to complete the function of a kit. The locking feature ensures the maximum safety of users while the device is in an idle state. The RDA comes with a gold-coated postless deck with double modifiable angled top airflow. It is compatible with double and single coil configuration. 

The RDA features two groove cutouts along the deck’s wall that function while locking mechanism for its top cap. RDA comes with a deep well for juice and the base feeding pin centrally situated below the deck to manage balanced wicking.          

An advanced vape Kit comes with numerous unique features and qualities. Its highlighted features are as under:

  • Leak-proof top rectilinear airflow produces fantastic flavor.
  • With its sturdy, lightweight, and compact design, you can use this kit for a longer period.
  • It comes with 6.5 ml silicone bottle for the maximum capacity.
  • Double-deck design is excellent for the construction of large coils. 
  • Deep well for juice offers a handsome amount of storage for liquid.
  • The drip tips 510 and 810 are compatible with this device.
  • It is effortless to access the switch of safety lock to avoid accidental firing.
  • Cooper-plating technology silver is designed to meet high-current output
  • 510 auto-adjusting pin offers tolerance to RDA and decreases chances of leakage 

Why do you need a modern vaping kit?

Why do you need a modern vaping kit?

A modern kit is necessary for a memorable vaping experience. Buy equipment made of numerous petite parallelograms patterns that add to the overall beauty of this kit. The sturdy, compact, and lightweight box mod must be available in beautiful colors, such as blue, silver, gunmetal and black. Prefer aluminum construction and adjusting connector for excellent contact with the base of atomizers to decrease the chances of oil seepage. 

A safety lock allows you to avoid an accident while enjoying this device. The standard kit comes with a 6.5 ml silicone bottle for a soft and comfortable feel. Moreover, 18650 single batteries can be useful for powerful performance. In terms of the drip tip, the kit must be compatible with 810 and 510 drip tips. 

The leak-proof design makes sure to produce outstanding flavour. The perfect deck is ideal for large coils and combines two things for a pleasant and intense experience. You can store a generous amount of liquid in the deep well. 

How it vapes?

It may be overwhelming to choose the right device for vaping because a massive collection is available. You have to evaluate your needs to select the right tool for you. Keep it in mind that a vape kit can be an excellent choice for you. It is available in different colors and style. There are some necessary steps of a standard vape device. 

Vape Tanks: This section of the device houses heating coil, e-liquid, dry herb, and wicks.

Vape Coils: This wire section is wounded into one spring similar to coil shape. You have to fill coils with suitable material. The function of this section may vary in each vape.  The primary purpose is to heat coils to create vapors. These hot coils can vaporize e-liquid or powder on wicks.

Batteries: These are necessary to power Mod or device. A few tools use one integrated battery, while others have replaceable cells.

E-Juice: A blend of food flavorings, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and nicotine is heated to create excellent vapors for inhalation.

Bape Mods: This special device has batteries that transfer powers and contracts to atomizer and clearomizer.

Pros and Cons

If you want to save your health and resources, you should stop smoking. It is detrimental to your health. If you’re going to avoid all health problems, you can try a vape kit. Here are some possible pros and cons of these kits.


Decrease Bad Smell 

Vaporizers and e-cigarette don’t burn any vape juice. They heat it up, and vapors will be less intense and compared to cigarette smoke.

Money Saver 

It is a one-time investment in the long run because you can use it for a longer period. You may find it pricey while buying Vaping equipment, but it is still cheap than regular cigarettes.


After purchasing the vaping device, you will be free to choose a vape juice with particular flavor and nicotine as per your taste. Moreover, a kit will be a unique fashion statement.

Health Benefits

Keep it in mind that a Vape kit will not burn vape juices; therefore, it is a safe option for you than smoking. Typically, cigarette smoke has more than 400 lethal chemicals. While using a device, you can avoid this threat. 

Quit Smoking 

Vaping can be helpful for smokers to decrease the frequency of their cigarette smoking. It can be a quit smoking aid for a chain smoker. Still, you must desire for smoking cessation; otherwise, everything will be useless. 

Decrease the Effects of Passive Smoke

Almost everyone is aware of the adverse effects of second-hand or passive smoke. This smoke can damage your lungs and throat because of its toxic content. This smoke is affecting the health of a non-smoker as well. With the use of a high-quality vape kit, you can cut off the production of second-hand or passive smoke. In this way, you can protect your environment and people around you.

Possible Cons

Allergic Reaction

A few cases of allergic reactions are reported, but this is not about a vape Kit. The allergic reactions are related to Vape juices. If you want to avoid allergic reactions, pay attention to the content of vape juices.

Safety Issues

As per U.S. Fire Administration, some cases are reported for e-cig explosions because of battery malfunctions and wrong charging. Fortunately, a device is designed in a way to avoid any mishap and offer maximum security. You should follow the guidelines given in the manual to charge the battery and use the original charger. 

Side-effects of Vaping

Once again, it is all about vaping juices or ground weed. The vapor contains less toxic content as compared to cigarette smoke, but still, nicotine is harmful and addictive. Make sure to control nicotine content to avoid dry mouth, dizziness, and sore throat. The use of these devices is strictly prohibited for teenage people. Try to keep it away from them because they may get attracted toward regular cigarettes.

Vaping over Smoking

A vape kit is elegantly designed to change your way to vape. You can find a compact and lightweight mod with a leak-proof design, an ergonomic switch for safety, a fire button and a deep juice bottle. You can easily refill your favorite e-juice in silicone bottle or ground herb in a chamber. It is easy to check the level of weed or juices from a viewing window. Refilling is straightforward without any mishap. 

Keep it in mind that this mechanical device needs you to follow safety instructions. Carefully read the manual to charge its battery safely. Make sure to choose a vape juice with minimum nicotine content. 

Studies claim that vaping is not helpful to quit smoking, except your desire for it. Still, it is beneficial to avoid the threats of passive smoke and decrease the number of cigarettes. Everything is indeed possible with your willpower. If you want to quit, you have to make up your mind for this noble cause.

Best Weed Vape Pens for Material

Wax and Dab Pens

Use it to vape solid cannabis extracts (other than liquid extracts or cannabis flowers) that may come as butter, shatter, wax, etc. These feature a button with an atomizer and 5 to 10 threaded battery. Remember, atomizers have a rod or coil. For heating, a flat disc element is made of silica, stainless steel, quartz or ceramic. These are efficient and compact to focus on flavor and produce maximum vapor.

Vape Pens for Oils

It is a suitable device to vape marijuana extracts that maybe CBD oil or THC. These devices contain a pre-filled cartridge or an atomizer. You may find a 510-threaded battery in this device. Use a single button to control battery.

Dry Herb Vape Pens

You can use these pens to vape flowers and dry herbs. These are made of zinc, aluminum alloy, plastic or stainless steel. Their heating material or atomizer may feature stainless steel, quartz or ceramic construction.

These battery-powered devices can heat leaf material to create vapors. The vape pens feature a bottom or top-loading material chambers. These chambers are coated in ceramic or made of stainless steel for improved heat connectivity.

Precautions to Use Vape Pens

If you want to decrease health issues, make sure to keep your vaporizers clean. Disassemble your vaporizer and clean its every portion. It is necessary to ensure the best results of vaping. During its cleaning, make sure to put every part to a secure place. 

Remove old weed from chamber to thoroughly clean heating chamber. If your device doesn’t have a cleaning brush, feel free to use a Q-tip to remove weeds or vaporized residue. Clean mouthpiece, small screen, and every part of a vape pen. After cleaning, you can reassemble your vaporizer. 

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