9 Reasons Why Fit People Have Much Better Sex

By Cara Haley

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Why Fit People Have Much Better Sex

Do you keep finding flaws in your body? Are you worried about getting completely naked in front of the partner of your choice? How confident are you about your sexual performance?

If you have problems with your self-confidence, and can do with some help with how you perform in bed, then there is a very easy way to resolve these issues. You need to start working out.

Getting fitter will not only make you healthier and stronger, but will help boost your self-confidence, and will make you feel much better about your general appearance – both when you are fully clothed or naked.

The reality is that all of the positive effects from getting into shape will help boost your sexual performance as well.

If you are having problems getting motivated to begin training, then the following facts about the correlation between being fit and having great sex may help make your mind up:

1. Fitter bodies are more attractive to mates

Let’s be honest – we are all attracted to people who are in good physical form. On a subconscious level we are all looking for a partner who is healthy, has strong progeny and is robust to mate with. It is in our nature to seek for the most suitable partner to bear children with. By putting a little effort into getting fit you will pretty soon begin feeling this amazing effect on yourself. The fitter you become – the more attractive you will become to potential partners, which can bring you love or at least much more sex!

2. Working out boosts the release of sex hormones

Exercising causes certain chemical reactions in the body, one of which is the release of dopamine. Dopamine is the hormone which our bodies produce when we like something. It also helps suppress appetite as well as make your orgasms more powerful. No doubt, better orgasms lead to a better sexual experience both for you and for your partner.

3. The more you like your body – the more confident you will be

If you have already had a fitness experience and have gone through the transformation from being out of shape to becoming fit, you must have noticed that people actually begin treating you and looking at you in a different way. This not only means that they are more likely to be attracted to you, but also will help improve your self-confidence.

The more confident you are about your body, the lesser problems you will have with becoming intimate with someone and with any fears you have about your sexual performance! Get fit and you won’t be flipping that light switch off before getting into bed with someone again. Quite the opposite – the fitter you get the more eager you will be to show off your well-shaped body!

4. Training will boost your energy level

Research shows that people who are out of shape get tired more easily and have a lower sex drive. By training and strengthening your body you help improve your cardiovascular health as well as your flexibility and energy levels. These are all useful features to have when you are having sex. The increased stamina will help boost your sex drive as well. The more flexible you are and the more energy you have – the better and more exciting, possibly exceptional sex you will have.

5. Avoid unexpected body failures by getting fit

Getting fit will ensure your body can handle the situation, even when things get heavy in the bedroom. It is a huge setback to experience a muscle cramp or a sudden pain or problem in the body during sex. By training your body, you will help prevent such painful and frustrating moments which can ruin your entire sexual experience and your performance. Working out will strengthen your muscles, your joints and all body parts.

Once you start working out and getting fitter, you will find that you are much more comfortable when having sex, without the feeling of fear of sudden pain and problems and focus on the sexual act itself. This is another factor which will definitely make you much more confident, focused and a better lover.

6. Regular exercising helps improve responsiveness and sensitivity

With regular moderate to more intensive exercising, you will help improve the way your autonomic nervous system’s responsiveness and sensitivity. This is the system in your body which is directly connected to your sexual arousal and sexual performance. It is also crucial for relieving anxiety and improving your mood. Exercising leads to the release of the “happy hormone” endorphin. You will feel much happier and better once you are done with your workout. In fact, this hormone is behind the famous phenomenon known as “runners’ high” – the feeling of euphoria and sheer joy which many endurance runners experience.

So, you will feel happy by your performance, about your body and about everything else around you. You will feel content with yourself and of your partner – which increases the chance of having much more satisfying sex for both parties involved.

7. Training boosts the production of testosterone

This is true for both men and women. People who have low testosterone levels have a lower sex drive, so by boosting it you will definitely start wanting and enjoying sex much more. In order to considerably increase your testosterone levels you do need to be consistent with your workouts. Train your body regularly and you will soon begin feeling a bigger sexual appetite, and have much more desire to perform better in bed.

If you want to make sure that your testosterone levels increase sufficiently, you should engage in regular strength training, which involves as many muscles of your body as possible. Consistent full-body training and the use of heavier weights for your weight lifting with short rest periods during the sets is the key to boosting your testosterone.

8. Training will help prevent sexual dysfunction

The more often you have sex, the less likely it is to develop sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, or lose the desire for sex which often occurs with age. There are medical studies which show that men who engage in sex less than at least once a week are more prone to erectile dysfunction. Also, in women as they age, after having children and gaining weight can lead to a total loss of the sex drive.

By being consistent and hitting the gym on a regular basis, you will help maintain a regular normal sex life as well.

Even if you have lost total interest in sex, starting to exercise consistently can help restore your sex drive. Exercising increases the heart rate and improves the blood flow to all parts of your body. This includes the sexual organs. Exercising is known to have a positive effect on genital arousal in women, due to the boost which training gives to the sympathetic nervous system. So if your sexual life needs improvement, get your trainers on and go hit the gym!

9. Getting fit will improve the health of your heart and reduces stress

Everybody needs a healthy heart in order to practice good and lasting sex. People with heart problems often have a decreased sexual function and activity. Adding 3-4 cardio workouts to your weekly training program will have an excellent effect on your heart.

Even if you are still quite young and healthy, exercising will help boost the performance of your heart and sticking to your active lifestyle will make life much easier and your body much healthier as you age. This will ensure that you stay sexually active as you age as well

If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from some level of anxiety and stress, this undoubtedly has an effect on your sexual desire and performance too. By working out on a regular basis you will ensure that your body gets de-stressed by the boost of endorphins. They have a direct effect on your mood and your stress levels. The more relaxed and happy you are – the more likely you will want sex and will want to enhance your performance in bed.


No matter how out of shape you are and what your age is, if you start leading an active lifestyle and run work out or do other types of sports and exercising at least 5 times a week, you will soon begin to feel all the positive effects. You will feel much more attractive, confident and will become fitter, healthier and happier. This will definitely have a positive effect on your sex life and your sexual performance as well.

So, get off of the couch and set up a simple training plan for yourself. Start small, but set some goals for yourself and keep track of your results. You will soon start feeling stronger, more motivated and eager to show off your fitter body and your enhanced sexual performance.

Start working on improving your body, your mind and your love life by engaging in daily physical activities, sports and exercises. It is never too late!

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