Couples Who Sweat Together, Stay Together: The Top Benefits of Working Out as a Couple

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In today’s day and age, everyone accepts that health and fitness are essential parts of life but there are still some unfortunate souls out there who have not managed to embrace a healthy lifestyle. To keep up with the fast pace of life you need exercise to keep yourself healthy and active.
Couples That Train Together, Remain Together

Does your regular workout schedule feel like drudgery at times?

It can be a drag exercising by yourself day after day, week after week.

So if you have a spouse or partner, you may want to consider couple workouts.

Of course, your significant other needs to be on board too. But if he or she is game, exercising together can offer huge benefits.

For someone who is fitness conscious, nothing is more frustrating than having a partner that lives on the couch and refuses to get off their butts to burn some calories. A partner that is lazy and doesn’t understand the benefits of adopting a healthy lifestyle can be very demotivating for someone who genuinely wishes to lead a healthy lifestyle.

But if anyone is going to convince a lethargic partner to get off the couch and head to the gym, it’s a partner that is passionate about working out and looking after their physical health.

If you’re the physically active one in the relationship, don’t lose hope in your partner. Instead, try and help them understand the benefits of working out together. They may hate the gym but they do love you, right? You could be their inspiration and motive.

Working out together will not only keep the both of you healthy but it will help you in other aspects of your life too.

How Couple Workouts Improve Your Health and Your Relationship

There are a number of reasons why working out with your partner is beneficial to both your workout routine and your relationship.

If you think about it though, it makes perfect sense.

1. You Have the Ultimate Workout Buddy

The simple presence of another person affects your ability to do an activity. Having someone there to keep you company and hold you accountable is key to improving performance.

That’s what makes workout buddies so successful.

So imagine how much more your performance will be elevated when your workout buddy is also the person you love the most. Your romantic partner knows you better than anyone else and his or her presence will boost your energy and give you some new pep.

Working out together makes you more goal-oriented. Heading towards common goals will always strengthen the bond between both of you. At the beginning of every week, tell your partner your fitness goals. Having clear fitness goals to work towards helps motivate both of you to work harder to achieve them. At the same time, you have the presence and support of your partner right there with you as you do it.

Even if both of you aren’t big on fitness, knowing that it is essential for the both of you and the fact that you’re in it together, should keep you going.

As you work together to achieve your goals in the gym, you’ll find that you become goal-oriented in other aspects of life too. Having short-term goals and putting in the work necessary to achieve them, teaches you discipline which you can then use in other parts of your life too.

Did you want to save up some cash to finish off your degree? No problem! Just put aside some cash at the beginning of every month, in some time you would have saved up enough to complete your course.

2. You Are More Willing to Try Something New

Are you in a rut with your current exercise routine?

Maybe you’re into yoga and your partner prefers circuit training. Trying your partner’s preferred exercises will be much less daunting if you do it with them.

Plus, it’ll give you a renewed interest in your current routine.

Then there’s the bravery component. If you’re both ready to stray out of your comfort zones and try something new, it’ll be much easier doing it together.

For example, learning something way outside your wheelhouse such as scuba diving or snowshoeing basics will be a lot less daunting when you’re there to support one another.

Having this new territory to explore together will naturally boost your intimacy.

Then there’s the bravery component. If you’re both ready to stray out of your comfort zones and try something new, it’ll be much easier doing it together.

3. Your Workouts Are More Efficient

Psychologists state that we tend to perform tasks better in the presence of someone else. This also applies to people who are confident in their ability to perform a task well. Even if you’re the partner that loves working out, you’ll find that having your significant other there will push you to perform even better.

On the other hand, an individual who is just starting off in the gym might feel a little conscious if they aren’t too comfortable around the machines and exercises. In that case, their partner needs to be empathetic and needs to provide constant encouragement to keep them going. Sometimes beginners need to be exercising on their own for a bit until they muster up enough stamina to be working out with their partners.

Getting fit requires you to eat healthy as well; something many people struggle with until it becomes a part of your lifestyle. When you’re both focused on getting healthy together, your parent is there to check up on you to make sure you aren’t cheating on your diet or skipping out on your workout.

Until being healthy comes naturally, most of us require someone to watch over us to keep us in check. When your partner has the same goals as you, they’ll be sure to keep an eye on you.

4. You Will Increase Quality Time Together

Do the everyday responsibilities of life cut into the time you have to spend with your partner?

Exercising is probably one of those responsibilities. So if you’re already blocking out that time in your day, why not schedule it with your partner?

It’s not exactly a date night. But it IS time spent together. And finding this extra time to be together in your busy lives is healthy for your relationship – while being healthy for your body too.  

5. You Will Relieve Stress Together

The time you spend together exercising is important. But so too is the time afterward.

The release of endorphins during your workout helps to improve mood and ability to improve your mood and boost your confidence. The endorphins released in your brain during exercise lower the perception of pain. The effects of endorphins are similar to that of morphine but unlike with morphine, there is no risk of addiction. Consistent with the release, endorphins lower depression and anxiety which leads to you being a generally happier person – which is always good in a relationship.

So why not take advantage of this phenomenon?

Get Your Sweat on

If you and your partner are big into fitness, spice up your workouts with couple workouts. You’ll be surprised how much it spices up your relationship too.

And keep checking back here with our blog for more great advice on all things sports, sex, dating, and health. You got this.

7. Improves Your Sex life

If you still need some motivation to get you to the gym then you should know that regular exercise has a direct impact on your sex life. It’s been scientifically proven that physical fitness contributes to a better sex life. The endorphins released in your brain have similar effects to those of sex hormones.

Your heart rate, digestion, and libido all improve with exercise. The energy released during exercises is pumped throughout your body, including your sex organs, which can actually double the desire for physical intimacy.

Specific strength exercises can boost a low libido by triggering growth hormones in the body, increasing testosterone levels in the system which then leads to arousal.

Other types of exercise such as certain forms of yoga are dedicated to enhancing sexual desire in a person.

Of course, exercise helps you stay in shape, making you more physically appealing to your partner. No one wants to stop being sexually attracted to their partners. If you’re exercising regularly, your muscles stay toned, your belly remains flat and you won’t have any love handles dangling from the side of your jeans. You won’t need to worry about your partner losing interest in you for a long time.

8. Keeps your Love and Couple Goals Alive

Lastly and most importantly, exercising with your partner makes sure your partner stays in love with you. How? Well, exercise leads to some very specific symptoms. Your heart rate is up, your pulse is racing, you’re sweaty and there’s shortness of breath. Sounds familiar, right? The physiological symptoms exercise are very similar to those we experience during sex. Research has shown that our bodies can misinterpret the symptoms and misattribute them to sexual arousal. Convince your partner to go to the gym with you. They’ll be more drawn to you physically without even knowing why. Make it a habit and your partner will find you much more attractive.

It may sound strange that exercising together can possibly strengthen the emotional bond you share with your partner but it does. When you spend time working out together, you fight less and strengthen your emotional bond. You no longer have the stamina to fight unnecessarily. Working out is an outlet for all the negative energy that builds up in you. When you’re regularly releasing all that negative energy, you don’t feel the need to clash with other people, including your partner. There are always going to be tough times in your life, exercise helps you fight through the frustration so you are no longer inclined to let the anger out on others.

Were the both of you thinking of saving up to start a family or make a big journey you always dreamt about? Discuss how you are going to budget your income and how much you want to put into your savings account at the end of the month. You’d find it much easier to achieve your goals if you make it a habit of doing so in the gym.

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