Ashwagandha Benefits for Men – a Small but Mighty Herb to Enhance Male Sexuality


Are you familiar with Ayurvedic medicine – that ancient healing system that has been practiced in India and now throughout the world for thousands of years? It’s a fascinating method for healing as it really focuses on our place in nature and getting to the root of any health issue that may occur, without simply putting a bandaid on a symptom.

In the Ayurvedic tradition, it is believed that Mother Nature provides all the necessary cures needed to live a long and healthy life. One of its most widely-used methods of healing is through the taking of special herbs that have been revered throughout the ages. One of these Ayurvedic herbs, and also one of the most well-known, is that of Ashwagandha.

This Indian herb is often referred to as Indian ginseng. Typically it is prescribed by Ayurvedic doctors for stress management. However, it also maintains a myriad of healing properties for men. It remains one of Ayurveda’s most popular herbal remedies for this very reason.

This life-enhancing herb is believed to support sexual function in men, enhance the body’s immune system when needed, and play a vital role in stress reduction. It even benefits a man’s cognitive ability as he ages. It is also thought to increase vitality and energy. It even works to help in the ageing process – promoting longevity and more graceful ageing as the years pass.

This sexually supportive herb is naturally high in alkaloids, saponins, withanolides and steroidal lactones. The health-giving herb has been used for many centuries to rejuvenate and restore overall well-being. It is often taken as a tonic, meaning one can take it daily to improve general vitality while simultaneously alleviating anxiety and panic disorders.

Many research studies have been done on Ashwagandha indicating that it has anti-immune boosting capabilities, anti- inflammatory properties as well as nerve-protective abilities. If you are a vegetarians or vegans, this natural remedy is also perfect for you.

The health benefits of the traditional Indian herb for men are gaining more and more attention as further studies are executed. One such study believes that the Ayurvedic herb may support the production of healthy testosterone – a must for our sexual health and well-being, especially as we age. As men age, testosterone decreases, which can prove downright frustrating and aggravating. Life is difficult enough as we age, without adding the imbalances of hormones that so often occur.

In addition, taking this herbal root on a daily basis is believed to increase sperm count, sperm motility, and even the volume of semen. How’s that for a sexy male remedy? Because this herb works to balance the system, it is said to promote healthy testosterone production in men only if your levels need a boost. If they don’t, the herbal remedy will work on other systems and functions of the body to promote homeostasis.

Ashwagandha’s health benefits for men are also believed to include its ability to support health as men go through andropause, the equivalent to the female menopause. As we well know, there’s barely any talk of this time in a man’s life, but it is a very real thing. During andropause, male hormones often become imbalanced. This can cause stress and sexual dysfunction. If you are stressed out, your hormones also take a turn for the worse. It can all be such a vicious cycle. So, here’s where the amazing Ayurvedic herbal remedy steps in.

When your hormones are out of whack and you feel stressed out, sleep deprivation is no stranger. Luckily, ashwagandha also promotes restful sleep. Take it at night if you suffer from insomnia, too much worry, nightmares, general restlessness, or the inability to get a deeply restorative night’s sleep. It does all of this by working on the nervous system, to nourish and mildly sedate the body.

Many men suffer from stiff and aching muscles – especially as they get older. The herbal supplement also relaxes the muscles, while toning and strengthening muscle tissues. It even reduces inflammation. If you think you could benefit from this healing Ayurvedic remedy, consider purchasing organic Ashwagandha capsules to take as a daily tonic.


Amazing list of Ashwagandha’s health benefits:


– Encourages male virility

– Helps to lessen stress and anxiety

– Supports healthy vitality and energy

– Enhances sexual vitality

– Works as an immune system booster

– Aids in the restoration of cells

-Helps to diminish exhaustion and fatigue

– Works to support the nervous system

– Supports the improvement of red blood cell count

– Promotes male fertility

– Supports a healthy sperm count

– Enhances sperm motility

– Increases volume of semen

– Revitalizes hormone imbalances

– Promotes a healthy prostate gland

– Supports a healthy erectile response

– Works to maintain healthy body weight

– Encourages muscle development and strength

– Helps to strengthen cognitive function

– Promotes confidence

– Soothes and calms the mind

– Relieves agitation

– Encourages longevity

– Promotes vital life force

Take one 500 mg capsule twice daily to receive all of this sexual supportive herb’s amazing benefits.

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