First Step to Your Less Waste Lifestyle: 10 Crucial Swaps For your Zero Waste Bathroom

By Patrick Banks

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Do you know that you can make your bathroom more sustainable and environmentally friendly by simply swapping your single use products for more eco-friendly and reusable products? This can seem a bit overwhelming but it is doable.

Most of us have in our bathroom drawers a handful of sample products and items that we hardly use. Bathrooms in a way seem to have some magnetism for clutter and have become a home to things like old beauty products, hotel samples, travel size products, expired sunscreens, old towels just to mention a few. These products end up becoming waste that we can easily do without. Instead of making our bathrooms a storage place for all these types of wasteful items, we can transform them into a zero waste bathroom.

Here are some top 10 bathroom swap ideas that will set you towards achieving a zero waste life. They may cost quite a bit at the beginning but it’ll be worth it in the long run.

1. Oral care products 

Oral hygiene is one of the routine activities that we practice every single morning. Some of the products that we use for this activity are not environmentally friendly and can be replaced with other sustainable options. Plastic toothbrushes for instance can be replaced with the eco-friendly bamboo brushes. These particular types of toothbrushes are not only compostable but they also emit very little carbon dioxide when produced.

Another important product in oral care is toothpaste. Toothpaste tubes are non-decaying and neither are they recyclable. As an alternative, you can consider using toothpaste tablets or powders. These products are usually packed in reusable glass.

2. Zero waste ear care 

One of the popular questions among people who observe or plan to observe a zero-waste lifestyle is how to clean your ears without using the environmentally harmful cotton buds, Q-tips and swabs. The solution lies in LastSwab. LastSwab is basically a sustainable, eco-friendly and reusable product that is quite effective when used for post-shower ear cleaning and in swiping of eye liners. One LastSwab replaces approximately 1000 single use cotton buds and swabs. It has been designed in such a way that is gentle to the sensitive body parts without compromising on its quality. 

3. Hair care products 

Hair care products are another wasteful item that is common in our bathroom drawers. To achieve a zero-waste living you will need to replace this product with a more sustainable option like hair care bars. Hair-care bars are both environmentally friendly and do not contain any plastic packaging. It contains ingredients that not only lack harmful chemical additives but are also nutritious to the hair and offers a sustainable hair solution. 

4. Hair brushes 

Majority of hair brushes are made of plastics that are harmful to the environment. As an alternative you can opt for the safe and durable wooden hair brushes with wooden bristles which you can easily compost at the end of its lifespan. 

5. Zero-waste razors 

You also need to replace the plastic safety razor with the stainless steel one which is not only durable but is also affordable. It will also save you the hustle of buying a blade every week or month. There are numerous different types of stainless steel razors available both in local and online stores.

6. Zero-waste body soaps

As for body soaps, you can opt for bar soaps which are package free and therefore devoid of extra plastic waste. Note that you do not have to limit yourself to one type of bar soap, there different types and varieties of bar soaps available in the market with different ingredients and scents. So it is not all boring. 

7. Recyclable toilet paper

Most toilet papers are wrapped in plastic and although this may seem negligible, the plastic toilet paper packages will eventually accumulate into a noticeable quantity. You can also opt for the 100% recyclable or tree-free toilet paper.

8. Reusable sanitary pads and menstrual cups 

Sanitary pads which have to be bought every month contribute significantly to the harmful, non-degradable global waste that fill-up landfills everywhere. Fortunately there are other eco-friendly options like the reusable menstrual cups which are manufactured from medical grade silicone. If you are not comfortable with the menstrual cups you can also consider the reusable sanitary pads.

9. Wooden toilet brush

Apart from the personal care products, there are other items in the bathroom that you may need to change and one such product is the toilet brushes. Must toilet brushes in our bathrooms are made of plastics and therefore you may need to replace them with wooden ones. A wooden toilet brush not only reduces on household waste output but it also enhances your bathroom outlook.

10. Bathroom sprays 

Bathrooms sometimes get a little smelly and stinky and this is where the bathroom/toilet sprays come in handy. Instead of using the usual air fresheners which are mostly available in plastic containers, you can substitute it with a natural DIY air freshener. It is actually so easy to make them. All you require is an essential oil, water, and a spray bottle.  

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