The Best Pick Up Lines 2017 (that actually work)

By Patrick Banks

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the best pickup lines

Flirting with a beautiful lady is a terrifying thing for many men. Maybe that’s why they fail so often when trying to come up with a ‘pick up line’ that breaks the ice and displays charm at the same time. But there is a secret – you don’t have to come up with your own ‘pick up line’. Using those that have worked for many men will get you close to any woman you like.

Yes, it is true that many ladies perceive ‘pick up lines’ as a sign that a man has no charm or intelligence to impress a woman and uses the same phrase that someone else made up. The reason for this is that many ‘pick up lines’ sound antiquated and cheesy and make your intentions, to make her melt into your bed as quickly as possible, too obvious.

But how about this one: “

“I’ve been trying to find the courage to give you my phone number.”

Sounds much better, right?

Sounds much better, right? If you’re trying to pick up a woman, telling her a dirty or corny ‘pick up line’ will probably be an immediate failure. But if you make the ‘pick up line’ sound natural and innocent, she’ll fall in love with your charm and charisma.

Why even bother learning ‘pick up lines’?

Men use‘pick up lines’ to help them start a conversation with a beautiful woman with minimum effort while hoping for maximum return. After all, you just need a quick and easy conversation starter to get talking to that hot girl and if you can pull out a cute ’pick up line’ to do it for you, why not?

Men quite often don’t know what to say that will initiate flirting and make them feel relaxed and not like they are trying too hard to make up a conversation topic. It seems like there should be a secret formula to open women up, but nobody tells them what it is. So guys fall back on a technique for talking to the ladies and hoping they will be able to strike a meaningful conversation.

The problem here is that if you choose a cheesy ‘pick up line’ like a traditional, “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven”, the woman will write you off right away as being boring and predictable. Instead, say something like:

“Something’s wrong with the check”

and give her a check with your number and name on it.  It works every time.

What can make a ‘pick up line’ work?

Now let’s get to the most exciting part, going through the list of key points that will make your ‘pick up line’ either a success or failure. Furthermore, you’ll find out how to improve a ‘pick up line’ that works for others so that it will represent your true personality.

The first thing every man should know is that women want to feel unique and special. It’s the main ingredient of a successful conversation. So women want to see signs from you that you’re seeing her as a very special girl.

This pick up the line,

“Hi, you have great energy! Where do you get it from?”

is a classic way to say a compliment and find out about her hobbies. The best thing about this line is that you don’t say a word about how beautiful she is and so on because women hear it way too often.

Another great way to compliment her personality is to say

“My friends are boring and I need an interesting person to talk to – can I talk to you?”

Most women bite on this one because they love being called interesting over hot.

And that’s the reason that what you tell her should always feel as if you’ve said this only to her and are saying it for the first time – not just repeating cheap ‘pick up lines’ you found online. An easy way to achieve this is to be funny and all ‘pick up lines’ below are funny in some way. Both men and women respond to humor positively.

Use this phrase:

“Let’s pick on others together.”

It’s not only funny but automatically gives you a conversation topic and something to do. Perfect for guys who never know what to say after a pick-up line!

If the girl is talking to somebody else, wait for a pause in a conversation and ask:

Sorry, were you talking to me?

And when the girl says No, you respond with

Well then, please start.”

It’s polite, unique and let her know that you want to talk to her, not just see her naked.

The second thing may sound like a cliché, but there are so many men that pretend to be somebody else when they chat with an attractive woman that being yourself becomes one of the key points in a conversation. You don’t want to project a version of yourself you can’t deliver – you’ll spend too much energy trying to keep pretending and won’t be able to enjoy the moment.

Staying confident is the third thing to remember. Most people on this planet are attracted to confident people. Even if it’s not your strong suit, follow the rule of faking it until you’re making it. Don’t doubt yourself, your interests, your thoughts, and most of all, who you are! This will help you to say your ‘pick up line’in a way that sounds natural and let women know a bit more about yourself. If you don’t know what to say after a pick up line, start with this:

Hey, I’m doing a survey of what women thing are the worst pick up lines…

When she says a couple of those lines, you could ask if she hears them often and so on. This is a great conversation topic that makes you both laugh at guys who use cheesy and cheap pick up lines. She would tell you about her experience with guys, you would remember a couple of your stories. What could be better, right?

If you’re uncertain or nervous, it’s more likely that you’re not the only one, but others are faking it and you can do it as well. The thing about confidence is that if you force yourself to feel confident long enough, eventually it will become natural for you.

If you’re one of those shy guys who always afraid of being rejected, say

I bet you $30 you’re going to turn me down now.

The thing is, shy guys often underestimate girl’s interest in them. A bit of self-depreciation will make you look like a nice guy without making you feel uncomfortable. And unless you have pit stains, the girl won’t say “you win.”

The psychology behind ‘pick up lines’

Every guy seems to wonder if ‘pick up lines’are real if they can really work. Multiple studies have shown that your love can be just one ‘pick up line’ away from you! Some of them can elicit behaviors and emotions that make a relationship development more likely. Moreover, with the right ‘pick up line’ you can control the direction you want the relationship to develop.

Take this, for example:

“We’ve been making eyes at each other all time; I thought it was time I made the first move”.

We’ve been in situations when we lock eyes with someone and wait for something to happen. This pick up line will actually make something happen. Just don’t miss the magic of the moment!

Generally, ‘pick up lines’ that show off some aspects of the positive attributes of a man or his value as a mate is proven to be the most effective. These ‘pick up lines’are especially appealing to the ladies that are shy, self-conscious, anxious, or looking for a considerate and friendly man.

In contrast, more energetic and outgoing women preferred direct and humorous ‘pick up lines’ from men, and they value leadership characteristics in men. Finally, ladies who tend to be impulsive, aggressive, and take risks tend to like the bad boy type of ‘pick up lines’ and they prefer the lines featuring compliments and have a sexual connotation.

‘Pick up line’ examples that work

Given the two types of research above, when in doubt, it will always be beneficial for a man who chooses to use a ‘pick up line’, to use one that highlights something about his personality and value as a boyfriend – his humor, culture, and so on. ‘Pick up lines’ mentioned below allow men to highlight their attractive qualities and hide a lack of confidence (if you have a problem with it).

These ‘pick up lines’ will provide the ladies with a reason why she could find you appealing, especially if she is very nervous and shy herself. Follow-up conversations and the topic you choose, of course, also help build a better connection, leading to asking her out in a more relaxed, indirect, and comfortable manner.

‘Pick up lines’ to use in the real word

signs of a cheater

“Do you have a minute for me to hit on you?”

This is a great ‘pick up line’ – it sounds friendly and respectful but still tells the woman that you’re confident.It breaks ‘the fourth wall’ and everything a woman thinks about‘pick up lines’. It’s effective and valuable in its own right and it also tells her that you’re not going to take a lot of her time. This is a bold ‘pick up line’, as it cuts to the chase and drops all presence without being cheesy or creepy.

The nature of this line is enough to break the ice without scaring her away. It’s playful and upfront with your intentions. It’s like saying ‘we both know how awkward the beginning of dating can be, so let’s skip the boring part and have some fun’.

“When I saw your beauty I immediately forgot my ‘pick upline’.

 What can be better than an anti ‘pick up line’ that is a ‘pick up line’ itself? It’s a variation from the‘pick up line’ above, but with a twist. Just like in the previous line, if you’re going to use a ‘pick up line’ to start a conversation with a girl why masquerade your intentions? Tell the girl that you have a sense of humor.

Don’t hide ‘pick up lines’ – have fun with the concept of using a silly line to break the ice by showing her that you think‘pick up lines’ won’t work with her and pointing at the absurdity of the situation. If the girl you’re trying to start a conversation with has a sense of humor and agrees to join in on the fun, you will successfully pick her up.

‘Pick up lines’ to use in online dating

Best Tinder Pickup lines

One of the best ways to reach someone online is to react to their profile (after actually reading it) and respond with interest. If the woman you want to start a conversation with likes to travel, open with a funny ‘pick up line’ about travels.

One of the best pick up lines examples is that the guy used to attract a girl who said she has a dog. The guy wrote that this is a message for her dog and if dog’s momma wants to go for a stroll in the park, he would be happy to join her. Works every time.

Online dating is a place where you should show your creativity in order to get the attention of a woman. One of the guys wrote, “I forgot the password for my account and it keeps telling me that your phone number is the password. Could you help me?” Creativity makes the difference between Yes and No. This example is more than simply asking for a phone number and the execution is perfect.

The line,

“You won’t believe how many times I’ve had to swipe left to finally find you,”

makes the girl feel special, making this phrase one of the very best ‘pick up lines’. Girls online have more choices than in real life and another guy is just a few seconds away. So show her you’ve put in some effort to find her.

It’s your turn now!

Many of you are creative in your own ways. So hit on the girl of your dreams with the best ‘pick up line’ and try to swoon her with one phrase.

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