Public Speaking Tips: How To Become an Excellent Public Speaker (Infographic)

By Patrick Banks

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Do you dread speaking in public? It may comfort you to know that along with spiders and death, public speaking ranks in the top for three for peoples’ all-time greatest fears.

Seinfeld even joked that a guy giving a eulogy would rather be in the coffin. It is inevitable that you will have to speak publically, be at a presentation in school or a meeting at work. Being an effective presenter is critical for anyone who is or aspires to be in a leadership position at work.

The good news is that with some tips and some practice, you can leave a lasting impression that you will want people to remember. The infographic below outlines advice given from the International Toastmasters Champion of 2015, Mohammed Qahtani, who was inspired by comedians and the confidence and vulnerability they exude when they perform. Although many of us will try and avoid public speaking altogether, it’s an important part of life both personally and professionally.

Before you start working on your script or presentation, define its purpose. What are you trying to accomplish? What impact do you want to have on your audience? Are you looking to inform? Inspire? Persuade? Knowing your ultimate purpose and desired outcome will help you stay focused through the preparation process.

Famed researcher and author Brene Brown outlined that authenticity is the number one factor in her lack of nerves before a presentation. There are no two ways about it, there is a lot of planning involved prior to presenting. Especially if you’re working with a team and tight deadlines. You have to figure out your communication strategy, research strategy, roles for each team member, goals and time management. All of this requires planning.

A fluent, well-coordinated speech will not come out of your mouth effortlessly. Even Steve Jobs did several rehearsal rounds before presenting each iPhone or iPad. Rehearsing will turn even the most insecure speaker into someone who exudes confidence. Davitt Corporate Partners created this helpful infographic that gives you all the tips on how to be an excellent speaker. From what not to say to pre-speech planning, it’s a great guide that can be used in any situation, personal or professional.

Public Speaking Tips - How To Become an Excellent Public Speaker


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