From Ghosting to Bird Boxing – How To Make Your Love Last Longer Than an Average Millenial Fling

By Niall Kennedy

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The scary image of people interacting with each other more over the phone than in the real-life is present and doesn’t seem to change anytime soon. We live in the reality, where people resign from flirting with each other because they can find their match on Tinder, without risking some immediate rejection (like dating rejection was an end of the world anyway!). A question that everyone has been asking in this modern dating madness is:“What makes love last?” I have an answer for you.

The responses I have been gathered from prior scientific studies, to build lit of most important pillars of a healthy long-lasting relationship. So, stop over-analyzing your relationship and learn all about how you can make love last for both of you.

All relationships are different. Relationship maintenance can get hard and sticking together may get impossible when one of the partners is not ready to create a mature, responsible relationship. But isn’t the true love worth waiting for them? Some people tend to fall in love with difficult people. Dealing with difficult people on a daily base surely is an issue but you can’t really determine who you’re going to fall in love with. Even in such cases, with a solid dose of patience and clear communication, the following rules can apply.

In the times when love is ‘just a swipe away,’ people start to think more about how to get laid fast than how to build a serious relationship. But if it’s your aim, you can make it and create a very unique relationship where you can cherish the joys of life together. Obviously, both partners play equal roles in a relationship.

Relationship scientists have spent a huge amount of time on predicting reasons behind breakups. Most of them weigh in towards the negative side. The findings regarding relationships and common strategies to make things work have been split into parts; ways in which couples can keep their relationship going, what they do to avoid breakups and what individuals and couples do to improve the partnership. 

Check out the most effective strategies to keep love healthy before it runs out.

1. Ignore alternatives

While being in a relationship, people tend to discount the possibility of having another partner. This way, they never see the alternatives available out there like double dating, breaking up and getting back together and so on. Live the love you have to the fullest, cherish it every day, without thinking about other ‘loves’ you could have.

2. Partner and relationship are idealized

There are no two perfect people in this world. Not even one. And cheers to that!! We are beautiful as a humanity thanks to all the differences we have. None (hopefully) would like to live in a society of clones sharing the same only accepted standard of beauty, where everyone looks the same and shares exactly the same values. Freaking boring, isn’t it? Stop believing in the illusion that there is someone perfect waiting for you, and learn to appreciate real people for whom they truly are. People have different moods, tempers, races, values, experiences and body shapes. We are all great in diversity, so just pick a person which makes you feel a better, happier person yourself. Nothing matters more than that.

3. Be optimistic

A good partner tends to be positive towards mostly anything the better half does or feels. Be open to communicate and understand your partner in a positive way, even in difficult situations. For example, you have a hint about your partner cheating on you. If you react like this, “I knew she’d do this. I shouldn’t have trusted her!” Things will never work. The ideal way is to have an adult conversation and admit the mistake you’ve made. It’s alright to say that you were wrong!

4. Intense conflict management

Happy couples tend to find ways to deal with their differences. If not, they tend to go for couples counselling or sign up for training to deal with difficult people. It’s good to do so because, you’ve got to manage someway, right? The ones living behind stonewalls will never change; you can. Be flexible with your partner and make sure you both accept each other from within and manage conflicts, eventually

5. Compromise more than sacrifice

It’s always been there; successful couples admit that they sacrificed so much to make things work. Well, that’s a compromise (unless it’s negative, then it’s a sacrifice!) Compromising for your partner is amazing to make love last. You’re letting the person know that your personal interests sometimes can be exchanged with the partner’s interests. A great way to make love work!

6. Forgive

Several studies have shown the importance of forgiving in the truest sense. Couples tend to forgive their partners, which is amazing. It’s nice to see how people unconditionally love one another and let go of the past. Don’t erode your mental health; be open with your partner and ensure the air is cleared out at all times. Ask for forgiveness. None ego should go before true love.

7. Help out each other

Academic studies call this “facilitation.” it includes helping a partner make some significant plans, help to complete tasks, manage time and achieve goals too. This amazing interdependence makes couples stay together.

8. Reduce stress for each other

Be it work troubles or family drama, being supportive is one of the most amazing ways to ensure sticking together with your partner. Keeping each other happy is why you’re with your lover in the first place, right?

9. Think for the team

Couples who think only about themselves sure do not last long. They treat their partner as just another person. The day you start thinking about your partner’s choices over yours is when you guys are surely going to last longer. You initiate and see how it goes; results will be, you will be getting the same love in return!

10. Be generous

Help your partner. Let them know that you can also make the bed every now and then or surprise them with a dinner date at home! It’s a beautiful feeling.

11. Be grateful

Gratitude is another quality you need to develop. Dealing with difficult people or situations will definitely get easy then. Make sure you subtly let the partner acknowledge the gratitude. Build your relationship with this in mind.

12. Wish the best for your partner

Praying is beautiful. Pray for your partner; religiously or spiritually. That kind of love is beautiful; it’s extraordinary. In fact, in today’s time where so many marriages are happening among diverse cultures, praying gets fun!

What couples do to improve relationship partnership

Keep communication lines open

– Be it talking about your relationship or just talking about them at the individual level, talking about all these things is important. Respond to each other; attempt to have an open mind no matter what.

Do fun stuff together

– I don’t always mean kinky stuff. I’m talking about going to an adventure park, for example! Be friends and lovers at the same time. It’s beautiful. All I can think about right now is how I love doing fun things with my partner. These loving moments always keep relationships tight, I assure you!

Use humour

– If you have humour, go ahead and use it. I do too. It’s a fun tool in my tool bag and studies have also shown that humour makes a stressful day vanish! However, dark humour ain’t appreciated much, but you never know!

The findings stated above are completely descriptive because that’s what relationships are; they’re personal and beautiful. Make a successful relationship out of you and your partner. Don’t force it but, don’t forget to love.

Since these strategies have worked for most people; there’s a high chance it’s going to work for you as well. 

About the author Niall Kennedy

Niall Kennedy is the Creative Director at “Preferred Training Networks”. He has over 20 years of experience in Professional Development Industry. He has published 4 business books – “All Aboard the Brain Train,” “Healthy Leadership,”“Errant Workplace Behaviours,”and“Hidden Observations”.

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