How to Get Over a Breakup When You Still Love Her

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How to Get Over a Breakup When You Still Love Them

How To Deal With A Break Up: 4 Tips That Will Help You Get Through The Tough Times of Breaking Up With Someone You Love

Getting over a breakup with someone you love isn’t easy. No matter how you ended your relationship, the feeling of loss after being dumped by your partner are sometimes so intense that it can be difficult to cope with on your own. No matter how strong you are, breaking up with someone you had true feelings for is always painful. We can’t avoid the stress of breaking up, but it’s certainly possible to make it hurt less.

1. Be independent

It’s important to know that every relationship, even the best one, may end eventually. Of course, I’m not telling you to think about it constantly. That takes away all of the fun of being with someone. You have to find happiness within yourself and it can’t be dependent on another person. Happiness doesn’t come from “being with someone.” Don’t try and “posses” another person or let your feelings be controlled by their presence. You can build a future with another person, but never base your happiness, self-confidence, or self-esteem on someone. Being with someone isn’t the solution to your personal problems or a reason for a self-esteem boost. You have to find happiness and confidence in yourself. There is a significant difference between being supportive and being needy, so never expect too much from your partners. Don’t try to stay in contact with your ex no matter what. Spending time with him or her will only cause you pain—keep you from moving on.

2. Give yourself time

You just broke up with someone you loved and miss like crazy; give yourself the chance to process your emotions. Don’t be afraid to talk to one of your friends about what you are feeling. Both men and women have trouble dealing with breakups, obviously, so don’t feel bad if you are having a rough time at first. Eventually, as you move past these feelings of sadness, you can open back up and let your personality shine. Don’t forget that friends and family can be a great support system, and may even give you some advice. Try to turn your post-breakup pain into a source of inspiration and feeling good about yourself again.

How to Get Over a Breakup When You Still Love Them

3. Keep yourself busy

Do things you like more often. Do things that you didn’t have time for when you were in a relationship. Don’t forget about sports and exercise, which release natural endorphins and improve mood. Try going to the gym, running, or playing football, do whatever physical activity makes you happy. The gym will keep you feeling good about your body. Do whatever feels good for a while, no matter what that may entail – play video games, listen to music, or work harder. Whatever activity keeps you absorbed, do it. Try to be productive. Hang out with your friends. Don’t just stay at home. Incorporate new activities into your life and meet new people. It will give you encouragement to focus on your creativity. You can also try focusing on your career.

How to Get Over a Breakup When You Still Love Them

4. Don’t force yourself into seeing someone else

If you are still in love with your ex-girlfriend, give yourself time to heal before getting involved with someone else. Don’t try to find someone to fill the space in your heart. Don’t go out and fuck around. It might help in the beginning, but you need to build intimacy to have great sex. Don’t be unrealistic and unfairly compare another person to your ex.  It’s important to make sure you are ready to begin dating again.  Meaningless sex may feel great at first but none of that will make you feel any better.  Remember—you have to feel good and happy in yourself before you can be with anyone else. 

5. Work On Yourself and Become A Better Man

It’s easy to take a marriage or relationship for granted. You get comfortable with your current girl because you think she’s the one and you’ll never have to date or impress someone again. So you stop working out, eating healthy, or evolving into a better man. You develop bad habits over time and then you become a boring guy who looks, acts and says the same things.

From where you eat to how you dress to what you talk about over dinner, it’s important to constantly be exploring and improving yourself. Part of this self-improvement will also help you gain your confidence back.
For starters, if your ex-girlfriend had been telling you to be more healthy, maybe it’s time to visit the gym and eat better.

Part of this is the fact that next time she sees you, you want her to realize what she’s missing out on an awesome guy. The other part is you’ll need to look good to attract an even better-looking girl. A leaner or more muscular version of you can only help. Plus, clothes always look better with the proper fit.
Moreover, changing up your style and investing in a few modern outfits can also make a huge difference. It’s shocking how a simple change in wardrobe can completely reinvent your look. If you are clueless about men’s style, even the salesperson at your local department store can help. Sometimes, all it takes is a few good pieces to play the part of a stylish gentleman!

The next step is a trendy haircut and proper grooming. Visit the barbershop and get a stylish new hairstyle. Your regular cut and style may be outdated or downright boring. Be adventurous with one of these popular hairstyles for men. Even something as simple as a different hairstyle can make you more attractive as a whole.

Further, many women love stubble. Consider growing a beard for a dark, masculine look. Studies have shown women love men with a few days’ worths of stubble. A top-rated beard trimmer with the right guards can make facial hair easy to maintain.

After all – don’t forget: Time heals all wounds.

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