Halloween Costume Ideas For Men – The Trendiest Outfits of 2016

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This season is not only for the kids or toddlers to dress in their costumes and go around the neighborhood to collect candy. It is not only for the kids and teenagers to enjoy. There is much more than for them to enjoy. Halloween is the time where everyone is eligible to have a blast by dressing around in various costumes. Adults of all ages join in on the fun. It turns out that it is not as boring as older people think it is. Just as how everyone wears the Santa hats on Christmas and decorating the homes, Halloween brings everyone together by dressing in various costumes and decorating their houses to look spooky.

Other than be giving at various times of the year, Halloween is the only time where you can be kind as well as evil to the children that come for trick-or-treating. From few months old babies to 80-year-old adults, there is a costume for everybody. It is all about doing the best research to pick the outfit you desire. Just remember, this is the time where you can let your imaginations run wild. Each year the accumulated spending rises because of the technicality that these clothes display. The designers that initially created the suits of the characters that people want to copy, put a lot of hard work and details that it becomes hard for them to replicate. That is why the readymade costumes cost a fortune but is unquestionably worth the price.

The current generation puts in a lot of effort during the season of Halloween as compared to any other holiday. If you ask around which part of the holiday is more important, you would never get a preponderance opinion. The fact is that wearing a costume and decorating your house is equally important. It adds the entire scary atmosphere and shows a genuine meaning of Halloween. However, many of us celebrate Halloween and know what types of outfits to wear, but not many will know the history of the holiday. It might come as a surprise to you.

As the current generation prefers people to go according to what is new, there are some outfits that you can try out this Halloween 2016. Here is a list of characters in their latest costumes that you can dress up as a couple of months from now.

Han Solo

Halloween Costume Ideas For Men

Harrison Ford has played Han Solo whenever he was cast in a Star Wars film. The costume that is presented to you in this DIY guide is from the new movie in the Star Wars franchise titled, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

What you need:

White Oxford Embroidered Shirt – $185
Star Wars Han Solo Jacket – $189
Wrancher Dress Jean (Dark Brown) – $36
Reiss Henry Tumbled Leather Belt (Dark Brown) – $61
Han Solo Leather Belt Holster + Droid Caller – $125.90
Han Solo Blaster – $12.99
TuffRider Mens Dress Boots – $170.95

The Punisher

Halloween Costume Ideas For Men

Jon Bernthal was given the torch to carry in leading the character’s rise to fame by acting in the Daredevil television series. Here is his modernized costume from the show that still possesses the badass outlook.

Halloween Costume Ideas For Men

Wilsons Leather Classic Leather Trench Coat – $419.99
Punisher War Zone Vest – $179
Propper Men’s Criticaledge EMS Pant – $29.98
Utility Belt With Pouches (Black) – $10.99
9” US Navy Durashocks Steel Toe Boot – $254.95
BT-M82 Fully Automatic Electric Rifle – $59.99

Marty Mcfly

Halloween Costume Ideas For Men

Michael J. Fox will forever be remembered for his performance in one of the most entertaining movies of all time, Back to the Future. He starred in all the blockbuster installments and here is his iconic costume from the first release in 1985.

Marty Mcfly Back To The Future Vest – $139
Weekday Single Slim Denim Jacket Original Blue – $81
Back To The Future Checkered Cross Pattern White Costume Shirt – $59.95
Straight Light Wash White Oak Selvedge Jean – $198
Nike Mens Cortez Basic Leather Casual Sneaker – $44.95-$149.99
Casio Resin Digital Watch – $13.99

Kylo Ren

Halloween Costume Ideas For Men

The Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie was Kylo Ren’s first appearance, and it was something to remember for decades to come. The son of Han Solo and General Leia chose to follow in his grandfather’s dark footsteps. Those who adore Darth Vader’s grandson should order these.

Adult Kylo Ren Costume Deluxe – $54.99
Faux Leather Pant – $72
Kylo Ren 3-Bladed Lightsaber Costume Accessory – $10.43
Kylo Ren Boots Adult Black PU High Boots – $79

Assassin’s Creed (Movie)

Halloween Costume Ideas For Men

We have seen tons of assassins in the games of Assassin’s Creed. It is time to see how they can work on the big screen. Michael Fassbender will be playing a new Assassin in the Assassin’s Creed movie. Here is how you can dress like him.

Assassins Creed Michael Fassbender Jacket – $205
Assassin’s Creed Movie Hidden Gauntlet Replica – $63.99
Large Louis Belt Bag – $39
Maine New England Brown Broken Bedford Trousers – $44.80
Mens Laced Up Renaissance Boots – $75

Pokémon Go

Halloween Costume Ideas For Men

The 2016 sensation has driven every insane with its release in the past month. The entire world is captured to play Pokémon Go. While everyone is busy playing, you can take this rare opportunity by dressing like your avatar.

Nike Tech Tour Golf Visor – $24
Go Catch Em All Red Trainer Mens Hoodie – $49.99
Jordan Men’s Varsity Sweatpants – $80
Muddyfox Bike Mitts (Black Red) – $9.58
Runner Sneaker (Oltremare Nylon) – $695


Halloween Costume Ideas For Men

Will Smith will be playing the DC Comics villain in the team up movie, Suicide Squad. Deadshot, along with the other baddies, will join unlikely forces to take down a bigger threat that could leave their lives at risks. This how you can get the perfect look.

Deadshot Mask Deluxe – $49.99
Suicide Squad Deadshot Jacket – $145
Black BDU Pants – $27.99
Tactical Airsoft Universal Hunting Pistol Drop Leg Left/ Right Hand Holster – $13.45
BlackHawk Ankle Holster Small Double Action Revolver with Exposed Hammer – $29.99
Black – Panama Sole GI Type Steel Toe Jungle Boots – $43.99

The Joker (Suicide Squad)


The reincarnation of the Joker has been seen many times and the last actor to have played this psychotic clown has left big shoes to fill. Suicide Squad will be the first time we see a younger Joker played by Jared Leto. This how he looks in the new film.

Suicide Squad Joker Jack Napier Cosplay Wigs – $29.99
Joker Temporary Tattoos Five Pieces – $29.16
Joker Suicide Squad Jared Leto Coat – $289
Champion Men’s Eco Fleece Pants – $19.99
Suicide Squad Joker Cane Screen Accurate – $125

The Minions

Halloween Costume Ideas For Men

Minions are a lovable character and fun to portray as a Halloween costume. With the Mower Minions movie releasing this year it is a relevant outfit for the year 2016. They are funny and weird species around as the minions represent a totally unique talking style  and appearance. Here is how you could become the adoreable Minions.

Minions Yellow Color T-Shirt – $59
Minion Stonewashed Denim Overalls – $24.99
Minion Shoes – $125
Two-eye Minion Hat – $24.95


Halloween Costume Ideas For Men

Deadpool is not a conventional superhero film. The movie has been appreciated by the fans globally. The comments on the social media are quite encouraging. As some people even saying it might be the best Marvel movie produced yet. The franchise took a huge gamble with Deadpool due to a number of reasons. Now the audiences are embracing it is an encouraging signs for the whole movie cast. This is how you can get the perfect Deadpool appearance.

Deadpool Leather Jacket – $199.90
Deadpool Mask – $28.34
Deadpool Leather Pants – $139.00
Deadpool Gloves – $24.99
Deadpool Boots – $54.99-63.96

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