Better Alone Than in a Bad Company – How to Be Single And Happy

By Alex J. Stevenson

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How to Be Single And Happy

Many people see being single and being happy as two conflicting ideas. The truth is, they can go together just as well as being in love and being happy.

Not only can you stay single and stay happy, but everyone should spend some time alone if they want the best chance at long term happiness.

Being single isn’t a problem in need of fixing and if you view it this way, you need to spend some time single.

You probably will never be truly happy with your life, single or taken, until you focus on yourself and change the way you think.

If you are one of the many people who think that you are unhappy because you’re single, keep reading, you’re about to learn how to be happy being single.

The first step to happiness in your single-life is discovering the perks of being single and how you can take advantage of them.

How to Be Single And Happy

You have more time available, you should use it to get to know and focus on yourself and your future. Deep self-knowledge will help you:

1. Choose better partners as a result of getting to know yourself

A) Your likes, dislikes, quirks and other traits are a few factors that can help predict a potential partner’s compatibility with you.

This will drastically improve your chances of committing to the right person.

Spending your time productively while you’re single will increase the probability of your next relationship lasting the rest of your life.

B) Choose the right career path and become successful.

Devoting as much time as possible to your quest to become self-aware will greatly aid you in finding a career in which you’re most likely to thrive.

This discovery will render you a worthy opponent in your battle for success.

C) You are far more likely to wind up in a happy after you really get to know yourself.

Success and confidence are attractive—these are some results of becoming self-aware and they will broaden your romantic prospects.

Another benefit is an increased chance of financial stability, which will come naturally with career success.

In addition to learning how to be happy being single, you’ll be increasing your odds of future happiness regardless of relationship status.

Eliminating some financial worry will enable you and your future partner to better focus on each other.

Depending on the scope of your success, you could wind up completely eliminating any chance of one of the leading causes of divorce from your future relationship.

D) Once you’ve realized your passions, set goals around them and achieved success in different areas of life, your self-esteem will skyrocket.

Self-esteem will enable you to be happy as a single person. Self-esteem will also help you in the future when you choose a partner.

With real self-esteem, you’ll understand that you are putting yourself first by staying single.

You will not lower your standards, and know that you’re better off alone than settling for less than you want and deserve.

2. You’ll have more opportunities to work on all of your other relationships.

These relationships usually take the back seat to your romantic relationship.

The time that you’ll gain being single will allow you to nurture your relationships with friends and family.

You’ll even have time to create new relationships! Being single doesn’t mean being lonely.

3. You have far more freedom in several different avenues, enjoy it!

man jumping friends

A) You can spend your time the way you want to.

As part of a couple, you had to spend time doing things that you wouldn’t be interested in individually.

The time you’d spend on these activities will now be free to spend the way you decide.

B) You can make your own decisions; answer to no one.

C) Being single frees you financially in a way you’ll never experience in a relationship.

You only have to think about yourself when making financial decisions and definitely don’t have to consult anyone else.

You can spend your money however you’d like! You’ll increase your financial freedom more by automatically saving money by being single.

You can skip that trip for flowers and chocolates this Valentine’s Day, unless you’d like to buy yourself a treat!

D) Being single doesn’t mean that you can’t have any sort of love life, it means you’re free to decide if and when you’ll date.

Going on dates can be fun and more importantly, can help you learn more about yourself. Perhaps your idea of an acceptable mate has changed since you began your self-discovery, you’re constantly evolving.

If you like dating, you can go on a different date every week. You’re now free to date or not date as much or as little as you want.

Spending some time with yourself is important, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up romance and dating altogether.

You might feel like experiencing the ‘best of both worlds’ or you may prefer to stay away from anything even remotely related to romantic relationships for a long time.

4. Being single can actually benefit your health.

A) Single people sleep better. People in relationships generally share a bed with their partner, they often don’t have the same schedule, toss and turn, snore so loudly you wake up, or something else that frequently interrupts sleep.

B) Relationships come with stress. Your stress-load will definitely lighten quite a bit when you’re single.

C) It’s extremely common to lose weight when you’re newly single!

5. Achieve Independence

man -mountain

Many people in long-term relationships are or at some point become dependent upon their partner. Learn to be independent when single so you can be independent in a relationship.

This could help you in the future, being dependent on your significant other for emotional support and healthy things are fine.

When you become too dependent on your significant other, not only you are less able to tackle life on your own, but you starting to lose yourself.

No relationship comes with guaranteed success, and the less dependent you are on your relationship, the better off you’ll be if it ends.

If you lose yourself because you become too dependent on a relationship, if it ends you can become so lost.

Break-ups are a lot harder if, somewhere along the course of the relationship, you lost your identity.

Happiness should never be completely dependent upon another person.

By this point, you should not only understand how to be happy being single, but realize that it’s a good idea to choose to spend some time single.

Ignore the way being single is portrayed in movies, television and music. All of these have a flair for drama, hence they dramatize and romanticize relationships.

Being single is neither a flaw nor does it means that you are flawed in any way. Being single isn’t a weakness—it’s strength and that’s how you should look at it! It means you’re strong enough to be alone with, and take care of yourself.

Knowing you can get through life without being dependent upon anyone else is an empowering feeling that should be embraced.

Wake up to the opportunity that is before you, inviting you to understand, love and improve yourself.

You don’t need to find ways to be happy in spite of being single, you already have new opportunities for happiness because you’re single.

‘There are worse things than being alone. But it often takes decades to realize this. And most often when you do, it’s too late. And there’s nothing worse than too late.’ – Charles Bukowski

Being single can open a whole world of freedom and possibilities you never expected to have. It can be the most wonderful and nourishing time of your life and empower you for the future success. Here are the reasons why.

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5 Powerful Reasons for Which Spending Time Alone Will Make You Successful and Happy

To be honest, the process which has led you to this exact article is extremely fast-paced. In a matter of a few seconds, a few pages began loading and started to present you this unique piece of content. The world is the same – super fast-paced. Everything that we are supposed to do, or everything that we’re doing daily and consistently (school, work, social life, family, hobbies), puts us through an active process of thinking, behaving, and acting according to the given present situations.

If you, my dear reader, agree to play my game and allow me to prove you a point, while also explaining to you why and how everything’s gone wrong, you’ll definitely find this article quite helpful.

So, What the Heck Are You Living For?

Due to the fact that you’re in a continuous movement, and I’m talking about waking up with an alarm clock, almost every hour of your everyday morning, having to wash up, get ready, and start your day. It doesn’t matter what you occupy your time with; you’re still experiencing feelings offered by your workplace and social environment.

Now let me skip to my final point: our everyday’s routines and activities make us forget about the important aspects of our existence. Pay attention…this is possibly happening right now, in your life, without you even realizing it. I don’t want to induce panic or stress, but focusing on the wrong things in life will most definitely reduce the quality of your thoughts, feelings, and quality of life.

“You never know yourself till you know more than your body” – Thomas Traherne

Have you ever stopped for a second to ask yourself a few of these basic questions?

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • What’s my life’s message and legacy?

As you can observe, whenever we take a moment alone and ask ourselves these types of questions, we’re basically communicating with ourselves. Better said, we unconsciously perceive our inner dialogue “partner” as a distinct entity. If you can start being aware of this fact, you can now understand that not spending time alone is just like constantly avoiding your “closest partner in life”.

If you ignore yourself, then it means that your whole attention goes on others. For example, when you’re in love with someone, you would do anything for him or her. You’d be willing to spend time and money with that person, perform a lot of mental and physical effort in order for things to go well between you, and you’ll automatically think a lot about him/her.

If you’re willing to do this for someone else, why in the world aren’t you doing it with yourself first?

The Fear of Being Alone

When we’re conscious that what we’re about to do is going to bring the pain (in any form) instead of pleasure, we tend to be afraid of it. In a matter of seconds, few processes that happen inside our brains are causing the fear that we’re talking about.

Fear can manifest itself in many forms. The fear of failure, the fear of loneliness, the fear of unknown…these are all disempowering effects of certain causes. Things that happened in our past, events that changed the way we perceive the world, and all of the feelings that we’ve experienced throughout our lives have led to our present beliefs, attitudes, and fears.

The fear of being alone is characterized by the difficulty of looking straight inside our lives. We’re afraid of being alone because it forces us to start being honest with ourselves. When we take a peek inside our own brain, alone, without distractions, we can spot certain aspects. Some are positive, while some are negative. The fear start from the latest mentioned.

Now let’s get back to the most important reasons for which you must start spending more time just with yourself:

You Get to Know, Accept, and Ultimately Love Yourself Better

a) Understanding

First and most important, you must understand the way you think. Your thinking habits are a key influencing factor for everything that you experience. If you change the way you think, you’ll also change all of your feelings and the quality of your life.

You must also pay attention to your emotional reactions which are leading to the most intense feelings that you have experienced or that you’re experiencing daily. Pay attention to the patterns; look at the cause, and then at the effect. Look for the triggers that are facilitating the cause-and-effect processes.

A short example: whenever you have thoughts that are “confirming” how lonely you are sometimes, a feeling of melancholia or sadness may appear. The trigger is that exact initial thought. If you are aware of it, the whole emotional process will be different. You will understand why you’re feeling that way, and you have the choice of replacing that thought with a positive one.

b) Accepting

After you gain a better understanding of yourself, you should start the process of acceptance. Being able to accept the way you are, and the way you were born, and being able to feel grateful for life, well, not so many people are actually doing it. The moment you accept yourself, the moment you’ll feel more content with your life.

c) Loving

There’s quite a long road from understanding to loving yourself. Individuals that manage to love themselves will experience a better quality of life: their own self is enough to experience feelings of love, the relationship with others will be improved because of the smaller number of egoistic actions, and they’ll always feel content with themselves.

Loving yourself comes from a lot of time spent alone, a lot of introspection, and a lot of patience. It’s the “next big thing” that you experience after you have managed to accept yourself.

You’ll More Control Your Life, Instead of Allowing Life to Control You

People that learn to control their lives are way more happy and successful than those who allow themselves to be controlled by life. The continuous movement that we all have in our lives, the thing that I was talking about earlier, it constantly controls your time! It’s obvious that our most important resource, the one that we can’t take back, is time.

Your responsibilities are present here for a reason: you’ve put them in your life, and you have committed to keeping them on track. All of your activities and responsibilities together are causing a huge mess in your brain. You forget about the fact that you must control your life instead of letting it control you.

The moments of solitude that you’re willing to have will definitely help you reflect upon and analyze your life. It’ll help you figure out where you are, where you wish to be, and what you’re actually willing to do in order for that change to become a reality. I’d suggest taking thirty minutes each and every day alone, and reflecting upon your present situation. After you become genuinely aware of your present state, you can start deciding your future.

Brian Tracy once said: “One minute of planning saves 10 minutes in action”. It’s extremely important for you to take notice of what this really means and apply it in your own life and in your own unique case. Start planning your future, and then commit to take consistent action towards your desired result.

You’ll Become the Master of Your “Inside Battles”

An inside battle, or better said contrary thoughts, is often present in a person’s mind. Moreover, these inside battles that we’re often having with ourselves are coming as a result of having to face a scary decision, having to deal with obstacles and setbacks, and obviously having to assume responsibility for our choices and actions. Simple, huh?

When you’re sitting alone, no distractions, all calm and relaxed, you can finally start analyzing your problems, and reflect upon the decisions that you have to make. You can finally stop the external noise – what friends, family, and experts say – and base your decision on your own thinking. You can be the master. For that, it takes a bit of courage of assuming responsibility for your own gut.

The society doesn’t matter in this case; it’s all you and…you. Your inner self and your egoistic self are trying to merge into something compatible. Pay attention to this:

When you’re able to synchronize your heart, thoughts, and actions, you will be able to succeed with anything that you want. This is the core method of accomplishing almost anything in life. If you want it from your entire hearth, have it constantly on your mind, and you’re also willing to take action until you have it, you’re most likely to succeed.

I urge you to reflect upon this tip that you’ve just received, this strategy of thinking and planning, and then immediately set aside an action plan. Commit to it, and change your life for good. All this if you’re willing to spend time alone and really take your life into your own hands.

You’ll Develop an Efficient Problem-Solving System and Routine

Life throws us a lot of problems straight in our face. They come from nowhere, and we have no control over when they appear. A person’s ability to face his challenges and problems is directly proportional to his success in life. Problem-solving is a skill that we all develop throughout our lives. The difference is that some of us do it better than others.

Those who can successfully use their brains to develop efficient problem solving systems and automatic processes, those will truly enjoy the effect of their good thinking. Spending time alone allows you to develop this system; it continuously grows as long as you keep using it and consciously improving it.

Ultimately, it all becomes a habit of thinking that you no longer have to look for. It’s going to happen in your subconscious, and it’s going to feel natural. That’s what you should focus on: creating productive habits of thinking and efficient problem solving internal processes.

The Quality of Your Personal and Professional Relationships will Drastically Improve

When we manage to manage our inner issues, our inner battles, we can then stop the impulse of affecting others because of our own problems. People do this often; because of their problems, they’re fighting, arguing, and causing problems that aren’t supposed to be present in any type of human relationship.

Moreover, when you take some time alone, you can understand yourself better, analyze your reactions; make standards concerning who you want to spend time with, and so on. Again, by taking time alone you’re basically analyzing your and other person’s behavior. You can take some time and carefully plan your reactions and responses in certain situations.

Needless to say, the more alone time you have, the more you’ll improve your inter-human relationships; it doesn’t matter what type of relationships you have – personal or professional, it’ll all work better.

The time you spend alone is extremely beneficial for your present life and your overall future. Do not be afraid to take moments of solitude and reflect upon your life. Successful people do it, so why wouldn’t you? Start assuming responsibility for your life and face your demons as soon as you can!

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