How To Create A Supremely Swipeable Tinder Profile

By Dave Smith

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If you have a Tinder account, you are being judged constantly whether you realise it or not…
How To Create A Supremely Swipeable Tinder Profile

This post is the result of 2.5 years of Tinder study aimed at altering the constant judgment of your character in your favour and drastically increasing the number of times your profile is swiped right.

Profile Basics

To explain Open Rate (the likelihood that a girl will be open to having a conversation with you) in mathematical terms:

OR = (OI+T)*PE

  • OR = Open Rate
  • OI = Opener Interest
  • T = Time of Day Rating
  • PE = Profile Excellence

We are focusing on PE = Profile Excellence, and as you can see from the equation above, that any change in PE will have an exponential effect on Open Rate.

But it is not just Open Rate that is affected, but also Date Conversion as well, more on in ourTinder Bible.

Your profile is all about YOU

Imagine if GQ Magazine were producing a special report on YOU, how would it read? What would it look like?

As that is what we are trying to achieve with your profile, keep that in mind…

Before we get onto the specific actionable tips, I would like to introduce two overarching principles of Profile Excellence:


Your profile must reflect YOU and must be completely congruent with who YOU are.

We are trying to find a girl to be intimate with or to even make into our girlfriend when you meet a girl face to face, she will be able to see right through an act you are playing, so let’s be transparent from the start. Furthermore, we want her to like you for you, not for who you pretend to be.

In a practical sense, all the images you select must represent you and what you like to do with your life.

My clients always ask:

Surely I should optimize to attract the maximum amount of matches?

No, you shouldn’t, we tell them:

If you target everyone, you target no one

The goal of your profile is to target those leads that you would like to attract into your life.

How do you do that?

By clearly communicating your personality. Yes, you may lose some leads when they discover you are a closet Star Trek fan, but who cares?

If you truly are a closet Star Trek fan and this particular lead (on The Girlfriend Funnel blog we replace the word girl with “leads”, long story…) has an issue with that, then you do not mind losing them.

Only when this concept is understood, can we move onto ensuring that those leads that are compatible with your true personality are attracted.

Pattern Interrupts

The majority of society walk around in a daze, this includes girls.

Marketers spend thousands of research dollars on creating spikes to interrupt people from this daze in order to get people to act (buy their products).

When girls are scrolling through potential matches, they are in a passive daze.

Therefore, anything slightly unusual that may wake them up and spark an emotion is a good thing (as long as it is congruent with you personality, see above).

Examples include:

  • Image showing you working on a laptop in a remote location
  • A slightly obnoxious description that no one else would say
  • Being extremely formal in a casual environment

Profile Photo’s

Tinder is a visual platform…

You have 2-5 seconds to provide the input for the girl’s decision to swipe left/right and your photos have the biggest impact on this.

Let’s first address potential flaws:



  • Shave you hair short and own it

Bad Skin

  • Cast in the best light and modify slightly with Instagram filters

Out Of Shape

Your male value is based MASSIVELY upon your physical body, if you are not genetically blessed facially, then this is a great opportunity,

  • Hit the gym if you are fat (to reduce body fat)
  • Hit the gym if you are skinny (to bulk up)
  • Use pictures on your own, or with others that are in worse shape.
  • Wear clothes that hide at flab
  • Include sporty pictures


  • Shave if you have a beard
  • Grow groomed stubble if you are clean shaven
  • Exercise to get your body fat below 10%


  • No pictures with taller people

Shit Hair

  • Keep it short unless this is part of your image
  • Have a picture taken shortly after a trim

It is important to not to completely hide your flaws, as this will not help you in the long run, we just need to optimize them.

And now, those MUST avoid pictures:

These are the images that have statistically proven to reduce Match Rates due to the “dick factor”:

  • Selfies

Just no.

  • Image With Something You Don’t Own

This puts you into a spectator frame; girls like to be with participators, not spectators.

  • Showing Off

If you look at pictures and it seems like the person has spent time and effort to communicate something to you, then this is showing off.

e.g. a guy taking a selfie in the mirror after a gym session with a protein shake compared with a half-naked photo playing football on a beach?

Profile Picture

Perhaps the most important aspect of your profile and your biggest opportunity to build male value is your profile picture. Now we start making things interesting, here are the 6 triggers we need to be hitting in our profile photos and description.


  • An image showing you speaking, teaching or instructing
  • This adds a MASSIVE boost to male value as she will see you as a leader


  • All girls love travel
  • Don’t look like a tourist
  • Be clean
  • Don’t include a tiger


  • Don’t look at the camera
  • No gym shots
  • No posing


  • No posing
  • In a nice restaurant, boat, apartment


  • Any image where you are creating something
  • Don’t include the actual thing you are creating (we want her to judge you, not your work)


  • Stylish, well fitted clothes
  • Not overdressed (If you sent longer than 20 minutes on the outfit, don’t use it)

The only guidelines necessary for your profile picture are that it hits one of these triggers and follow the below formatting:


Avoid the following:

  • Only your face
  • Too far away
  • Turned away from the camera
  • Sunglasses
  • Poor picture quality

Consider the following:

  • You are the focus
  • Can see all head and at least down to the chest
  • Not smiling1
  • Looking away from the camera1
  • Sunglasses (everyone looks cooler in sunglasses)

Supporting Pictures

You now have the opportunity to add 5 further images to your Tinder profile (we advise above 3 but the full 5 is not necessarily required), this is an opportunity to show other facets of your personality and to include Triggers that you did not include in your profile picture.


Body Pic

  • Self-explanatory, though follow the guidelines shown above with regards to posing and only if you have 15% body fat or below
  • OkCupid1 actually found that men that used a profile picture of a topless body shot received more responses than those that didn’t, IF they have a good body….

Cooking Pic

  • A good seed for the date

Musical Instrument Pic

  • Ticks the Creative Trigger mentioned above

Childhood Pic

  • Girls love children and will come across as non-threatening, reducing your risk score

One Gay Friend Pic

  • Girls will give you respect for supporting the gay community

Two Girls Pic

  • Never one girl, but don’t take it with you in the middle pretending to be a pimp, be doing something cool

Family Pic

  • Similar to the Childhood Pic, will be non-threatening, again reducing risk score

Wild Animal Pic

  • Shows the Adventure Trigger, though not “wild” a semi captive tiger in Thailand does not count as wild

Profile Description

Now, for the most poorly utilised real estate on a Tinder Profile, the description.

First, these girls do not have time to read the full 500 words and my tests have shown the One Line Statement to be the most effective, follow the guidelines below:

  • Looks like little thought has been put in
  • Follow concepts introduced above (Congruence & Pattern Interrupts)
  • Include a Trigger (Adventure usually works best)
  • No Quotes
  • Be polarizing
  • Don’t talk about what you are looking for (too try hard)
  • Nothing to serious
  • Do not leave blank


“Life’s to short to dance with fat girls” – Polarising

“The fortune teller brought me here” – Romantic

“London – Rio – Sao Paolo” – Adventure

1 Sneaky Trick That No One Else Is Doing

And now for the 1 secret trick that literally NO guys are taking advantage of that, I think Tinder will soon disable as it drives traffic from their platform.

Including the URL of your personal online real estate at the bottom of your description…

This then gives the girl the opportunity to invest time in learning more about you, this massively increases the chance that she will respond/go on a date with you.


There we have it…

If you implement the above effectively, you will increase your Tinder value whilst also reducing the risk associated with a girl meeting you on Tinder, ultimately resulting in more matches, more dates and ultimately more fun!

If you REALLY want to get your online dating game to the next level, you should check out this playbook here.

About the author Dave Smith

Dave Smith is the founder of The Girlfriend Funnel , where he teaches guys around the world how to get an awesome girlfriend without stepping foot in a nightclub.

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  1. Kind of obvious, meh advice.
    . I’m good looking and follow all those steps, still don’t get right swipes from pretty girls.

    Please share real secrets


  2. I like how under ‘formatting’ it says:
    Don’t wear sunglasses.

    Then the next paragraph says “consider the use of sunglasses, everyone looks cooler in them”

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