How To Not Be Awkward Around Women

By Patrick Ananda

Posted 4 years agoDATING

GOD I was an awkward kid.

Looking back over the years, the stuff that I used to do and say was just… Cringeworthy.

And it was worse around women.

Every time I found myself around a beautiful woman, it’s like my eyes rolled back into my head and I became a different person.

I would feel my legs tremble…

My palms get sweaty…

My heart pound furiously in my chest…

My eyes would dart around every corner of the room…

And my voice would crack, slurring my words…

Long story short – it was awkward as hell.

How To Not Be Awkward Around Beautiful Women

That was around the time I met Andrew.

Andrew was not a good looking guy… Far from it actually. He was decidedly, well, average!

But whenever we hung out, all the girls in our group would hover around him and hang on to his every word, eagerly awaiting his next (not so) hilarious joke, leaning on him with their hands firmly placed on his bicep, with huge smiles spread across their faces, while Andrew just sat there and…

And did nothing really.

See Andrew was no playboy.

Attracting women like moths to a flame was entirely by accident for him, and it took a completely random experiment with Nofap, a gorgeous blondie on a street corner and a kickboxing injury (seriously, ask me about it) for me to understand the power of Andrew’s tractor beam-like magnetism.

The ‘Pothead’ Method

people think im high

Do you know any potheads? Or better yet, are you one?

Andrew sure as hell was, and it was totally the reason why he wasn’t awkward around women and as a result, women found him to be irresistible (even with his big Jewish nose).

Now, I’m not telling you to go get high – far from it.

I actually haven’t smoked weed in well almost ten years now. But it doesn’t stop me from using this stuff I learned from watching Andrew anyway.

I know I know – ‘Get on with it Pat!’

Look, when you watch movies of attractive masculine archetypes, what is characteristic of their behaviour?

They tend to have very, very slow movements… They never seem to be in any hurry, and are completely and totally relaxed as hell. Even when James Bond is getting shot at, he never seems to get worked up or lose his cool.

When they speak to women, are they vomiting words like Rambo’s machine gun tearing through southeast Asian dictatorships? Of course not… Every word tends to be slow, controlled and impactful.


Do they try to impress everyone around them by constantly chatting away and being the center of attention? Nope. They’re completely at ease, expressing themselves only when they feel it necessary. In the words of a friend of mine “I only speak if I can take it somewhere” (which, coincidentally, happens to be the secret to seductive conversation – message me if you want me to write about this!)

What about their eyes? Darting around nervously and excitedly? Nope. They have, what women call, the ‘Bedroom Eyes’ – which usually means their eyelids are dropped slightly, almost as if they just woke up, and their pupils are dilated, giving them big attractive eyes, intense but relaxed.

Now, go over that list one more time…

Do you know who else (accidentally) embodies those characteristics?

Stoners! That’s who.

Amazing right?!

That’s what made Andrew so irresistible. He wasn’t cut from a different cloth, nor was he particularly good-looking (did I mention the big Jewish nose?).

In fact, if you look into these attractive traits, you’ll find that they have nothing to do with how you look. You can effortlessly embody these traits even if you look like your face has been rammed repeatedly by an 18-wheeler!

That’s good news!

Because it also means that no matter where you are right now in your development…

No matter what you look like…

And no matter how awkward you are around women…

You can actually turn yourself into this cool, suave guy if you apply this one, simple principle below.

Already… ready?!


Seriously, that’s all it takes!

You are awkward because you are anxious, and you are anxious because you think hot women are better than you… And therefore you think you have to do tons of things to impress them.

Look, you’ve tried it your way, now try it Andrew’s way.

Slow everything down… Imagine you’re walking in a pool of water… Slow your movements, breathe deep and feel your feet on the ground.

I promise you won’t feel awkward anymore.

And a nice side bonus is that women will actually start to enjoy being around you.

Go get em tiger 😉


Give. Love. Serve.

Pat Ananda

About the author Patrick Ananda

Patrick is a scoundrel, rogue, vagabond and founder of MAGNETICMENBLUEPRINT. He teaches men how to overcome their social anxiety and fear of rejection, by unleashing their unshakable self-confidence.

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