How to Take Good Tinder Pics – 10 Easy Tips

By Patrick Banks

Posted 10 months agoDATING

Want to increase your popularity on Tinder and triple your matches? It’s time to learn how to take good Tinder pics that will instantly grab the attention.

Find out which pictures you should delete from your profile forever and stand out from the crowd by improving your Tinder pictures with these simple tinder dating tips.

1. Do Not Make Selfies

Looking through dozens of Tinder profiles, we noticed a strange tendency of posting selfies. It’s quick and convenient, but cramming your profile with selfies will only make other people think that you are absolutely self-obsessed and the chances are high that they will immediately reject you as a potential candidate.

That’s why, we highly recommend taking your friend and asking him/her to photograph you in different locations, clothes, from varied angles, etc. If there is no one, whom you can entrust this work, rely on your timer and take great self-portraits by yourself. With so many self-portrait ideas on the web, this won’t be troublesome.

2. Smile

Even the best male poses and female poses l for photos can’t replace a sincere smile.

According to the statistics, Tinder profile pics with people looking serious or trying to exude that “sexy vibe” is less interesting to other users, as they perceive such individuals as unwelcoming and unapproachable. Is this the impression you want to give? Hardly!

So, start smiling if you want to give off a warm and inviting vibe. Even Tinder confirmed, that smiling in your profile photo will increase your chances of being swiped right by 14%!

3. Be Real

We don’t really know why many people forget about this simple truth, but they keep pretending to be a smarter, more beautiful and athletic person than they really are. What’s the point of showcasing your “fake” qualities if you try to find a like-minded person, who is supposed to love your authentic self?

So, drop the fake persona, and let people get to know the real you.  Don’t repeat this mistake that has ruined many love stories and take Tinder pictures, that are true to you and your lifestyle. Don’t forget to showcase your hobbies and interests, as this is a key to a conversation starter. 

4. Include Pets

Pets can easily make your photos more inviting or even funny. If you enjoy spending time with your sweeties, you can show your everyday routine, thus making other Tinder users think of you as a friendly and optimistic person.

Besides, such photos show that you are responsible enough to take care of other creatures, which adds several scores to your credibility. Moreover, a single image can serve as a jumping-off point for great conversation between animal lovers, which can develop into something bigger.

5. Use Group Shots in Moderation

Never make your first photo a group shot! While looking at group shots, it is rather difficult to say whom this profile belongs to.

Besides, if a person decides to devote some time in order to find you in the crowd, they may get more interested in someone standing near you and swipe left. So, keep yourself the main focus of the image, so that everyone knows very clearly who they’re choosing.

 If you are really proud of your social life, and still want to post group photos – don’t upload more than 2-3 of them. Moreover, the number of people in group shots should go beyond 4 individuals.

6. Add Variety

Tinder lets you upload up to 6 photos, and while you don’t have to use all those spots, it’s nice to have a bunch of different photos.

The first must-have photo is a headshot, which helps to picture who you are. The next spot should complement it, so including a lifestyle image is a good decision.

The full-length photo seems to be a logical continuation of the line, since appearance is known to be the first attraction. You can also attach a picture with your friends, but remember the recommendations given above.

7. Go Easy on the Filters and Photoshop

No wonder people try to fix their facial blemishes and improve the body proportions. It all looks good but only to some extent. You have probably seen Tinder profile pics that look over photoshopped with skin too smooth and blurred that it becomes a smudge.

Another frequent case is the overuse of different filters, for example, dog noses, bunny ears, flower crowns and what not. Such pictures look truly ridiculous.

The rule of thumb is to get rid of temporary defects and leave your permanent features intact, so that when you meet a person, who has asked you out on a date, in real life, nobody is surprised or even embarrassed.

Statistics show 61% of online daters think the most attractive photos are natural and unenhanced. 

8. Use Only Recent and High Quality Photos 

A very important thing to keep in mind when creating your Tinder pictures is to only use high resolution images.

Trying to get a lot of matches using pictures made with an old cellphone, with bad lighting or saved in low resolution isn’t going to help you get matches. People need to see you clearly, otherwise they’ll just swipe left.

Besides, don’t use old photos, no matter how good you used to look

Nobody likes to be deceived, so don’t upload photos from ten years ago when you were skinnier and didn’t have grey hair. Embrace your age and your weight!

9. Avoid Pics with People of the Opposite Sex and Babies

If you are aspired to find your better half, you should never include images in which you are posing with a person of the opposite gender. Why? Because the first thought that crosses a person’s mind when he/she sees such a photo is “This is a cheater”.

This can also be interpreted as you being a try-hard, desperately trying to broadcast how in-demand you are. 

Another recommendation often disregarded by people, using Tinder, is to avoid images with infants, even if this is your nephews or neighbours’ babies. Anyone coming across such a shot will instantly think that you are a parent, and not everyone is ready for such relationships.

It takes approximately 3 seconds for people to make their decision on Tinder, so don’t make it harder for them to swipe right with unnecessary photos.

10. Don’t Hide Your Face

This seems like an obvious thing, but still many people get too creative with their Tinder profile pics and put on glasses or a hat while posing. The eye contact, which you ruin, while wearing glasses, is of crucial importance and it helps set an invisible bond between two people. Besides, all sorts of accessories may divert attention from what really matters – your face.

Some users decide to photograph themselves from the neck down instead of capturing their faces. What is the reason for such a decision? Are you a criminal? A married person? Such photos look suspicious, so don’t get surprised if anyone swipes left.

About the author Patrick Banks

Patrick is a Berlin-based dating advisor, motivational speaker, a huge fitness and vegan diet enthusiast and the main editor at Wingman Magazine, specialised in men's health. His ultimate goal is to share with men around the world his passion for self-development and to help them to become the greatest version of themselves. He believes a healthy body and successful social interactions are two main keys to happiness.