Main Reasons Why Daily Writing Will Make You a Better Person

By Patrick Banks

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Daily writing is something many of us are accustomed to. We dedicate our limited hours to the great unknown of the white page. We do so with happiness because we consider writing to be our main aspiration. But not all of people out there know how many benefits does it present us. So, if you’re yet to reveal the secrets of the writing world, come with us to understand more.

Yes, there are numerous reasons to write. No, the main one isn’t to get enough money to quit your regular job. Sure, this can come up to be a wonderful thing. But we do write for different reasons. Of course, we always have that vision that we are going to be published one day. Even if it doesn’t happen, though, we will still reap the benefits of writing daily. Here is what are they.

Becoming More Self-Aware

One of the biggest benefits of daily writing is that you’re going to have to take a good deep look into yourself. You’d have to survey your inner world to be better person at putting things on the page and making them look real. This, coupled with the profound psychological effects of writing stories, make you understand more about your own self. Yes, you’d figure things out you never thought about. You’d find your inner strengths and weaknesses. Through writing, you’re going to deal with numerous parts of your own inner world you never though you would. All of this, in the end, is going to be much more aware about yourself.

Enhanced Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity has to do with the way your synapses in your brain are organized. Better neuroplasticity translates to more efficient learning and thinking overall, to improved mental abilities, better cognitive performance both on the page and in the whole wide world. So, if you need to learn one more thing about the power of daily writing, it is that your neuroplasticity is certainly going to go way up. Yes, thought the process of thinking about your story and putting it down onto the paper, considering how to convey your ideas, thoughts, and feelings, you’d be making yourself a much well-rounded in terms of cognitive capability.

Improved Confidence

If you need your next daily writing prompt, here we have it. Consider a person who’s just started writing. Picture them a few years later, after they’ve written daily and experienced the highs and lows of that. Don’t you think they are going to be much more confident? Well, they’d certainly be. Yes, daily writing does a lot to boost your confidence to the next level while still keeping you grounded in the real world. Writing your stories, exploring your feelings, dealing with numerous weird, strange, or even totally normal situations on the page will definitely going to make you a more confident person.

You’d Be Able to Better Understand Others

Among all the other reasons for writing stands this one – through it, you’d be able to better understand others. Sure, you might feel it’s all only fictional. But all the work you do on the page is grounded in the real world. Through exploring the deeds, the feelings, and aspirations of your characters you’d find yourself much more able to understand why real people act the way they do. Certainly, there is a lot to learn from our fictional characters and by writing daily, we’d get much more tolerant and understanding of the actions of the real people around ourselves.

Boosted Thinking

To start writing better you’d need to start thinking better. That is exactly what is going to happen if you write daily. In the beginning you’d find it hard to come up with the words about what you’re trying to say. Yet, with practice and dedication, you’d realize words and ideas are coming up much faster than before. Your general thinking abilities are going to improve a lot through writing. The thoughts in your brain are going to come up much more fluidly and easily than before. You’d be able to see more connections, to understand more about the world around yourself, to come to much deeper realizations. All of that – through simple daily writing.

Speaking, Too

Your speaking abilities are going to improve, too. A lot, that is. You’d find that you are communicating much better with others and you understand them much more clearly. Ideas, sentences, whole conversations that once were hard to get into are now going to be as easy as a child’s game for you. Yes, writing does that for you, too.


If you look into a popular paper writing service, you’re going to find some professional writers who do daily writing and reap the benefits of that. Sure, they are getting paid. But this isn’t the only thing they are getting from their writing. They are also developing themselves as human beings and becoming better people due to the benefits of the writing world.

As we saw above, there are numerous benefits of writing daily. You’d become much more confident than you once were. Situations that once looked scary won’t evoke fear now. You’d understand much better that whole profound world in front of you in the real life because you would have created plenty of such on the pages. People are going to be much clearer when it comes to goals, desires, strengths, and weaknesses; when it comes to why are they doing the things they are… well, doing.

You’d find that you are now thinking much more clearly, much more rapidly, and coherently. Previously wondering about what you should say, words are going to arise easily and on-the-spot. Ideas are going to be flooding your brain; scenes and characters – becoming more life-like thanks to your regular practice.

Of course, one of the main benefits of daily writing will be improved writing in general. But you’d also become much better as a person thanks to those thousands of words you’ve put on the paper.

About the author Patrick Banks

Patrick is a Berlin-based dating advisor, motivational speaker, a huge fitness and vegan diet enthusiast and the main editor at Wingman Magazine, specialised in men's health. His ultimate goal is to share with men around the world his passion for self-development and to help them to become the greatest version of themselves. He believes a healthy body and successful social interactions are two main keys to happiness.

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