Trending Men Fashion 2020/2021 + its Impact on the Societal Changes

By Sarah Del Rosario

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They say that “women are from Venus, and men are from Mars” and probably one of the reasons is the vast perspective they have when it comes to fashion. While women think that fashion “is life”, men’s fashion outlook is amazingly formulaic. Open their closets and you will see mostly washed types of denim, white tees, hoodies, and more button-downs.
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Fortunately, the fast-phasing aspects of society somehow recognize the “equality” in fashion, even in a not-so-obvious matter. From the plainness in their fashion statement comes pastel colors, different fabrics, and flowery and other print designs that men are also enjoying nowadays. 

Below are some of the various styles that start to dominate the men’s fashion of this generation. Regardless if you are on the verge of changing your wardrobe, or still looking for trendy stuff from the sites around the world like Zalando, Avocado Store, for whatever reasons that you have, let this article give you a glimpse to keep you guided. 

Choosing the perfect pair of clothes to make oneself look good while standing in front of a mirror is a daily task. When we see someone oddly dressed, we wonder why they are dressed like that. Well! It is called self-satisfaction. No matter how trendy clothes you wear or how big the price tag is, if you aren’t happy and comfortable with what you are wearing, then you won’t be looking good. Because the dress is not only for covering your body, it is a form of self-expression, it is an art! And when it comes to fashion, well, it changes with the season.

If you are a fashion enthusiast, then staying updated with the latest fashion trends is a must for you. Fashion trends are the key to the success of a fashionista. Fashion is the only constant medium in the life of a person. You can find different fashion trends buzzing the market now and then. What is considered trendy today would get old school tomorrow.

But what is the all the hype about fashion trends? Well, according to a study done by Emrah Duzel and Nixo Bunzeck, it says that whenever we present our brain with something new, the ventral tegmental/ substantia negra area gets stimulated. And adapting to something that makes us happy is an age-old practice. It is not something new. So, are you ready to trigger your ventral tegmental? If yes, then keep on reading as you are you going to find the latest street style trends that are a must know for the fashionistas.

White Outfit

No matter what the season is, white stuff such as shirts and even shorts are timeless must-wear for every male species across the globe. Aside from bagging the men’s most preferred style, this is also a cool way to withstand both the heat and coolness of the weather. 

To furtherly enhance this, you can try to mix your cool white shirt with chino shorts and earth-colored sneakers. If you want to make this style look better, top it with some navy overshirt.

Pastel Colors

One thing that should be appreciated from today’s generation is that colors do not matter much to gender when it comes to fashion. Men wearing pastel-colored outfits are not being judged negatively (after all, there is nothing wrong in being “more than” male or female).

n fact, most people start to appreciate that this is good. Despite that pastel colors are not meant for everyone, that doesn’t mean you have to settle on the usual monochromatic shades. All it takes is a bit of experimenting and mix and match! You can even make your own socks out of those lovely colors!

They say that real men wear pink (you can insert other pastel colors if you want), and you can be proudly flaunting it by putting a pink button-down shirt or sweatshirt. This can also be a great saver since it goes well with other wardrobe and style you prefer. 

Vertical Stripes

Vertical striped outfits still dominate and are always well-loved prints also by men, for mostly two reasons. First, it always looks great and can be easily be played with other printed designs. Second, it always has the “magic” of enhancing your appearance by making you look slimmer and taller.

To make the most out of this, choose outfits with stripes in varying width. But if you prefer something elusive, sticking to the classic stripes isn’t a bad idea.

Layered Outfits

Wearing more than one outfit is always observed by men. From a shirt plus jackets or hoodies, it seems that wearing only one top is inconvenient for them. There is nothing wrong with that, however, you have to depend it on the weather since it can be sometimes impractical to do especially with the wrong outfit. 

To still achieve it any time of the year, change those oversized and heavy outer wears int jackets or hoodies that are lightweight plus casual shirts, tees or polos for innerwear. This is easier to remove if you feel hot. Moreover, to maintain the visual element, you can wear your outerwear on your torso, shoulders, or waists. 

Short Shorts

From the usual advice that men’s shorts should be just above the knee, what’s amazing is that that rule changed and people started to accept that even men can wear short shorts too. However, this does not apply to anyone. Men who are gifted with thinner legs can wear this, but for those who are blessed with wider legs, they should definitely stick with the usual or slim-cut shorts.

Fashion and its Impact on the Societal Changes

Let’s end this article in reminding how fashion in this generation brought a huge impact on how most of us see our environment. From being traditional perspectives that are filled with do’s and don’ts, into fresher and more open-minded outlooks, the fashion industry nowadays contributed to we see our society.


Men wearing pastel-colored and printed clothes has been one of the indicators of gender equality since clothing with these styles are now accepted as something that can be worn both by male and female. Moreover, this clothing preference doesn’t measure the strength of men regardless of their gender preference, along with their capability to contribute to their circle and the community. 

As for women, wearing an outfit that is monochromatic colors doesn’t change their femininity, but it somehow provided them more strength and empowerment to become catalysts for positive changes. 

Generally, these broke the traditional gender identities this society formerly faced and become more open to the fact that men and women have their own strengths and weaknesses.


Part of another thing that the society accepted is the fact that “short” doesn’t mean something sensual and flirt, and “long” means conservative and vulnerable. The society is on the process of lessening the idea of maliciousness especially when it comes to fashion statements. 

Nowadays, women and their shorts, ripped jeans, sleeveless tops, and other slightly showy styles are not seen as slutty, rather, as part of modernized fashion taste.

Also, men are sometimes seen as wearing very casual shirts and short shorts (sometimes going out with boxer-like shorts) and they are confident that they are not being defined as gay. Regardless, we all come to see the different and emerging fashion style as another confidence boost. 

These, among other fashion-related aspects that have shaped our society, are living proof that fashion, like change, is constant and temporary in this world.

Extra-long apparel

This fashion trend was set by the famous designer Thom Brown, who in his latest show introduced a whole new clothing line of men’s streetwear. In this he stressed on wearing t-shirts that are up to the knee-length.

Even though it may sound weird, but this fashion trend can already be seen on the streets where men are wearing these knee-length t-shirts, Japanese robs and


Its summer and white is the top color choice for the summers. And going all white from top to bottom is the latest fashion trends set by the guys as well as girls. It is a unique way that the trendsetter has been wearing to beat the heat of the scorching summer. But white is hard to maintain and are prone to getting dirty. But if you be a little careful, then you can easily go for this all-white trend.

There are various ways in which you can wear this all-white clothing. You can go casual by wearing a white t-shirt, jeans along with a pair of white shoes. Or if you want to put in some extra spices, then a white blazer on top of a white linen shirt that is paired with a white trouser and pair of white loafer will make you look straight out of paradise. Avoid shaving for a week in order to get that perfect contrast with the all-white apparel.

Hit the neutral gear

Going neutral is sometimes safe and also sets you apart when the other is experimenting with contrasting colors. The safest way to rock this trend is by pairing a light shaded t-shirt with a lighter shade of shirt of blazer that is paired with a legwear of darker color for contrast.

This helps you to build a tonal look and also use those old clothing that has been hanging in the wardrobe for quite a while such as the colored chinos or the camel coat. This kind of outfit puts you on a safer side. You don’t have to experience much yet look different from the crowd.

The Cross-body backpack

Well, it’s time to ditch those old wallets and adapt to the latest street fashion trend that is the cross body back backpack. Cross-body backpacks can now be frequently seen carried by men of all age and built.

Not only do these trendy backpacks look cool but they are also highly efficient. They are popular among famous celebrities. Carrying a wallet is hectic for many. It becomes a big problem while sitting. It also makes walking uncomfortable. But now you can put in your mobile, wallet, keys and every other small thing in this cross bag. This is an efficient way of making the most out of the bag while also adapting to the latest street trend.

Add some color to the basics

Like all white has been doing around the market, the same way colored basics have also found its way to the heart of the fashionistas. More and more people have started going for the colored basic that is a solid colored t-shirt paired with contrasting joggers and a pair of colored shoes.

You can wear any color you like to and pair it up using your imaginative and creative skill.

Sports outfit

What could be better than wearing the jersey of your favorite team? Well believe it or not, but wearing jersey is the latest street style. You must be aware that sport jerseys are super comfy, and there are many people who could be seen wearing one of these cool sports outfits. Whether it is the jersey of your favorite NBA or baseball team, you can wear any of them, and they are going to make you look trendy as well as comfortable. Moreover, this style suits all.

Your attire has a direct effect on others. The way your dress, the way you carry yourself says a lot about you. No matter what you are wearing, if you are comfortable in it, then that is the ultimate fashion trend that you should be following.

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