Trust Issues: How to Keep Them Away From Destroying Your Relationship

By Patrick Ananda

Posted 8 years agoDATING

*Warning* This Article Will Piss You Off

How I toiled with trust issues! Let me tell you the story of my first ever girlfriend…

It lasted all of 5 days. Seriously!


I was young, and she was, what I considered to be at the time at least, out of my league.

So I spent my days trying desperately to stay with me.

I got jealous every time someone posted something on her Facebook.

I got anxious when she was texting someone.

And I was not to keen on her going out when I wasn’t around.

So naturally the first weekend once our relationship became official, she was at a house party, met someone and went up to the bedroom.

How do I know this? She had so little respect for me that she straight up called and told me, then told me it was over.

How To Stop Her From Cheating On You

I’m going to skip all the bullshit and get right to it: the only sure-fire way to stop your girl from ever cheating on you is to lock her in a cage in your basement.


And if you’re crazy enough to consider the idea then stop reading and go get yourself checked out by a therapist.

Look, part of being mature is to accept that there are things you cannot control.

I keep seeing these girlfriends of mine who have an extremely needy boyfriend who is literally always starting fights because she’s out having a good time and he feels the need to call her 9 times a night to make sure she isn’t cheating.

What. The. Fuck?

If you want to drive your woman away that’s basically the step by step way to do it.

But I’m assuming you don’t want that so I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

The Root of Jealousy

Okay, so…

Have you ever heard of sub communication?

It’s subtle information about yourself that you send out into the world, often unwittingly, that reveal a hell of a lot about yourself.

For instance: if I were to make fun of your height and you went off on me, what are you sub-communicating?

Well, not just that you don’t like being insulted, but at a deeper level, that you feel your height is a hindrance! You’ve basically told me exactly where your deepest insecurity lies and revealed exactly what buttons I need to press to hit you where it hurts!

So back to jealousy.

What does it say about a man who gets jealous and is unable to trust his partner?

He is sending the message that a way better guy exists out there, and that there is a very real possibility that she will meet him!


When you get jealous, you are literally telling your partner that: I’m not man enough to believe I deserve you, you can do way better than me and so I will do all I can to prevent you from upgrading.

What the actual fuck?! Don’t you see how insane that is?

And drop the “I trust her, I just don’t trust other guys” bullshit. Only a coward talks like that.

The only person you don’t trust is yourself, and if you did, every other guy on the planet would be irrelevant. They wouldn’t even register on the radar because you know that you are a beacon of excellence – that you are masculinity at it’s finest!

So you want to stop being jealous and drop the trust issues?

Here’s how…

How To Actually Stop Her From Cheating On You

I know I’ve got something inside, that you can’t find in these other guys” – Hoodie Allen

You need to be absolutely so completely and totally secure in yourself that you just know with every ounce of your being, in your heart of hearts, in the very fabric of your soul that you are one in a billion and you deserve the best the world has to offer.


You see, your girl only wants one thing from you: To be a fucking man.

And that means dropping the whining, letting of of mediocrity, striving for excellence, working on a goal that is larger than her, larger than you, larger than life itself!

It means trusting so fully in yourself that you don’t ever collapse under pressure, that she can trust fully in your strength and because that unwavering flame of love and enthusiasm in you never seems to dim or be put out.

It means being grounded, rooted in yourself, and not at the mercy of the opinions of others. Completely solid, unshaking even at the greatest challenge.

Yeah, what she wants is for you to be a MAN.

That’s the reason being jealous is a waste of energy… You’re just trying to continuously justify your own inadequacy.

The moment I became aware of why my behaviour had driven my girlfriend away was the moment I decided to change my life by feverishly working to improve myself.

Jealousy is a thing of the past – there’s just no point!

I know that I am one in a billion, and that what I bring to the table, she won’t find anywhere else.

Is there a slight possibility that a woman in my life screws up and does something stupid? Yeah sure, but I have no fear of walking away, because, again – I know in my soul that I walk at a different rhythm than other men and as such, that makes me damn scary to lose.

Did this piss you off? Good.

Did this make you want to change come hell or high water? Good, I’ve done my job.

Grab your gun and helmet soldier – it’s time to be extraordinary.

About the author Patrick Ananda

Patrick is a scoundrel, rogue, vagabond and founder of MAGNETICMENBLUEPRINT. He teaches men how to overcome their social anxiety and fear of rejection, by unleashing their unshakable self-confidence.

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