Why Do I Always Feel So Tired? 5 Major Reasons for Fatigue and Sleepiness

By Patrick Banks

Posted 4 years agoHEALTH

why am i so tired

Are you feeling sleepy all the time and don’t even know the reason? Do you experience fatigue throughout the whole day? If yes, then you need to check your sleeping pattern first and then start working towards making it normal.

Experiencing sleepless nights due to work pressure, social gatherings, medication, or some other temporary reason can be one of the major reasons for remaining sleepy during the day, but if this continues for long then you need to explore more reasons.

Here we have listed 5 main reasons that may cause sleepiness and fatigue during the day. Check out these reasons and if they exist in your life, then time has come to fight them out for a healthy life ahead!

1. You are exercising at wrong time

Exercise is the solution to many problems, but exercising at the wrong time would also create other problems because of heightened endorphin levels and faster blood circulation. Exercise is meant to keep your body fit and mind alert. When you exercise in the morning, it will increase the endorphin levels in your body and keep you happy during the day.

The blood circulation also increases, which helps in keeping your mind alert. When you exercise just before going to bed or sometime before your sleeping time then it will affect your night’s sleep. In some cases, it would result in poor sleep and would reflect in your activity level next day.

Troubleshooter’s Tip – Change the time of your exercise. You can do it in the morning or 3 to 4 hours before going to bed so that your hormone levels are back to normal when you are in bed. This will give you proper sleep during the sleeping hours and will also keep you fresh during the day.

2. You are drinking less water

Water is one thing that is very much important for the body but usually ignored! As per the report published in Nutrition Journal, the women drinking 1.5% less water than their body requirement would experience fatigue, lowered energy levels, and also undergo frequent mood swings.

Lower water intake would affect hypothalamus responsible for controlling the body temperature and water hydration. When the body is not getting its due amount of water, then hypothalamus will start giving signals through the mood swings and fatigue.

Troubleshooter’s Tip – Use the new age smart watches that come with drink reminder as you will get regular reminders and that way you will easily meet your whole day’s water needs. You may have heard of having 8 to 10 glasses of water but that logic won’t work here as the amount of water needed by your body depends on your activity level, climate, and other food habits.

To make things simple, you may track your urine color and it should be very light yellow or even colorless. Urinating every three hours is considered to be ideal and to match all these criteria, you may take enough water as needed by your body.

3.Vitamin B12 deficiency 

Check your B12 levels. Vitamin B12 has a vital role to play in forming red blood cells. It also regulates the functioning of neurons in your body. When vitamin B12 levels go down, the oxygen carried by blood also decreases. The reduced oxygen supply would affect the energy levels. Lack of enough oxygen would make you feel sleepy and you will experience heaviness in your eyes.

Troubleshooter’s Tip – Check out for other symptoms like tingling sensation, numbness, and forgetfulness. If other symptoms are there then check with your medical practitioner for the appropriate blood tests that will tell you all about B12 levels in your body. If vitamin B12 is found low then your doctor will prescribe you the necessary supplements to recover the loss.

4. Your heart is giving you signals

There are many reasons for fatigue but one of the reasons could be your heart! Sometimes your heart may give signals beforehand. As reported in Heart and Lung Journal, many people who suffered from a heart attack also experienced fatigue and drowsiness for weeks before an actual attack.

The main reason could be the low blood supply due to poor functioning of the heart. Don’t ignore these warning signals else you will have to pay a big price for it!

Troubleshooter’s Tip – If the said symptoms are accompanied by chest pain, severe fatigue, shoulder pain, jaw pain, or anxiety, then don’t waste time and immediately visit the doctor to get your ECG and stress test done. Based on the reports, follow the prescription. If it does not work, you can try some home or natural remedies that will eliminate the chances of any severe health problem in near future.

5. Too much of stress!

If you don’t learn to say “no” then possibly you will undergo tremendous work pressure at times. The stress resulting from the work pressure would affect the cycle of cortisol hormone. Usually, the cortisol hormone is high in the morning and low at night, but the stress would disrupt this cycle. Your cortisol levels would go high during the night because of stress and hence you will not get deep sleep. The lack of sleep would be the major cause of fatigue during the day.

Troubleshooter’s Tip – Try to combat stress by practicing meditation. No need to be at the top always and learn to say “No” when you really can’t as this will take away a lot of stress from your life.

The above 5 conditions are just the pointers towards possible reasons, but there are many other underlying conditions that can also be the reason for fatigue and drowsiness. So, going for the thorough body checkup would be the right way to tackle this issue as this will protect you against unwanted surprises!

About the author Patrick Banks

Patrick is a Berlin-based dating advisor, motivational speaker, a huge fitness and vegan diet enthusiast and the main editor at Wingman Magazine, specialised in men's health. His ultimate goal is to share with men around the world his passion for self-development and to help them to become the greatest version of themselves. He believes a healthy body and successful social interactions are two main keys to happiness.

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