Why Motorcycles Are Better Than Cars and How to Choose the Safest One

By Patrick Banks

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The fight between cars and motorcycles doesn’t seem like coming to an end anytime soon, as each person has their own reasons for choosing between one or the other. Some would never be caught driving a boring four-wheeled family van while others, on the contrary, are too scared to give away the comfort of their sedans for a joyride that might possibly end up in the hospital or in jail.
Why Motorcycles Are Better Than Cars and How to Choose the Safest One

If you’re a car fan, this article is not for you. You can go back to your comfort zone and dream about a sports car while you’re closely approaching your midlife crisis. If you’re already into motorcycles and don’t know much about other types of vehicles, this article isn’t for you either. You have already made your choice and I salute you for it.

However, if you’re close to getting your driver’s license and still ponder between a car and a motorcycle, here are some reasons why you should go for the second option.

They’re cooler

Coolness seems to be a high-importance factor for men who are looking for a new pair of wheels. Forget power, tank capacity or the leather interiors as those aren’t mandatory. If a set of wheels looks cool enough to impress your family, friends, and, most importantly, your neighbors, it’s good enough to put a second mortgage on your house.

But how cool would it be to come back home one day riding one of those mad choppers or Harleys you grew up dreaming of? In the end, you have to admit. No matter how new or shiny a car might look, you’ll never be as cool driving it as you would be on the saddle of a powerful motorcycle. Leather jacket and beard mandatory.

They provide the perfect opportunity for a wardrobe change

If you’re tired of your old shirts and office pants you have to take with you to work daily, owning a motorcycle will give you the perfect excuse to empty your credit card. Jokes aside, investing in protective gear is mandatory even if you take your motorbike for a ride around the neighborhood, so make sure you pick the right pieces for you.

From the iconic black leather jacket to vests, padded jeans, helmets, and gloves, everything must be brand new and of superior quality to last you for a long time. Don’t forget about adding some motorcycle boots as well and, if you can’t seem to pick the perfect pair, here is way more sexy to ride a motorcycle than a regular car like everyone else.

Insurance premiums cost less

Why spend dozens of thousands of dollars for your insurance premiums when you can pay less and have the same benefits for your motorbike?
According to specialists in the field, motorcycle owners pay up to 68% less on motorbike premiums by comparison to car premiums. And, even though premiums vary depending on the type of bike you are riding, you’ll still pay less for a two-wheeler.

They can help you make new friends

Everyone owns a car nowadays but motorcycles are still considered rare, which means each owner will feel like being part of a special, exclusive family. And this is not far from the truth, as most bikers are always eager to find other people to share the same enthusiasm and passion for these vehicles.

Not to mention the famous Motor Clubs. Do you imagine how Hells Angels members would have looked if they were driving regular pick-up trucks or cars? Not too cool, I reckon. Although I’m not saying you should join a shady motor club just for the sake of it, you can’t deny the fact that owning a motorcycle gives you the feeling of belonging to a strong and united community that will look after you.

You’ll be a part of the scenery

Riding a bike gives you a sense of liberty that you don’t normally get with cars. Instead of being surrounded by a metal case that seals you from the outside world, you can be a part of the scenery by riding a motorcycle.
You’ll feel the wind blowing and the warmth of the sun on your skin, while the fresh air will keep you alert on the highway.

They are easier to clean

Last but not least, looking after a bike will take you less time than cleaning and looking after a regular car. Cleaning substances and agents cost less and, with the surface being significantly smaller, you’ll spend half an hour, on average, for properly cleaning your bike from dust, dirt, and debris.

How to find the perfect bike?

If you already convinced yourself that a bike is what you need in your life right now, it’s high time you picked the perfect model and brand for you.
A word of advice? Stay away from choppers or low riders if you’re a newbie. Although they are amongst the coolest and most popular types of motorcycles, they are also more powerful and require a lot of strength to control them properly.

If you’re new in the field, pick an item that meets your budget expectations and is lightweight. They are easier to handle and won’t cost as much as high-end vehicles in terms of maintenance and insurance.
Before deciding on a model, take your bike for a quick drive test to see how it feels.
Keep in mind that your bike must fit you perfectly and be easy to ride to actually prove itself useful and safe in the long term.
The power of a bike is also important but don’t go chasing after the ones that sound “furious” when you turn on the engine unless you know how to ride them. If we’re talking about your first bike, it would be best to stick to city bikes with limited speeds that are safer and easier to ride.

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