5 Unique, Unforgettable Ways to Propose to Your Love

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Are you trying to figure out how to ask someone to marry you? If yes, you should check out some of our best tips right here.
5 Unique, Unforgettable Ways to Propose to Your Love

Are you ready to pop the question? Proposing to your significant other can be both exciting and intimidating. To make sure you’re prepared for this special occasion, keep reading for some helpful tips and tricks. 

This guide is full of tips on how to ask someone to marry you so that you can make your proposal as smooth and magical as possible. 

Test the Waters 

Before proposing, it’s best to know that you and your partner on the same page and that you both have marriage in mind. Make sure that you have spoken about marriage, and that it’s something you both want. It’s also important that you both agree on major issues, such as whether or not you want children. 

By putting it out into the open that you would both like to get married one day, you help to avoid catching your partner completely off guard. This isn’t a question that should come completely out of the blue. Before proposing, you should also talk to your partner’s parents as a sign of respect. 

Find the Right Engagement Ring 

When preparing for a proposal, you should make sure that you do your research to find the right ring. Window shop, or ask your partner what kind of rings they like. If you want to make sure that your partner is surprised, try asking their friends and family for assistance instead. 

Some brides may want to select the ring themselves. If you want to get their opinion when ring shopping but you don’t want to ruin the surprise, consider proposing with a fake diamond. Fake diamond rings lime from www.Luxuria.Diamonds.com will be much more affordable, and you can then take your partner ring shopping for the real deal after the proposal. 

Make It a Suprise But Prepare Yourself 

While you have likely talked about getting married, it’s still a good idea to make sure the proposal itself is a surprise. Finding and planning a special moment your partner won’t be expecting will make the moment that much more exciting. When planning your proposal, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re prepared to pop the question. 

Practice what you will say so that you don’t get tongue-tied at the last minute. This will allow you to propose in a smooth and confident manner. Prepare for any setbacks that may happen along the way so that you can stay focused and avoid getting flustered

When, make sure to keep these tips on how to ask someone to marry you in mind. Being prepared and taking the necessary steps towards the proper way to propose will help you create a magical and romantic moment that you will both treasure forever.

Make sure that you’re both ready for this next step and take time to plan this event for the proposal of her dreams. Are you looking for additional advice when it comes to relationships and romance? Head to the sex and dating sections of

How to Ask Someone to Marry You: The Top Tips

While everybody is looking for a unique way to propose to the love of their life, sometimes the element of surprise can be in the ring itself. Lustrous natural black pearls are as unique as they are beautiful and popping the question with a pearl ring will be sure to earn you an enthusiastic “YES!”. While proposal trends may come and go, one thing is for sure— a romantic and thoughtful proposal will stand the test of time. 

Read on for 5 unique ideas to incorporate into the perfect proposal for you. Whether you prefer grand gestures with loads of rose petals, intimate moments on top of a mountain, or adventurous scavenger hunts, we’ve got an idea and proposal strategy for everyone.

1. Induce Nostalgia

Nostalgia is always a no-fail proposal plan when it comes to planning the perfect engagement. Who wouldn’t want to be reminded of all the wonderful memories you have already made together before asking someone to spend the rest of your lives together making more? There are a couple of ways you can induce nostalgia while planning the perfect— and sentimental— proposal for your loved one.

Consider taking them around to all of your favorite or first spots— the first time you kissed, your first date, where you made things official, etc. You can start this little scavenger hunt walking through your past memories and then end at a final new place where you can say, “And this is the place where I asked you to marry me.”

If that doesn’t sound like you, consider making a memory book or scrapbook compiled of all of your favorite times together. You can flip through reminiscing and on the last page, get down on one knee. Make sure you take a picture together at the engagement to add to this scrapbook!

If you are more inclined to tell your story through words, consider writing down your own love story— the bigger the better. Title it, bind the book, make it official! You can read through it together before you pop the big question. If you are particularly good with words, consider putting together a love poem to present to your loved one before you end with champagne and a beautiful sparkler.

2. Turn it into a Game 

If you are the couple that likes to keep things fun and adventurous— turn the proposal into a game of sorts! Create a scavenger hunt that sends your soon-to-be fiancé all over town with clues that they must follow— for the last clue surprise them down on one knee! This is great because you can enlist friends to be a part of the clues and the process. Most likely, they will catch on soon after they start that something special is about to come. This allows them to see their favorite friends and family and help build excitement.

If scavenger hunts aren’t your thing, take your skills to the test by building a custom crossword puzzle or jigsaw with the hidden message, “marry me?” If you have a morning routine of coffee and crossword puzzles and are looking for an intimate way to propose, this is the perfect option for you! You can also hide it into a jigsaw puzzle for your partner to search for.

This option may take more planning, but why not utilize a game of Scrabble to help pop the question? Use your game pieces to spell out “marry me” and watch the confusion and excitement come across your partner’s face. You can also use the letter chips as a piece of art and frame the exciting question to hang on the walls of your home with your new fiancé.

3. Embrace the Holiday Season 

It’s no surprise that a whopping 28% of brides got engaged on a holiday or after a special occasion, with December being the most popular time to pop the question. Whatever your favorite holiday is, it’s a great time to propose and you are usually already surrounded by loved ones to celebrate.

According to a study by Brides, 14% got engaged at the end of the year. With Christmas and New Year and Hanukah being magical times of the year, it’s no wonder people lean towards these when it comes to proposing. July and August were tied for second in popularity with just over 10% for each of them.

So why not embrace your favorite holiday to pop the big question! If you’re looking for ways to ask around the Christmas tree, create an ornament with a simple “Will You Marry Me”. You can suggest decorating the tree together until they spot this special ornament. Surrounded by Christmas music, hot chocolate and cozy clothes will complete the scene for an intimate December proposal.

This is a great way to ask without doing a traditional exchange of gifts and you can make this as intimate or public as you want. If you’re looking to have just the two of you, you can set it up that way or turn it into a December celebration filled with traditions. It is totally customizable to the couple’s preferences.

Or what better way to start the new year than with a new fiancé? As the final countdown starts, pop the question right before the clock strikes midnight. For an event that is already surrounded around a kiss from your loved one and tons of champagne— turning this into a proposal is a no brainer!

If you’re looking to take your proposal into the warmer months instead, the 4th of July is another romantic and fun holiday you can turn into a surprise proposal. Utilize the holiday filled with fireworks and sparklers to spell out the big question in lights. Involve your friends and family to help set the scene with sparklers— and don’t forget a photographer! Sparklers at night create a magical illusion with a camera and you can cherish these photos for years to come.

4. Head to the Great Outdoors 

If you as a couple love the outdoors, why not incorporate that into the perfect proposal? Whether or not you as a couple love to hike, bike, or just like to enjoy a stroll alongside the beach, there are plenty of ways to pop the question utilizing a natural vista.

Take to your favorite national park, forest, or woods to go on a romantic hike. Wait to the top and pop the question while soaking in the big view. This is a great proposal idea for those looking to keep it intimate and low-key. The special moment can be cherished and kept between the two of you, then head down and have family and friends waiting nearby to celebrate all together. This truly gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to intimate moments and getting to celebrate with friends and family.

If you’re more of a spend the day in the sand type of couple, head to the beach for the big surprise. You can pop the question on a sunset stroll just the two of you or you can go for a romantic gesture and spell it on in the sand. For the couple that likes to have fun, suggest building a sandcastle on your trip to the beach (far enough from the water) and when it is complete put the ring on top of the castle and wait on one knee. Though the sandcastle will eventually fall, your fiancé will be left with the playful and romantic memories of what is likely to be their favorite beach trip yet!

Even if you’re not a couple to spend time in the great outdoors together, there are still places to pull off the perfect proposal outside, but not in the middle of nature. Head to your city’s historic landmark to pop the question— and get a major photo opportunity in addition or stroll for a walk with a beautiful view of your city’s skyline.

If you’re a couple that likes to combine your love for the outdoors and adventure, why not incorporate that into your proposal? Rent out a hot air balloon and pop the question in the sky during sunset or take her skiing and get on one knee after a day on the slopes. The best proposals consider your favorite activities to do together and the ways you can make new memories.

5. Go Big with Grand Gestures 

While some couples only want a small and intimate proposal, it’s always okay to go big with romantic gestures as long as it’s not in a cheesy way. If your fiancé is the type that would love candles and rose petals, definitely go for it! But more is more when it comes to proposals. Sometimes things look cheesy just because of the small amount used. If you’re going to use flower petals,  really use flower petals. If you want to create an intimate and romantic setting, opt for a ton of lit candles. When thinking of your idea, it is possible to go big but in an abstract and beautiful way. 

The best part about proposals? Each one is unique to the couple. What is right for one, won’t be for the next, which is what makes them so special! Keep in mind your soon-to-be fiancé’s personality and preferences when plotting the proposal. Do they like big and dramatic gestures? Or would they prefer an intimate and casual proposal with just the two of you? 

What if your girlfriend is a social media obsessed cutie to the level of an influencer? Then proposing is even a bigger deal!

So you’re ready to propose to your Influencer Girlfriend

Her loyal fans are going to want to see every moment and celebrate with her because chances are they’ve watched your love story unfold and feel invested at this moment with you. Not to add any more pressure or anything!

Here are our helpful tips on how to propose to a woman you know needs this moment to be perfection.

#1. Stalk her Pinterest

Chances are she knows this is coming so get on her Pinterest stat! See what she is interested in as far as the ring goes, stunning locations she loves, etc. Pinterest is these secret code girls tell you about.

#2. Buy the ring

This is the key step here so make sure it’s exactly what she wants and is pretty perfect. The best way to ensure perfection is to grab a diamond that is lab-made. These lab-grown diamonds are made to last and the best part? They’re eco-friendly so it’s something you can both feel good about! Talk to a concierge about customizing a ring for her.

#3. Talk to the future in-laws

It is a tradition for a reason. Be sure to get permission from her mom and dad before getting down on one knee. Plus, this is a great way to bond with the future in-laws before making a lifelong promise to their daughter.

#4. Make a plan

This cannot be a fly by the seat of your pants moment. This has to be planned. Has she mentioned her friends’ engagement before? She probably mentioned things she liked and didn’t like about the proposal.

No offence to her friend! Pay attention to things your future wife has mentioned she loves and doesn’t love and come up with a plan.

#5. Get a photographer

You are dating an influencer so you understand the value of the photo. Get a photographer and get a commercial release so she has no stress about using them on her Instagram since she uses it for business. She’ll appreciate the care you took in getting photos and the release for her.

#6. Get her ready

She’s used to pampering herself so ensure she’s ready for the proposal. Get your girlfriend ready for date night or a night out with her friends. Enlist the help of friends to get her nails done if she doesn’t do that already. Make sure she is ready to go because you may be recreating the moment if she’s not, ask Kim and Kayne.

#7. Practice

Have a speech and practice it. You’ll absolutely forget what you were going to say and you won’t say what you practised verbatim but you’ll have this general idea of what to say so you don’t ramble to her. She will remember this so make it sweet. Keep it from the heart and you cannot go wrong.

Proposing is such a special moment so take your time to capture it exactly the way you envision it going and make sure someone captures the perfect moment so she can share it with her followers.

Are there any unique ideas we left out?  Let us know in the comments below!

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