Dating Indian Women: 11 Crucial Communication Tips You Need to Understand

By Win Honawar

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Dating Indian women in many aspects is easier as compared to those of other nationalities. That does not imply that Indian women are of easy character or are just ready to fall head-over-heels to any amorous advances from a male.

But you can thank Bollywood and regional movies that we have been watching since childhood for making paving the way. Indian women generally expect a suitor to follow antics performed by their favourite hero on the screen.

Understandably, you may have seen different and sometimes rather funny ways in which a hero goes around wooing the heroine. What exists on celluloid also holds true- at least to some extent in real life.

Movies have bad guys and good guys. And they involve mortal combats. Now, this is something you need to be careful about: keep away the bad guys. It is simple because you cannot fight the bad ones same like they do in movies.

Moving away from movies, let us look at some really practical, exciting communication tips to attract and date Indian women. Before that it’s crucial to understand some fundamental facts about the richness of Indian culture and how it influences every sphere of life, including romances.

What is The Indian Caste System and How Can It Influence Your Dating

In ancient India, the society was divided into lines of caste. There are four distinct castes, Brahmin (or educated and elite), Kshatriya (rulers & nobles) Vaishya (Traders & Business Owners) and Kshudras (Menial Workers & Laborers). Belonging to each cast was determined by in which family you were born and it wasn’t possible to change the caste. In ancient days, it was customary to mingle and marry with people of the same caste. Unfortunately, caste system plays a key role in India till date.

Online dating also helps one eliminate caste barriers in India. Unfortunately, the Indian society continues to be divided into lines of the archaic caste system. This is evident on matrimonial websites. However, online dating websites carry anonymous profiles. Hence, one cannot know the caste or religion or other ethnic parameters of a person that has posted a profile on online dating websites. It is known only when they actually communicate with one another.

Generally, women and men that opt for dating with people outside their circle, and use modern tools and apps to find lovers are also likely to be ready to shed their caste barriers.


11 Ideal Communication Tips

A lot will depend on your age, location, money and other resources at disposal. Considering you are young, located somewhere in India and have resources, let us look at the 11 exciting communication tips to date Indian women.

Unlike common belief, communications are not limited to what you speak. It also covers what you do, behaviour, body language, and unspoken hints. These exciting communication tips to date Indian women cover all these points.

Understandably, the first step is to register as a member with some great online dating website in India. There are plenty of excellent online dating sites available nowadays. Some people sign up on more than one to meet an ideal partner.

1. Befriend Her Friends

Unless you are shy about speaking to women, this is the best way to communicate with your prospect. Get friendly to her friends on some pretext. And please avoid the ‘brother-sister’ glib because that does not hold good, sounds childish and is outdated.

Find out what her friends like and strike conversations over that. Something light, universal and of interest to everyone will be fine. If the woman you want to date joins the conversation, you are all set. Listen to her views carefully, appreciate them and compliment her openly.

Dreaming about dating indian women in smooth, pleasant way? a Remember, your partner should never be wrong. And if she is- does not matter. There is enough time later to correct her.

2. Keep Her Interested

Now, that you have already broken the ice wall or glass wall, move ahead and keep her interested. Try and find what her other likes are and dislikes and make them yours too. If she hates something- hate it too and whatever she loves- adore it with your fullest heart.

This task may mean you have to bid adios to something you love. But why bother? You can always do whatever she dislikes during her absence. Take care that you are not found contradicting what you said. Eating your own words is bitter.

3. Invite Her Circle

The third step towards dating your woman. Inviting on a date directly may not always be possible since she may be unsure of the relationship or feel unsafe. Also, you have just brought down the ice wall and do not want to see it emerge again. So, invite her friends and her to a snack, lunch, dinner, movie, pub or whatever suits your pocket.

Dreaming about dating Indian women without befriending her close ones. No way! The invitation game can get a bit tricky: she may not accept. Say that you have booked a table or seats or tickets and have included her too. Impress that she is the starlet of the event.

Get her circle of friends to goad into attending wherever you are planning to take them. Make sure your pockets can withstand the aftershocks of the splurge.

4. Ensure Her Comfort

Wherever you are taking the group and her, go out of your way to ensure her comfort. See to it that she has no problems commuting to the place. Here lies the game changer: you can offer her a ride on your two-wheeler or car or simply offer to pick her up from home, college or office. That is one step closer towards your objective of dating her.

At the venue- that can be a restaurant, theme park or cinema hall- make sure she gets to choose the seat. Subtly give her the leadership position. Women like to be bosses. Give her the license to be the boss during this group outing. That will prepare you to be bossed overall life if needed. That air of superiority in a group of peers works wonders for your efforts to date her. You have also made it obvious that the event is for her.

5. Never Place Special Orders

A common mistake most Romeos make: they place special orders for the woman they want to date while others get run-of-the-mill stuff. Treating her to something special in the presence of her friends may sound romantic but can spell doom for your efforts. The woman will feel embarrassed before her circle for making such overt moves.

Since you are planning on dating her alone later, there is no need to rush. At best, order something special and share with the group. If she likes it, order more. This way, you will show that you are considerate of everyone. It might also confuse her about whom you are trying to woo- which is excellent. That will make her curious and compete for your attention.

6. Follow Up

Ask how she enjoyed the movie, treat or picnic. This can prove to be your turning point. If she liked it, invite her alone to another, better and more exciting venue. If she did not- apologize, find the reasons and invite her alone to another outing that specifically suits her taste. Here you will need some clever ideas to cut out her friends from this special date. The best is, confide to her friend closest to you for keeping others away: you may need to offer some sops for this.

Follow up is very crucial when dating Indian women. With some close observation, you can know whether she was impressed, happy and has some interest in you. You can notice this by a change in behavior. Change or not, invite her to another date. Don’t worry if she rejects your invitation. You can handle the rejection. Refusal indicates three things: she is not ready or unsure about your intentions or, that you are going far too fast for her. The third reason: She wants you to exert that extra effort in getting her to go on a date with you.

7. Use the Radio

Whatever the outcomes of your follow-up- step up the pressure by going on the radio. By now you will have a fair idea of her likes, dislikes, favourite singers, and movies, among other stuff. Look for FM radio stations that have call-in shows. Note their number carefully on your mobile. Remember the timings of the show and keep a song title ready.

Using the radio has to be tacit. Hence, make sure she is with the group when you call the radio station and dedicate a favourite song to her. Borrow a few romantic but not too suggestive phrases from here and there while speaking to the DJ at the radio station. If possible, get her on the phone too while speaking to the show host. This experience will be memorable for her.

8. Gifts

Another most exciting communication tip is by sending her a gift from some good online store. Remember, this gift should not be something with hearts and other kiddy stuff. Rather, send her something that has real utility in her daily life. Stuff that will remind her of you every time it will be used. By now you will have a fair idea of her likes and dislikes so searching for a gift becomes easier.

If in doubt, ask her for gift ideas for a female, without indicating to whom the gift is intended. Ask reasons why she would select that particular gift to gain insights into her pattern of thoughts. But be sure you do not appear extravagant in gifting. Most women are put off by ostentatious expenses, thanks to our traditional, typical thoughts of money.

9. Avoid Facebook

As far as possible, avoid posting about her and your pictures on your Facebook page. This can cause her undue embarrassment at home, office, college or wherever. You can always post pictures and once your relationship is permanent or long-lasting. There is no need to hurry with it right now.

Remember, it is best to keep your and her romantic life outside social media. This way, you are indirectly communicating that you treasure and respect her privacy. It is different if she posts pictures with you on her Facebook page. That gives you direct permission to follow suit. If you do find the need to post pictures on Facebook, do it but those she is in groups and tag friends along.

10. Invitation to Shop

Be extremely cautious with this invitation because money is involved. Shopping at malls is something that is viewed by Indians as ‘prestigious’ for whatever unknown reasons. But stuff at malls costs a lot. And you do not want to be seen as splurging upon yourself while trying to date the woman.

Like it or not, when in comes to dating Indian women, oftentimes money plays a great role in communications. Use it carefully. Too little will make her feel you are stingy while spending more will indicate lack of financial sense. By shopping together, you are communicating your knowledge of handling finances.

11. Element of Mystery

This is an age-old trick that always works. Never depict yourself as an open book to the Indian woman you are trying to date. Information overload does not help when trying to date an Indian woman: they love that aura of mystery around a male. Being open and frank may expose some of your inherent weaknesses.

One way to retain that mystery is to avoid drinking alcohol while with the woman you want to date- either with her or in the group. Alcohol is an excellent social lubricant. It helps people communicate hidden feelings. On the flip side, people end up exposing too much of their hidden personality under the influence of booze.

In Conclusion

There are a couple of other tips you can follow: take care of olfactory communications. Meaning, ensure you have no body odour while trying to date an Indian woman. The second is, never indicate you are too possessive or protective: it only serves to put her off. These tips will help you communicate effectively in all spheres to date Indian women.

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