How to Make a Girl Fall in Love With You Without Trying Too Hard

By Jade Hong

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How to Make a Girl Fall in Love With You

Romantic comedies where women just fall in love with cool, virile men make relationships look so simple. Real life is an entirely different matter though.

Making someone care for you without trying too hard is quite a feat. But don’t despair.

Only 48 percent experienced love at first sight. That statistic goes for both men and women.

Guys have a better chance of snagging the woman they love, 72 percent of the ladies were open to persuasion. So, if you are a guy, you are in a better position to catch the woman of your dreams.

There’s a formula for romance and here are five tested ways to make someone fall in love with you.

1. Classic Coffee Dates Work Best

Coffee dates are classic. Having coffee means minimal commitment, more budget friendly dates, and less pressure.

Whoever thought asking women out on coffee is a good idea could be a genius.

Your date will see you in a warmer light if she is holding a hot beverage even briefly.

One study proved there is a relationship between physical warmth and a person’s judgment of your character.

So, next time, take someone out for a hot drink. This will increase how trustworthy and caring you appear to that lady.

2. Never Underestimate the Power of Eye Contact

Romance stories are right about one thing –eye to eye contact never fails. There’s something magical about catching a person’s eyes even if there is no exchange of words.

A study revealed people who are deeply in love spend a lot of time gazing into each other’s eyes. Why?

As it turns out, eye contact triggers the release of phenethylamine . This hormone is one of the chemicals that could make her fall in love.

First things first, staring is different from eye contact.

If she is not meeting your gaze or is clearly avoiding you, you are probably staring at her. Staring make you appear like a threat, not a potential lover.

When you meet a woman’s eye from a distance, never break the eye contact first. To make her notice you even more, walk towards her and say “Hi!”

If you are conversing with a woman, make an effort to meet her eyes more often. This will boost your lovability in her eyes.

3. Stick Around Most of the Time

Whoever said expressing a lot of interest in someone will make you less appealing was mistaken. Science backs this up too.

Unless you made an irredeemable first impression, going out with the woman you like will make you more attractive to her.

A study by the University of Liverpool confirms this fact –your brain has a bias for familiar-looking faces when choosing a potential mate.

Even if you are living in one neighborhood or working in the same company, you might not see each other if you just keep to your own corner.

The easiest way for her to judge you as a familiar face is if you bump into each other often. Better yet, ask her out and don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation.

Just make sure you are not acting like a stalker. If she perceives your presence as a threat, it would be hard to undo her impression about you.

4. Know the Law of Scarcity

Have you ever wanted something because it’s hard to get? Well, that works in the love department too.

Marketers catch your attention by offering an exclusive product or service. You can apply the same method to make a woman fall in love with you.

The law of scarcity which states that what is scarce becomes more attractive proves to be effective not just in marketing but also in love. As some experts noted, this is why shows like The Bachelor works.

When there’s only one man and several females, grabbing the attention of that person becomes a big deal. In effect, that man becomes more attractive to the contestants.

Should you tell someone you like that you’re always unavailable?

Well, no. This law will work better if the person you are attracted to is already used to having you around.

This will work best if you do tip number 3 first.

Be a familiar face and make her depend on you. If you think she is not attracted to you yet, don’t make yourself available all the time.

Saying no to some invites will make her miss you. Indeed, distance makes the heart grow fonder. But don’t overdo this.

If you have flown a kite, you know what I mean. Tighten and loosen from time to time.

5. The Ultimate Secret: Confidence Draws Women in Like a Magnet

Primitive urges still govern modern men and women. You can use this knowledge to win over the woman you are attracted to.

Women are wired to choose the mate who could provide for an offspring. This is mainly the reason why women swoon over alpha men.

But that’s not the whole story. Interestingly, a study by Santa Clara University revealed women did not see dominance as a positive trait.

The research went on to identify different characteristics of a dominant male. And based on the findings, confidence and assertiveness topped the list of the most attractive characteristics.

You don’t necessarily need to be the alpha male. But you need to be confident and assertive if you want to catch a woman’s attention.

Your confidence will show in the way you walk and talk. It would be easy to tell if you are confident through your gestures and mannerisms too.

Women notice a man’s attire first, then the way he walks. If necessary, get someone to help you with your everyday look, men require an excellent wardrobe too.

As for the way you walk, here’s a tip on how to look confident with each stride…

Walk in a relaxed composure like you know your way and that everything is under control.

Want to know more? Check out the other scientifically proven qualities which make a man attractive to the opposite sex.

6. A Final Word of Advice

There are no magic potions in love but you can always rely on science to give you a hand. And, you should always use your knowledge responsibly.

Speaking of knowledge, here’s one final tip…

Find out how women interpret your actions and gestures too. Take the time to go through a flirting guide can help you understand the correct body language signals you should or should not be sending to women.  Using the right nonverbal communication could increase your chances of success.

With the help of these five tips, it will be easier for the woman you like to finally notice you.

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