PokeMatch, The Tinder For ‘Pokémon Go’ Users Will Help You Catch a Girlfriend

By Patrick Banks

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First, the world went crazy over the dating app Tinder. Now, the world’s going even crazier over the mobile game Pokémon Go. It launched earlier this month, breaking records as the fastest mobile game to achieve 10 million downloads!

Even stars like Justin Bieber and John Mayer claim to be hooked on the new game. However, Pokémon Go’s launch hasn’t been completely flawless. There are some downsides: There have been accidents caused by drivers obsessively playing Pokémon Go while behind the wheel, thieves have targeted innocent players by using Lures on remote PokeStops, and two men even fell off a cliff while searching for Pokémon.

But, look at the upside: What happens when you mix Tinder’s crazy matchmaking with Pokémon Go’s undeniable fun? The Pokémon dating app!

Pikachu has already succeeded in getting people to exercise and explore the outdoors, and now he’s getting them to go out and date at the same time.  The brand new Pokémon dating app, called “PokeMatch”  is really similar to Tinder and other dating apps on the market. It is location based and you also get to select from a bunch of different people who you then “catch” by swiping right. Once you’re matched with somebody you can chat with them and select a ‘Poke Stop’ to meet up and start hunting and battling Pokémon together.

What’s interesting, “PokeMatch” helps to find friends, not necessarily romantic dates.

“It’s not just a hook-up app, PokeMatch and Pokémon GO create actual connections between people, completely for free” – says Pim de Witte, one of the “PokeMatch” founders. 

Using the app is 100% free  and available for iOS and android.

source: http://www.usatoday.com/

There is also another idea to combine your passion for catching Pokémons and girls at the same time. By signing up for the new dating service, “PokeDates”, launched by the startup Fixup, you might “catch” your soulmate (or at least a PokeMate). Sounds like a win-win opportunity! Within eight hours of its launch, PokeDates claims to have over 2,200 new users, with 10-15 new people signing up every minute. It’s pretty crazy!

Before Pokémon Go players can participate in the PokeDating world, they need to answer a few questions, like what they look for in a potential partner and whether or not they have any total deal-breakers. That way the PokeDates matchmaking team can get a peek at your personality type, and after that, you can set up times when you’re able to play with a potential match. Then, the magic of professional matchmaking occurs. Two single players “PokeDates” and meet up for a game.

Nothing is free, though. After the first free date, Pokemon Go players have to pay $20 per date, which is far more expensive than simply arranging to go on a Pokemon hunt with someone from a free dating app like Tinder or Happn.

Have you already tried the new app or the Pokémon dating service? Do you believe that real love can happen while catching Pokémon? Or do you think people will spend too much time in the virtual world instead of cherishing the moment in reality?

Like one Reddit user said, “If this becomes the new Tinder, 2016 will go down as the most bizarre year of my entire life.” Wingman can sign under these words, too.

Please let us know about your experiences and opinions in the comments below!

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