FRIEND ZONE QUIZ: How Deep Are You Stuck In The Friend Zone?

By Thomas

Posted 4 years agoDATING

You meet a hot girl and start hanging out together and everything is going well. She seems to really enjoy your company, laughs at your jokes. She may say things like “You’re such a nice guy!” or , “I hope I meet a guy like you some day”.

If you ask her out to dinner or out to the movies, she might ask: “Who else is going to be there?”

Hold on, weren’t you just put into the FRIEND ZONE??

FRIENDZONE QUIZ: How deep are you stuck in the friendzone?



About the author Thomas

Thomas Davis is 25-year old college student, passionate about computer science. After being a shy guy for most of his life, he realized that confidence is a learnable skill that anyone can possess with practice.

14 thoughts on “FRIEND ZONE QUIZ: How Deep Are You Stuck In The Friend Zone?

    1. Absolutely, I’m new school about the friend zone myth anyway. I love teasing women, if one FZ me, I like turning the table on a
      them. It helps to have an abundance attitude, being comfortable in one’s on skin, and maturity; sometimes a
      friend can get frisky… It’s not smart the way guys act when they fall into the
      zone, they show they’re mask comes off and then gets child-like pissed off. But, on the bright side, it
      makes it less competitive when they blow themselves out.

      Today’s Neomasculinity and retrosexual movement are in reaction to the third wave of feminist that are empowered by the media, giving women the wrong power trip that upset the balance between a man and a woman. The men’s movement (started by he PUA’s that emulate what women do) is going to replace boyish-men with a more traditional masculinity, but this time around, the plan is on doing it right this time.. for women, its inclusive, the way nature intended the union to be.

      Nothing wrong with having friendly feelings with a beautiful mature woman, helps build comfort, …just be respectful, add a little bad boy and bantering for fun…who knows what will happen.

  1. Ight so, if this gal and i been talking for about 6 months, weve been out to lunch dinner fun places but she also gave up the patootie on several occasions then what? I dig the chick, like her alot but damnit i aint trying to be a lil lost puppy n junk. Im thinking i back off a bit cause she knows i dig her but its like everytime she sees that im caring she backs off. She said i dont see a futute with you and sees me as a lifelong friend. But eff that. Im a great friend sure but i aint trying to friend this gal. Im husband material and im looking for a wife. I have my own thoughts on how to retract my position of being in the no future together status but i want some opinions of how to bring that to a “i see a future with you” status.


  2. Ive been deeply in love with my best friend for 4 years. The whole time she knew how i felt bc i told her and she just says that we are too good of friends to date but thats the compete opposite. Relationships always last longer when your friends first. Anyway she keeps just playing with my head and everytime i get close to dating her she just gets another boyfriend and when i try and bring up me and her she just changes the topic. I love her so much it acctually hurts in my chest like a physical pain.

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