What to Do When You’re Attracted to Your Wife’s Hot Friend  

By Rachael PacePosted 1 year agoSEX
  When you find yourself attracted to your wife’s friend, usually men have one of two reactions. The first reaction is to shrug it off. You noticed an attractive girl. So what? You’re

5 Ways Masculinity Can Harm You and The People Around You

By Steven LucasPosted 2 years agoGROWTH
In recent years there has been a lot of discussion about how masculinity can harm the individual and those closest to them. But what exactly are the harmful traits masculinity carries with it, and wha

Gender Equality: Sexes Are Complementary, Not Opposed to Each Other

By Patrick BanksPosted 3 years agoDATING
There was a notion deeply ingrained in me at the time I started reading about seduction, and that was that women were something to conquer. As if they were an enemy that had to be defeated in order to

How to Be More Confident With Girls

By Patrick BanksPosted 4 years agoDATING
“The female of the species is more deadly than the male.” So said Rudyard Kipling more than a hundred years ago, and I am loathed to disagree with the man who wrote the Jungle Book and perhaps my

How to Save Your Relationship If You’ve Cheated on Your Partner

By John EasthamPosted 4 years agoDATING
It’s not the cheating that jeopardizes relationships and marriages; it’s the cheating partner’s inability to confess, be honest and leave the past behind and start anew.  Almost half of the cou

9 Ways to Support Your Partner Through a Rough Time

By Patrick BanksPosted 4 years agoDATING
A hard truth about being in a relationship is that you’re going to get to deal with your partner’s good times and bad times. And while it’s easy to be upbeat when your partner is in her usual ch

How to Get Through the Initial Awkwardness After Approaching a Girl

By David PerrottaPosted 4 years agoDATING
You’re walking down the street, and out of the corner of your eye, you see her. She’s got style, beauty, and a smile that would make Rachel McAdams blush… You ignore the excuses that pop into yo

Similarities to Home Search and Dating (Do’s and Don’ts Involved)

By Anand RajendranPosted 4 years agoDATING
Searching for a place to live is similar to searching for a partner. It is your personal choice and you need time to figure out what suits you. You may visit a really luxurious palace with friendly ro

6 Reasons Why Men Stay In a Bad Relationship

By Kafed LykenPosted 4 years agoDATING
You probably know someone who constantly keeps complaining of his relationship problems – about how stressful he is and how unhappy he is being in a bad relationship. May be, you know more than one

12 Bachelor Party Ideas You’ve Never Thought Of

By Patrick BanksPosted 4 years agoOTHER
Organising the perfect stag party can be a tall order. You want a stag to remember. You also want a stag party to suit the groom – it’s a celebration of him, and his last days of freedom,

How To Make Your Ex Want You Back (With These 9 Proven Steps)

By Patrick BanksPosted 4 years agoDATING
Did your ex leave you? Do you think it’s the end of the world? Do your friends say there are other fishes in the sea, try to set you up with new people, and encourage you to move on? You may appear

Relationship Advice: How To Create a Lasting Connection

By Maria BorghoffPosted 4 years agoDATING
We all crave to be loved. But its not something that we all just so happen to “want.” Love is something that we need. From birth, our survival & our development is based upon a healt

Trust Issues: How to Keep Them Away From Destroying Your Relationship

By Patrick AnandaPosted 4 years agoDATING
*Warning* This Article Will Piss You Off How I toiled with trust issues! Let me tell you the story of my first ever girlfriend… It lasted all of 5 days. Seriously! Why? I was young, and she was, w

This Unique Date Idea Will Drive Her Crazy For You

By Patrick AnandaPosted 4 years agoDATING
Let’s get right to it shall we? Dating is stressful. I never quite know what to wear… I have to hustle to find a good restaurant… And oh GOD what if she’s boring and the dinner just drones on

Getting Over a Breakup: How to Move On After Being Dumped

By Alex J. StevensonPosted 4 years agoDATING
Relationships can be funny sometimes. Well, not really funny per se, but they have a funny way of taking you for an emotional ride. You might think that you have a fantastic partner and everything is

How to Break Up With Someone You Still Love

By Alex J. StevensonPosted 4 years agoDATING
Breaking up with someone that you have had a relationship with is often a painful process. During your time together you created memories and formed bonds to that person. You may have also spent much

Can You Pursue A Dream And Be In A Relationship At The Same Time?

By Jamie ReaPosted 5 years agoDATING
This is a pressing question for a lot of entrepreneurs and people chasing dreams, “Does a relationship squash your motivation?” Can you simultaneously feast in immense career success, while enjoy

The 3 Relationship Zones Worse Than the Friend Zone

By James SmithPosted 5 years agoDATING
The infamous friend zone, popularized by the TV sitcom Friends, is infamous for being one of the worst relationship zones you can be in. People (mostly men) are always complaining and joking that they

5 Reasons Why Couples Who Travel Together Stay Together

By Sarah WilliamsPosted 5 years agoDATING
We live in the Wanderlust generation, in which everyone under the age of 25 seems desperate not to settle down, or at least not yet. Because of this, our dating cesspool is filled with free spirits an

5 Controversial Truths about Female Sexuality

By Patrick BanksPosted 5 years agoSEX
The more I talk with guys about female sexuality, the more I realize that the majority of men have absolutely no clue about this topic. You can’t even imagine how many guys I had to listen to, who r