Are You Her Beta Orbiter? Here’s 5 Signs She May Be Using You…

By Jon AnthonyPosted 4 months agoDATING
What if I told you that you may be a girl's beta orbiter right now, and you don't even realize it? How would you react?

How to Get a Girl to Like You Again

By Patrick BanksPosted 7 months agoDATING
Let’s be honest; we’ve all blown it at least a dozen times with a girl we were majorly into. It’s almost like a male rite of passage. And it sucks big time! Over the years I’ve worked with hun

No matches on Tinder? This “trick” will help you change that

By Patrick BanksPosted 2 years agoDATING
It can be disheartening staring at your phone, wondering why you aren’t getting any matches on Tinder. The trouble is that we can make major mistakes without even realising it, that topless picture

10 Tips For Encouraging Your Significant Other To Try New Things

By Sarah WilliamsPosted 2 years agoDATING
A dull, boring relationship is not going to last very long. Have you ever found yourself bored with your partner? If you’re anything like me, you probably have and you probably dropped that relation

Dating Tips For Introverts: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

By Sarah WilliamsPosted 3 years agoDATING
Dating as an introvert is not easy. If you met me today, you’d probably see a happy, smiling guy chatting with a bunch of people around him. I bet, hidden beneath this social butterfly, you’d neve

How To Tell Someone You Like Them (and Guarantee They Like You Back)

By Patrick AnandaPosted 3 years agoDATING
Ever seen the movie Hitch? I never thought I’d see the day where I’d be recommending a Will Smith movie (and if I must – let it be Men In Black at least!) But there’s one power

The Best Online Dating Tip: First Impression is the Last Impression

By Elena PetrovaPosted 3 years agoUncategorized
The simplest way to meet women today is through online dating, especially if you are out of college and life is no longer a party with short breaks for exams in between. This is good news, because it

How to Attract Girls: Why Everything You’re Trying To Do For Dating is About Convincing Her Unconscious

By Will ChouPosted 3 years agoDATING
Have you ever heard the phrase “attraction is not a choice?” What it means is that who someone is attracted to is not a conscious decision. Instead, it’s a unconscious, primal, genetic reaction.

How To Text a Girl You Like: Top 7 Rules for Texting Women

By Arturo RubioPosted 4 years agoDATING
It is a whole new world when it comes to dating in the 21st century. If you have returned to the dating scene after an extended hiatus or have been dumped more times than you care to remember due to a

Unique and Cheap Date Idea: Hosting a Memorable Outdoor Movie Night for Your Girlfriend

By Steve ScottPosted 4 years agoDATING
Are your wondering how to make a good impression on the newly met girl you really like? Or maybe you want to entertain  your girlfriend? Dating can be fun and unique even if you are completely broke!

How to Be More Confident With Girls

By Patrick BanksPosted 4 years agoDATING
“The female of the species is more deadly than the male.” So said Rudyard Kipling more than a hundred years ago, and I am loathed to disagree with the man who wrote the Jungle Book and perhaps my

6 Reasons Food Is The Only Thing You Need To Understand To Win A Girl’s Heart

By Patrick BanksPosted 4 years agoDATING
It is often said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I’m here to tell you that one of the surest ways to get a girl to fall in like with you is to feed her. It’s simple and f

The Secrets Behind Seducing A Hot Girl

By Patrick BanksPosted 4 years agoDATING
Seducing a hot girl is NOTHING like hitting on any old plain Jane – it’s a whole different ball game. Why? Because hot girls get hit on ALL the time. If you want to distinguish yourself from e

7 Lessons Poker Taught Me About Dating

By Patrick BanksPosted 4 years agoDATING
Believe it or not, women don’t find it sexy when you spend 7 hours a day playing online poker. I know this from experience, because while my poker skills and profits increased greatly throughout my

3 Things Women Want From Their Partner

By Armando Quintana IIIPosted 4 years agoDATING
What do women want? This question has puzzled men forever. As a gender, we simply seem to not fully understand women. This becomes evident when I see men try and flirt or when I am at school and I see

Dating As A Short Guy: How I Beat My Insecurities

By Patrick AnandaPosted 4 years agoDATING
Before we even begin… I’m 5’5. I’m a bit overweight… I have a crooked face…And I have an awkward voice.  Far from the Brad Pitt standard of beauty and masculine perfection… And ye

9 Foolproof Ways to Get Women to Approach You

By Sarah WilliamsPosted 4 years agoDATING
You’re sick of it. You try your best approaching a beautiful woman but, in the end, you fail harder than a gorilla hitting on a unicorn. Hell, we are living in the 21st century, where women propos

25 Reasons Why Being Single Is Wonderful (Even When All Of Your Friends Are In A Relationship)

By Patrick BanksPosted 4 years agoDATING
‘There are worse things than being alone. But it often takes decades to realize this. And most often when you do, it’s too late. And there’s nothing worse than too late.’ – Charles

How to Get Through the Initial Awkwardness After Approaching a Girl

By David PerrottaPosted 4 years agoDATING
You’re walking down the street, and out of the corner of your eye, you see her. She’s got style, beauty, and a smile that would make Rachel McAdams blush… You ignore the excuses that pop into yo

4 Ways to Help Men Make Their Anniversary a Special Experience

By Patrick BanksPosted 4 years agoDATING
Anniversaries are important. It’s that one day a year where we remind ourselves and our wives why choosing to spend the rest of our lives together was the best decision we ever made. Despite that un

What to Say On Tinder? Tinder Conversation Ideas That Work!

By Patrick BanksPosted 4 years agoDATING
So you’ve crafted the perfect bio on tinder, finally, every girl out there knows you’re number one in the world at pillow fighting and that your hips don’t lie congratulations! But now what? The

This One Thing Guys Do Is Completely Ruining Your Chance To Satisfy Her

By Sarah WilliamsPosted 4 years agoSEX
If you’re wondering whether or not you satisfied your girl last night, let me help you out. You didn’t. A woman’s orgasm isn’t a secret, and it’s not something she wants to hide from you. If

Why You Should Never Take Her to Dinner on the 1st Date – 10 Unique Date Ideas You Never Heard Of

By Patrick BanksPosted 4 years agoDATING
The take-her-to-a-French-restaurant thing is so yesterday’s fashion, and it seems that everything we can do is repeat (endlessly) the been-there-done-that situations, even though we want to have THE

Do Girls Like Shy Guys?

By Olivia MelloPosted 4 years agoDATING
Most women are attracted to outgoing men; however, this doesn’t mean shy guys don’t have a chance. A large number of men, and women identify with introversion in some way.

How To Get A Girlfriend? (The Only 1 Thing You Need to Understand)

By Patrick AnandaPosted 4 years agoDATING
I know you’ve been lonely for a long time… You hate the ‘pick up artists’ who brag about their exploits like cocky frat boys… It isn’t about hundreds of women for you… In fact, it isn’

How to Ask a Girl Out: Cute and Effective Ways to Suggest a Date

By Patrick AnandaPosted 4 years agoDATING
Ahhhh how to ask a girl out, the cute and effective ways to suggest a date… How I wish I had this kind of information available when I was younger! You see, since I was 16 years old, I had absolutel

Trust Issues: How to Keep Them Away From Destroying Your Relationship

By Patrick AnandaPosted 4 years agoDATING
*Warning* This Article Will Piss You Off How I toiled with trust issues! Let me tell you the story of my first ever girlfriend… It lasted all of 5 days. Seriously! Why? I was young, and she was, w

How To Make a Long Distance Relationship Work (Infographic)

By Shawn EvansPosted 4 years agoDATING
Maintaining a long distance relationship can be really tough. Who really wants to be away from their significant other for any great length of time? When entering into one, you really have to ask your

3 Ultimate Signs She Likes You – How to Find Out if a Girl is Into You

By Patrick BanksPosted 4 years agoDATING
If there’s one thing we men are good at it’s shooting ourselves in the foot. I mean think about it; how many times have you screwed it up with a girl who was majorly into you just because you just

How To Attract Girls Fast And Easily – 30-Day Dating Challenge (Infographic)

By Jon De SantisPosted 5 years agoDATING
A little-known thing that most men don’t know and will likely never find out is that you can actually improve with girls and your looks, money and status are not deal breakers. This is surprisin

A ‘Cock Tease’: How to Recognize Her And Avoid Being Played

By Marina MargulisPosted 5 years agoDATING
“Cock Tease” Isn’t it a stupid expression? Let’s face it guys: you’ve all played this game at least once.  You meet a beautiful girl. She seems to be into you.  You buy her drinks all nigh

Why Am I Still Single? The Brutal Truth About Being Single

By Marina MargulisPosted 5 years agoDATING
“I am a total package. Seriously, why am I still single?” This was a seemingly reasonable question I overheard the other night. But to truly appreciate its gravity, let me set the scene. Meatpacki

How To Pick Up Girls At A Club

By Sarah WilliamsPosted 6 years agoSEX
A Unique Female Perspective On The Pickup Game In the Nightclub The weekend is coming. You are going out with your friends to the club, hoping to get lucky. You will be having a lot of fun, all the be