How to Attract a Girl Without Saying a Word: 5 Proven Tips to Meet Mrs. Right!

By Brandon LeuangpaseuthPosted 9 months agoDATING
Dating can be hard. According to StatisticBrain, 44% of the adult American population is single. There are millions of people out in the world and you have to find that one person that you want to sp

My Girlfriend Cheated on Me. Should I Leave her?

By Patrick BanksPosted 12 months agoSEX
Your girlfriend seemed to be everything you ever wanted in a girl: Beautiful. Smiling. Caring. Smart. Faithful... At least that’s what you thought before you discovered that she was cheating on you.

5 Ways Masculinity Can Harm You and The People Around You

By Steven LucasPosted 2 years agoGROWTH
In recent years there has been a lot of discussion about how masculinity can harm the individual and those closest to them. But what exactly are the harmful traits masculinity carries with it, and wha

7 Life Hacks for Landing the Girl of Your Dreams

By Andrea BellPosted 2 years agoDATING
If you weren't lucky enough to date the girl of your dreams last year, don't allow that little slump to keep you from getting lucky this year. You know she's out there, you just need to follow the rig

Dating Indian Women: 11 Crucial Communication Tips You Need to Understand

By Win HonawarPosted 2 years agoDATING
Dating Indian women in many aspects is easier as compared to those of other nationalities. That does not imply that Indian women are of easy character or are just ready to fall head-over-heels to any

How To Boost The Level of Excitement You Experienced Early In a Relationship

By Sandy FunchesPosted 2 years agoDATING
Holding hands and stealing kisses. Doing it like bunnies. Finding excuses to be together and get intimate almost every instant. Such is the passion experienced by partners in the beginning of almost e

10 Tips For Encouraging Your Significant Other To Try New Things

By Sarah WilliamsPosted 2 years agoDATING
A dull, boring relationship is not going to last very long. Have you ever found yourself bored with your partner? If you’re anything like me, you probably have and you probably dropped that relation

Gender Equality: Sexes Are Complementary, Not Opposed to Each Other

By Patrick BanksPosted 3 years agoDATING
There was a notion deeply ingrained in me at the time I started reading about seduction, and that was that women were something to conquer. As if they were an enemy that had to be defeated in order to

Dating Tips For Introverts: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

By Sarah WilliamsPosted 3 years agoDATING
Dating as an introvert is not easy. If you met me today, you’d probably see a happy, smiling guy chatting with a bunch of people around him. I bet, hidden beneath this social butterfly, you’d neve

How to Make a Girl Fall in Love With You Without Trying Too Hard

By Jade HongPosted 3 years agoDATING
Romantic comedies where women just fall in love with cool, virile men make relationships look so simple. Real life is an entirely different matter though. Making someone care for you without trying to

How to Respond When She Developed Feelings, But You Are Still Not in Love

By Deen TichyPosted 3 years agoDATING
The three letter word – I love you might sound too beautiful but when it comes to oneself it can get a lot more tricky. There’ll surely be a time in your life when someone will come up to you

How to Share Your Feelings With Your Other Half (Even If It Seems Cringe-Making!)

By Aron JamesPosted 3 years agoDATING
For many men, there is nothing worse than coming home after a hard day at work to have your wife or girlfriend ask, “What’s wrong honey?” It would be far better, or so we think, if we could

How to Be More Confident With Girls

By Patrick BanksPosted 4 years agoDATING
“The female of the species is more deadly than the male.” So said Rudyard Kipling more than a hundred years ago, and I am loathed to disagree with the man who wrote the Jungle Book and perhaps my

6 Reasons Food Is The Only Thing You Need To Understand To Win A Girl’s Heart

By Patrick BanksPosted 4 years agoDATING
It is often said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I’m here to tell you that one of the surest ways to get a girl to fall in like with you is to feed her. It’s simple and f

3 Things Women Want From Their Partner

By Armando Quintana IIIPosted 4 years agoDATING
What do women want? This question has puzzled men forever. As a gender, we simply seem to not fully understand women. This becomes evident when I see men try and flirt or when I am at school and I see

Dating As A Short Guy: How I Beat My Insecurities

By Patrick AnandaPosted 4 years agoDATING
Before we even begin… I’m 5’5. I’m a bit overweight… I have a crooked face…And I have an awkward voice.  Far from the Brad Pitt standard of beauty and masculine perfection… And ye

How To Break Up With A Girl Without Breaking Her Heart

By Patrick AnandaPosted 4 years agoDATING
Break ups f@ing suck. I won’t argue with you there… But there is a way to go about breaking up with a girl without breaking her heart. And having spent the last 3 years in perpetual travel, I had

Why You Should Never Take Her to Dinner on the 1st Date – 10 Unique Date Ideas You Never Heard Of

By Patrick BanksPosted 4 years agoDATING
The take-her-to-a-French-restaurant thing is so yesterday’s fashion, and it seems that everything we can do is repeat (endlessly) the been-there-done-that situations, even though we want to have THE

6 Reasons Why Men Stay In a Bad Relationship

By Kafed LykenPosted 4 years agoDATING
You probably know someone who constantly keeps complaining of his relationship problems – about how stressful he is and how unhappy he is being in a bad relationship. May be, you know more than one

How to Compliment a Woman and Win Her Attention (Without Being Creepy)

By Patrick BanksPosted 4 years agoDATING
It can be hard to compliment a woman without feeling as though you were coming off as patronizing, insincere or down right creepy. You’ve probably been at a party or on a date when you fumble ou

12 Bachelor Party Ideas You’ve Never Thought Of

By Patrick BanksPosted 4 years agoOTHER
Organising the perfect stag party can be a tall order. You want a stag to remember. You also want a stag party to suit the groom – it’s a celebration of him, and his last days of freedom,

Do Girls Like Shy Guys?

By Olivia MelloPosted 4 years agoDATING
Most women are attracted to outgoing men; however, this doesn’t mean shy guys don’t have a chance. A large number of men, and women identify with introversion in some way.

How To Get A Girlfriend? (The Only 1 Thing You Need to Understand)

By Patrick AnandaPosted 4 years agoDATING
I know you’ve been lonely for a long time… You hate the ‘pick up artists’ who brag about their exploits like cocky frat boys… It isn’t about hundreds of women for you… In fact, it isn’

Why Am I Still Single? How To Get a Girlfriend By Tweaking Your Mindset

By John BoltPosted 4 years agoDATING
I often hear “Why can’t I find a good relationship” ? The reason why you can’t find a good relationship is actually based around a very simple concept.  So many people out there have over com

Relationship Advice: How To Create a Lasting Connection

By Maria BorghoffPosted 4 years agoDATING
We all crave to be loved. But its not something that we all just so happen to “want.” Love is something that we need. From birth, our survival & our development is based upon a healt

Trust Issues: How to Keep Them Away From Destroying Your Relationship

By Patrick AnandaPosted 4 years agoDATING
*Warning* This Article Will Piss You Off How I toiled with trust issues! Let me tell you the story of my first ever girlfriend… It lasted all of 5 days. Seriously! Why? I was young, and she was, w

Sad Quotes About Love and Relationships

By Patrick BanksPosted 4 years agoDATING
Feeling lonely or heartbroken? Wondering why love is so painful sometimes? There are moments in life when we simply need to be sad and embrace this feeling to move on because every situation in your

This Unique Date Idea Will Drive Her Crazy For You

By Patrick AnandaPosted 4 years agoDATING
Let’s get right to it shall we? Dating is stressful. I never quite know what to wear… I have to hustle to find a good restaurant… And oh GOD what if she’s boring and the dinner just drones on

Getting Over a Breakup: How to Move On After Being Dumped

By Alex J. StevensonPosted 4 years agoDATING
Relationships can be funny sometimes. Well, not really funny per se, but they have a funny way of taking you for an emotional ride. You might think that you have a fantastic partner and everything is

How to Properly Kiss a Girl

By Patrick AnandaPosted 4 years agoDATING
I love kissing girls! It’s probably one of my top 5 favourite things. Okay… Top 3. And the other two also involve women but we won’t get into that. I’m about to share something pretty har

How To Get a Girl to Like You? 9 Simple Ways To Improve Your Dating Life

By Dan FriesPosted 4 years agoDATING
How many times have you misinterpreted what she actually meant on a date? And do your dates often have ‘family emergencies’ during dinner? Not to mention the long waits you go through when she goe

6 Best Topics to Talk About With a Girl

By Patrick BanksPosted 4 years agoDATING
You know how the saying goes – men are from Mars, women are from Venus and they both speak totally, fucking different languages. Well, at least that’s what a lot of men will tell you. In fact, I

How to Have Sex With a Girl On The First Night

By John BoltPosted 4 years agoSEX
You meet a girl on a night out, you’re laughing, having fun, she’s touching you a bit and you are really hoping this will lead somewhere further than a kiss on the cheek. But after a while of flir

Wedding Planning: The Ultimate Wedding Budget Guide (Infographic)

By Charles St-OngePosted 4 years agoDATING
Wedding is a one of the most auspicious occasions and it creates a bond and relationship between two families. A successful wedding needs a lot of planning so that it doesn’t cost a lot to you. What

How to Break Up With Someone You Still Love

By Alex J. StevensonPosted 4 years agoDATING
Breaking up with someone that you have had a relationship with is often a painful process. During your time together you created memories and formed bonds to that person. You may have also spent much

How To Be A Better Husband: 10 Tips to Build a Strong Relation with Your Partner

By nickimariePosted 4 years agoDATING
The first and the foremost relation that human existence started off with was that of a husband and a wife. It is the strongest and the most long lasting relation as two people hold hand in hands to c

The Only 3 Relationship Deal Breakers You Really Need! 

By Sile WalshPosted 5 years agoDATING
Relationships and dating all have up’s and downs but how do you know when it’s time to quit or time to work at it?  There is lot’s of wishy wash advice out there, but very few talk the real imm

Can You Pursue A Dream And Be In A Relationship At The Same Time?

By Jamie ReaPosted 5 years agoDATING
This is a pressing question for a lot of entrepreneurs and people chasing dreams, “Does a relationship squash your motivation?” Can you simultaneously feast in immense career success, while enjoy

Interview with Samantha Sinclair – TOP SAN FRANCISCO DATING COACH

By Sarah WilliamsPosted 5 years agoDATING
Today I have a pleasure to introduce Samantha Sinclair, the winner of the Top Dating Coach in San Francisco contest sponsored by Wingman Magazine in February 2015. Samantha Sinclair is an experienced

5 Controversial Truths about Female Sexuality

By Patrick BanksPosted 5 years agoSEX
The more I talk with guys about female sexuality, the more I realize that the majority of men have absolutely no clue about this topic. You can’t even imagine how many guys I had to listen to, who r

How To Pick Up Girls At A Club

By Sarah WilliamsPosted 6 years agoSEX
A Unique Female Perspective On The Pickup Game In the Nightclub The weekend is coming. You are going out with your friends to the club, hoping to get lucky. You will be having a lot of fun, all the be