How to Attract a Girl Without Saying a Word: 5 Proven Tips to Meet Mrs. Right!

By Brandon LeuangpaseuthPosted 7 months agoDATING
Dating can be hard. According to StatisticBrain, 44% of the adult American population is single. There are millions of people out in the world and you have to find that one person that you want to sp

Couples Who Sweat Together, Stay Together: The Top Benefits of Working Out as a Couple

By Brooke WhistancePosted 10 months agoDATING
In today’s day and age, everyone accepts that health and fitness are essential parts of life but there are still some unfortunate souls out there who have not managed to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

10 Surprising Ways How Sex Affects Your Brain

By Bruce WilkinsonPosted 1 year agoSEX
We all love sex, don’t we? We know how it’s done and most of us do it quite frequently. However, have you wondered what kind of effect sex can have on your mind and your mental health? You might t

First Time Sex: 9 Effective Tips You Should Know Before You Do It

By Peter HillPosted 2 years agoSEX
I remember that day, very clearly. The day I lost my virginity. It was a prom night and was totally pre-planned between myself and my girlfriend whom I thought at that time would eventually be my wife

Women Climax: 6 Reasons Why She May Be Faking It and How To Make Her Come for Real

By Brian AdamPosted 2 years agoSEX
Sex is a natural act that is practised by millions of people. Some people prefer to have sex with one particular partner that they are in a relationship with, while other individuals do not prefer to

Stuck in a Sexless Relationship? Here is Why

By Rachael PacePosted 2 years agoSEX
You and your partner have been having crazy sex. You’ve done it everywhere from your bed to the bathroom at the club. When it comes to your sex life, you’ve hit the jackpot. Then suddenly your wil

How Testicular Cancer Affects Your Sexual Health

By Jack BurkePosted 2 years agoUncategorized
Cancer is scary. You know what’s scarier? Cancer in your balls. It may not feel like you hear about it too often, but over 9,000 new cases of testicular cancer will be diagnosed this year. The good

How to Have More Sex: The Top 5 Sleep Positions that Lead to Sex

By Stephanie AnnonPosted 2 years agoSEX
So you’ve met a girl and you took her out on a date. Things are looking good and starting to get heated. You’ve covered bases 1 and 2 but you are ready to run home. Before you go spend $100 on ros

How Quitting Smoking Can Change Your Sex & Dating Life

By Patrick BanksPosted 2 years agoSEX
When it comes to sex, and our own personal performance, none of us wants to admit that we might be a little below par, or that we might have a serious problem. In a world of dating apps and peer press

Dating Tips For Introverts: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

By Sarah WilliamsPosted 2 years agoDATING
Dating as an introvert is not easy. If you met me today, you’d probably see a happy, smiling guy chatting with a bunch of people around him. I bet, hidden beneath this social butterfly, you’d neve

Most Guys Aren’t Using Condoms Because of Those 6 Ridiculous Reasons – Are You?

By David BeeshawPosted 3 years agoSEX
Let’s get one thing clear: nobody likes condoms. They smell and feel weird. They’re basically a pain in the ass. But consider this: Pregnancy or herpes are an even greater pain in the ass.

How To Maintain Intimacy In Relationships

By Javier OlivoPosted 3 years agoDATING
Here’s the situation. You are in the bedroom, and your partner enters, suddenly, you felt like you want to have sex with her. But she refused to do so. Sounds familiar? You should not feel bad about

A Phone Sex Girl’s Guide to … Making a Cracking Good Omelette!

By Sophie ReedPosted 3 years agoSEX
Let’s assume that you have met a girl and are in that strange, unknown territory that unfolds once you actually move beyond a one-night stand. Like most guys, you will now probably start to panic: h

9 Reasons Why Fit People Have Much Better Sex

By Cara HaleyPosted 3 years agoSEX
Do you keep finding flaws in your body? Are you worried about getting completely naked in front of the partner of your choice? How confident are you about your sexual performance? If you have problems

8 Reasons Not Having Sex on a First Date is Better

By Tracey AnnePosted 3 years agoSEX
Sex. Sex on a first meeting can be really hot, passionate, sexy and hormone filled, even though research shows that sex is more enjoyable when in a long-term relationship. As Dr Sue Johnson discusses

Enormous Dildos And Butt Plugs Found In 2,000-Year-Old Ancient Tombs

By Patrick BanksPosted 3 years agoSEX
If you thought today’s parties were wild, just wait ’til you hear how turnt the men and women of the Han Dynasty (206 BCE to 220 CE) got. During multiple excavations from 1995 to 2011, scientist

6 Reasons Food Is The Only Thing You Need To Understand To Win A Girl’s Heart

By Patrick BanksPosted 4 years agoDATING
It is often said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I’m here to tell you that one of the surest ways to get a girl to fall in like with you is to feed her. It’s simple and f

Why Do Statues Always Have Small Penises?

By Patrick BanksPosted 4 years agoSEX
Most people have, at some point, seen a classical sculpture of a naked man. He was probably gigantic, with perfectly shaped abs, pecs, and glutes – and he probably had way more definition than t

3 Simple Techniques To Stop Being Jealous Of Your Girlfriend’s Sexual History

By Jeff BillingsPosted 4 years agoSEX
Have you ever suffered from what’s known as “retroactive jealousy” in a relationship?  It’s just like normal jealousy except, rather than thinking about people your wife or girlfriend may sle

The Hidden Link Between Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Disease

By David GomesPosted 4 years agoSEX
Erectile dysfunction is described as impotence, which means not having the ability to gain and keep an erection that is strong enough to perform sexual intercourse. There are numerous causes that invo

Top 4 Tips to Help Make Kegel Exercises a Habit

By David GomesPosted 4 years agoSEX
One of the most common challenges that a lot of men and women face in equal measure is urinary incontinence. This is a very challenging issue that a lot of people will face and due to the sensitivity

This One Thing Guys Do Is Completely Ruining Your Chance To Satisfy Her

By Sarah WilliamsPosted 4 years agoSEX
If you’re wondering whether or not you satisfied your girl last night, let me help you out. You didn’t. A woman’s orgasm isn’t a secret, and it’s not something she wants to hide from you. If

Natural Male Enhancement: 7 Sexual Stamina Boosting Tips You Shouldn’t Miss

By David GomesPosted 4 years agoSEX
A lot of people desire to last longer in bed so that they can help give their partners a great time in bed. This however is not possible with the real problem that is posed by early ejaculation which

Hook Up Apps: How to Hook Up on Tinder

By Patrick BanksPosted 4 years agoSEX
You’ve got Tinder, you’re talking to a few girls, maybe you’ve been on a few dates but you just can’t seem to connect with them on physical level… what’s going wrong? From the first messag

Why Sex Is Not The Answer To Loneliness

By Kate EvansPosted 4 years agoSEX
The emotional toll of using sex to fill a void. Maybe you’re newly single and feeling uncomfortable without your ex partner, maybe you’ve been single for a long time and are needing validation of

How Yoga Can Boost Your Sexual Performance

By Patrick BanksPosted 4 years agoSEX
Yoga is a body practice that originates from India and has been done by many over thousands of years. It’s becoming extremely popular in the Western world as a tool for improving body fitne

What Is Pegging and Why Is It Suddenly so Popular?

By Laura VarnishePosted 4 years agoSEX
Quick Survey: The hottest sexual trend of 2015 was: 1 – Facesitting. 2 – Squirting. 3 – Gender-neutral sex toys. Okay, I have no idea, leave a comment with what you think it was last year and is

How to Increase Stamina in Bed and Build Up Endurance

By David GomesPosted 4 years agoSEX
What happens in the bedroom is a touchy, private subject, especially because everyone wants to perform well. There’s a lot of pressure to impress, but sometimes that pressure is a double edged sword

Sexting Examples and Strategies: The Ultimate Guide to Master The art of Seductive Texting

By Patrick RoyPosted 4 years agoSEX
The definition of "sexting" is as confusing and problematic as the act of sexting itself. In fact, if you send an unsolicited picture of your junk to an unsuspecting sexting partner, you are not a sex

How To Get a Girl to Like You? 9 Simple Ways To Improve Your Dating Life

By Dan FriesPosted 4 years agoDATING
How many times have you misinterpreted what she actually meant on a date? And do your dates often have ‘family emergencies’ during dinner? Not to mention the long waits you go through when she goe

Cougar Dating: Why Older Women Chose To Date Younger Men

By Jarone AshkenaziPosted 4 years agoDATING
Cougars are financially stable and mentally independent women in the 40+ age range looking to date younger men. They are women that look much younger than they are, whether through plastic surgery or

How to Have Sex With a Girl On The First Night

By John BoltPosted 4 years agoSEX
You meet a girl on a night out, you’re laughing, having fun, she’s touching you a bit and you are really hoping this will lead somewhere further than a kiss on the cheek. But after a while of flir

How to Increase Stamina by Food: 5 Eating Habits For Better Endurance And Stamina

By David GomesPosted 4 years agoHEALTH
A lot of things that are said about sex and food may have some truth. However, not everything is entirely true. Some are just myths whereas some as some none proven assumptions. Regardless of what oth

How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction Without Drugs

By Benjamin SeymourPosted 4 years agoSEX
Men, in general, have a tendency to be hard pressed on them when they fail to perform on bed. They become victims of performance-failure on occasions when they are not able to perform well. It is ofte

How to Overcome Psychological ED; Stop Sabotaging Your Game!

By David CarrerasPosted 5 years agoSEX
Psychological ED, a sort of mental block to getting an erection, is a problem that has affected almost every man at least once in his life. If you’re lucky, you beat it, move on, and it never happen

7 Fifty Shades Of Grey Inspired Ways Of Having Sex

By Willo ConnerPosted 5 years agoSEX
Christian Grey’s pleasure-pain dynamics of having sex are quite provoking to most people. If you have watched the movie, then there were things you saw that are beyond the imagination of most people

5 Controversial Truths about Female Sexuality

By Patrick BanksPosted 5 years agoSEX
The more I talk with guys about female sexuality, the more I realize that the majority of men have absolutely no clue about this topic. You can’t even imagine how many guys I had to listen to, who r

The Art of Giving a Sensual Massage

By Sarah WilliamsPosted 6 years agoSEX
A good sensual massage is a lot like good lovemaking. It connects two people in a relaxed and blissful (albeit horny) state. Done properly, a sensual massage brings both lovers together, even though o

How to Play Hard to Get with a Girl

By Patrick BanksPosted 6 years agoDATING
“All the world is a stage, and all the men and women are merely players”                                                                                 [&h

How To Prolong Sex In 17 Easy Steps

By Patrick BanksPosted 6 years agoSEX
Premature ejaculation is more common a problem among men than you may realize – about 30% of men suffer from it regularly. Needless to say, it’s an embarrassing problem. Although girls may take it

How To Be More Confident In Bed

By Patrick BanksPosted 6 years agoSEX
  6 Tips to Boost Sexual Confidence In The Bedroom A modern man has to deal with ostentatiously sexual content all the time. Pictures of handsome, athletic, half naked men are shown in mainstream